DeWalt Cable Stripper

DEWALT announces the 20V MAX* XR® Brushless Cable Stripper (DCE151) and the 20V MAX* ACSR Cable Cutter (DCE155), adding to its growing lineup of tools for the electrical trades that includes a Died Crimper, Dieless Crimper, Cable Cutter, and Threaded Rod Cutter. These new tools from DEWALT are specifically designed for electrical trades, providing innovation, productivity, and performance.

20V MAX* Cable Stripper

The 20V MAX* XR® Cable Stripper provides the commercial electrician with a dedicated, powered tool for removal of rubber jacket insulation on THHN and XHHW electrical cables, allowing the electrician to quickly remove a consistent amount of insulation up to 4”. This leaves the cable clean, exposed, and prepped for the electrical connector, which can then be placed over the cable and crimped for termination without the use of knives, a common cause of job site injury. The 20V MAX* XR® Cable Stripper provides speed and torque-controlled stripping of #6 AWG through 750 MCM Cu and900 MCM Al cable. A forward/reverse variable speed trigger and the E-Clutch™ system help the user maintain control of the tool if it binds up on the material. In addition, the cable stripper’s efficient XR® brushless motor provides extended runtime.

Other features of the 20V MAX* XR® Cable Stripper include a depth gauge that consistently strips up to 4” of insulation off the cable. An on-board adjustable LED light helps to illuminate the work area in low light settings. DEWALT offers 24 total quick-release bushing ranging from 1/0 through 750 MCM Cu and 900 MCM Al. The kitted tool comes with a bushing kit box that provides 20 of the most commonly used quick-release bushings. By using the appropriate bushing, the cable stripper works on both THHN/XHHW copper and aluminum cable, covering a range in size from #6 AWG through 750 MCM Cu and 900 MCM Al. In addition, the kit box provides convenient storage for the cable stripper, bushings, battery, and charger as well as a hex key and label area to keep track of bushings.

20V MAX* ACSR Cable Cutter

The 20V MAX* ACSR Cable Cutter has the ability to cut a full range of cable and bundled cable including ACSR, copper, and aluminum cable up to 1590 ACSR/750 Cu/1000 Al MCM capacities. With durable hardened steel cutting blades that provide long life, the 20V MAX* ACSR Cable Cutter features a guillotine cutter that maintains the cable’s profile for optimal connector installation. A forward/reverse switch near the trigger helps cut small diameter cable, allowing the user to reverse the blade to cut another piece of material. This eliminates the need to cycle the blade back to its starting position. A key feature of the cable cutter is its field-serviceable cutting blade that can be replaced without needing to go to a service center. Other convenient features include a heavy-duty shoulder strap loop, hang hook, and bright LED light.


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