satisfied customers

Here are five ways you can grow your business based on happy customers.

  1. Give out customer comment postcards to every client when a job is complete. Leave plenty of space on the postage pre-paid card to allow for write-in compliments (and include a check box asking if you can use their remarks in your marketing efforts) along with adding in an area requesting details on potential referral clients.
  2. Satisfied customers talk, ask for video testimonial – When the job is complete and your customer satisfied and actually expresses that to you, take a moment and ask them if they would share that with your other customers – on video. Use your smartphone and shoot it on the spot. Most smartphones can take great video and sound for a one-minute testimonial that you can upload to Facebook, share on Twitter and YouTube.
  3. Share positive customer comments regularly on your website and in social media. If a fan on your Facebook page has commented – like it, comment on it, share it yourself and even boost it to your fans and their friends.
  4. Lawn signs, even with social media,  still work great. In fact, take a picture of it with the home in the background and post it to Instagram, hastag the neighborhood and community.
  5. Offer a refer-a-friend incentive program during slow business times. Ask for specific names and contact details of people who may be interested in your services. For every person, a past customer refers, send them a small gift or make a donation in their name to a local charity of their choice.
  6. When a new customer mentions they’ve been referred by a past customer, reach out to the past customer with a follow-up thank you letter and a small token gift, like a $10 Starbucks gift card.

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