price vs quality for contractors

Some consumers make choices based on affordability and others make their choices based on lasting quality. For example: some choose solid brass where others choose brass plating. Brass plating looks good and is less expensive, but it doesn’t last nearly as long as solid brass. Some choose faux stone countertops while others choose granite. Faux stone countertops look great and are slightly less expensive, but faux stone products don’t last nearly as long as granite. Granite is forever!

As a business person, it is important to find out which type consumer you are dealing with. Consumers aren’t good or bad based on their budget constraints. However, the level of product quality you are able to offer a given consumer will depend on that individual’s budget constraints and desire for lasting quality.

Let a prospective customer hold two sink drains – in one hand place one made of solid brass and in their other hand place a drain made from sheetmetal. Once the weight of each is experienced by the prospective client it is time for you to explain construction material quality differences. Your presentation must be unbiased letting the informed consumer make their choices. Doing so will help you create an estimate that is priced in keeping with the customer’s specific needs and desires.

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