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Beyond common sense! When it comes to keeping yourself, your employees, your clients, and your business safe, you don’t want to be reactive.

Listen to “SAFETY ON THE JOB SITE” on Spreaker.

During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:

  • Most mistakes are not “overlooked” issues, but ignored ones.
  • Which employees should be trained, and how often safety training takes place.
  • What help is available to you to make training straightforward & effective.

Guest: SEAN PURCELL – Risk Management Technical Manager with Builders Mutual Insurance Company 


Phone: (800) 809-4858

3 Points for Success – from Sean Purcell 

  • Must have a change in the industry’s safety culture that shows “safety pays” with the owners and must have buy-in from the employees.
  • Training and supervision is key to the success of any safety program, especially for ladders and fall protection where we have the most opportunities for shortcuts and incidents. 
  • Inspections must be done on all equipment before you trust it with your life!

About The Author CareyBrosPro Staff

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  • Every worker deserves a safe and conducive place to work with. And their employer must ensure of this. They have to make sure that their workers are all safe while conducting their own assigned task or job. It is a requirement for all employers because they are responsible for their worker’s lives as well.

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