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As businesspersons, we must constantly maintain an awareness of the risk associated with being in business. And there are so many different kinds of risks. Reducing risk in business challenges the old adage, “If it can go wrong it will go wrong!”

Here’s a short list of potential problems that can be prevented:

  • Do your part to prevent employee injuries
    • A hearing injury
      • Keep ear plugs (and other safety devices) on site and make sure all workers know where they are and insist that hearing protection be used when appropriate.
    • A fall
      • Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Keeping the jobsite immaculate at all times will reduce twisted ankles and even broken bones.
    • An eye injury
      • Insist on the use of safety glasses
    • A nail injury
      • Insist on nail management. Bend or remove nails when removing building components.
    • You never know when the next subcontractor you hire could prove to be unqualified
      • Make sure there is a financial penalty in your written agreement with each subcontractor requiring the sub to:
        • Employ safe construction practices
        • Respect the owner’s property
        • Comply with your construction schedule
      • Prevent damaged material surprises.
        • Be smart. Check every item for damage and missing parts as soon as it arrives at the job site. Your construction schedule depends on it.
          • Opening the box at the last minute to find a scratched tub, a bent sink or a light fixture with missing components is RISKY
  • Protect your customer
    • Make your customer aware of the dangers associated with your work.
      • Let them know that it is dangerous to walk up to a construction worker using a power tool. A surprised worker can injure himself of the customer.
      • Let the customer know that they must wear safety glasses when entering the construction site.


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