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The Architect as part of your Team   –  understanding everyone’s role and building your team accordingly, will lead to a smooth project and the best result.


During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out :

  • The crucial relationship between the Builder and Architect
  • When to bring the Architect and/or the Builder onto a project. Timing is important!
  • If, and when, you need a Project Manager

Kristina Leigh WigginsGuest:  KRISTINA LEIGH WIGGINS – CEO of Simply Kristina Leigh LLC and author of the book: Building Your Home: A Simple Guide to Making Good Decisions.


3 Points for Success – from Kristina Leigh Wiggins

  • HELP YOUR CLIENT TO SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS –  as a professional you can help the client set realistic expectations for both timeline and budget.  When proper expectations are set, you avoid a lot of frustration and disappointment.
  • KEEP PROPER PROSPECTIVE – remember, that as the professional, you live and breathe this industry but your client is most likely brand new to it. Make sure they know that if they do not fully understand something going on during the project, they can ask you to explain it and feel comfortable in doing so.
  • SHOW GRATITUDE – being grateful goes a long way.  Be sure to let your clients know often that you are thankful for being invited to be a part of building their dream.

CareyBrosPros Podcast Bro Tip

We like to say that there are three initial steps that will help make for a successful project for both the consumer and the contractor. The first step is planning. Step two is planning. And step three is, you guessed it – planning!

It is far easier, considerably less expensive and much less stressful to relocate a wall, add an electrical outlet, or change the size of a window on paper than it is after the plans have been completed and work has commenced. Putting an eraser to paper is always preferable to whipping out a hammer and pry bar.

More often than not, the planning and design phase should take as long or longer than the actual construction process. The customer, the design professional, and the contractor should work as a team to come up with an overall solution that will best meet the client’s needs and budget. Doing so will make both the design and construction phases a far more positive experience.

Changes – whether optional extras or those necessary due to poor planning — can cause costly delays, foul up a job schedule and create tension between contractor and client. In remodeling, there are always unpredictable and unforeseen circumstances, which require swift and decisive action to keep a job on track. Until designers and contractors have x-ray vision, this will always be the case. However, these hiccups are far more tolerable when there aren’t magnified by chaos which results from poor planning.

Planning doesn’t guarantee perfection, but, in our experience, it goes a long way in having a happy customer and a better bottom line.

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