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When it comes to construction work, having the right hand and power tools are essential to producing a quality product – safely and efficiently. Tools that are comfortable, well balanced, powerful and in peak operating performance will prevent fatigue and injury and produce the best results.

If you’re a tradesperson with aspirations of becoming a self-employed contractor or builder  — or you’re already in business and are searching for ways to improve efficiency and profitability, having the right business tools is essential. They will improve efficiency, performance, profitability, customer satisfaction and help contribute to business success.

When we transitioned from tradesmen to businessmen some 40 years ago, our tools consisted of sparse office furniture, a telephone, a drafting table, a 10-key adding machine, an electric typewriter, a paper rolodex, a spiral bound desk calendar, a pager, and a map book to navigate to sales calls. Have times changed!

Today, we are able to manage most aspects of our business with our smart phones. Every member of our team uses smart phones and/or tablets to communicate via phone, text and/or e-mail.

We use every digital tool to our advantage: video conference with our crews, subs and customers, create job progress photos and files, make and manage job schedules, schedule sales appointments, create design sketches, make 3-D virtual reality sales presentations, review blueprints with crews, subs and clients, and create change orders for client approval without long and costly delays.

  • video conference with our crews, subs and customers
  • create job progress photos and files
  • make and manage job schedules
  • schedule sales appointments
  • create design sketches
  • make 3-D virtual reality sales presentations
  • review blueprints with crews, subs and clients
  • and, create change orders for client approval without long and costly delays.

In the old days, we would hand write punch lists or record them and have a clerk type them up. Today, we dictate them into our smart phone and embed photos and send them to crewmembers, subs or suppliers in a flash.

Our latest tool is a digital signature. We use it for contracts, subcontracts, change orders and other important documents that have traditionally slowed things down and created a mound of paperwork. Documents get signed and e-mailed in less than a minute. This means less paper, less ink, fewer trips, less fuel and with instant access to the cloud whenever and from wherever. And, by the way, fire or flood can’t destroy important documents stored in the cloud.

Today, we can do just about everything on the fly, in the field that once required us to be tied to a desk.

Leveraging technology improves efficiency, communication, and performance. It makes for a more professionally installed product, a better bottom line and, most importantly, happier customers.

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