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What to know and consider when Home or Commercial automation is part of the building plan. Building “smart homes.”

During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:

  • Are all “smart home” systems the same? Avoiding rookie mistakes!
  • Why a “McMansion” may not be the ideal situation for a luxury home automation system.
  • How to consider and safeguard your client’s privacy when home automation is desired.

Guest: JENNIFER YOSOWITZ – Co-Owner / Partner of “Audio One” 


Phone: (305) 945-1230

3 Points for Success – from Jennifer Yosowitz 

  • Find out what features that are important to a client before suggesting any type of home automation products or systems, and BEFORE selecting the main HVAC and electrical components of houseDifferent systems offer various features and many do NOT function in the same way.  For example, there is no sense to install a HVAC system that then ultimately is not compatible with the home automation system the client wants to use to be able to support the rest of their needs. It is critical to find out the types of features a client’s really wants to be able to use
  • If the programming isn’t great, the system will not work regardless of how great the components are.  Many home automation systems are custom programmed and it is critical to use a company that has highly rated programmers.  You can own the most expensive system in the world and it won’t work if there are errors in the programming. SO many clients get frustrated saying “This system doesn’t work” and most of the time it comes back to programming.  Make sure you have the budget and choose a highly rated programmer because it is a significant part of the budget of the home automation system that many people overlook.  These programmers often work many years to get great at this, so be weary of the trades-person saying “I can program” when they only do so on a part time or occasional basis to support a sale.
  • Not all cable is created equally.  Many builders do not understand that discount cable is NOT equal to premium cable, especially in supporting a home automation system. It’s so important, that many home automation companies will void their warranties on major issues if the pre-wire isn’t dome with the specific cable recommended by the manufacturer.  You can end up with an unstable system that functions inconsistently.  Example: Bad run of fiber and system won’t work.

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