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I vividly remember when cell phones, computers and color TV’s didn’t exist – not to mention the internet, smart appliances, remote control heating and remote control lighting. Then suddenly, about a decade ago, smart home pre-wiring became the rage. Interestingly, as time passed, smart home panels and components began to fade from store shelves. Why? The industry was changing so rapidly that no one builder could keep up. Today almost every smart home component is wireless. So, wiring isn’t nearly as important as it used to be. Who knew?

There are still things that we can do, as builders and remodelers, to ensure that our customers have an easy time setting up their internet and wireless routers, TV’s and other smart devices. Where we once wired only for phones and cable TV, it is important to remember that the addition of some Cat6 wiring can go a long way to pleasing the occupants of a new home or a remodel. In larger homes that are being built today, it’s a good idea to remember to install a Cat6 wire – starting where the modem will be placed –  and ending at the other end of the home. This is important because a wireless repeater may be needed to improve the signal, insuring that the wireless network will reach every corner of the property.

Digital door hardware, smart thermostats and smart lighting increase safety and decrease wasted energy. Be a smart builder and stay on top of smart home technology. It’s a good thing to do for the public, the country and your sales.

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