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ZipWall introduced the ZipWall® Tacky Mat, its latest addition to the comprehensive ZipWall Dust Barrier System.

The EPA recommends the use of tacky mats to help comply with its Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP Rule), which requires that renovation firms use precautions to ensure that all personnel, tools, and other items are free of dust and debris before leaving the work area.

According to the EPA Inspection Manual for the RRP Rule, “tacky mats may be put down immediately adjacent to the plastic sheeting covering the work area floor to remove dust and debris from the bottom of the workers’ shoes as they leave the work area.”

The ZipWall Tacky Mat prevents the tracking of dust in and out of the work area. Its adhesive surface captures dust from shoe soles on contact and can help to remove dust from casters and wheels.

Each ZipWall Tacky Mat Starter Kit features a “durable, reusable, non-skid base that prevents shifting and sliding and includes a pad of 30 adhesive sheets.” (Base dimensions: 25″×37″; mat dimensions: 24″×36″).

According to the manufacturer, the mats Key Features include:

  • Prevent tracking dust in and out of the work area
  • Adhesive surface captures dust from shoe soles, casters, and wheels on contact
  • Surface area long enough for two steps
  • Reusable non-skid base prevents shifting and sliding
  • Individually tabbed and numbered sheets are ready to use – simply peel away the top sheet to expose a new surface

To learn more about ZipWall Tacky Mats, visit Visit to learn about all ZipWall Dust Barrier products.


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