In the forties, the look in ceramic tile was rose and grey. In the fifties, flat roofs were hot and pitched roofs were not. In the sixties, everyone had to have shag carpets and in the seventies, massive recessed ceiling lights in the kitchen were the rage.

Styles, trends, and fads come and come and go. But there are elements in a home design that can benefit your customer for their lifetime and the next.

A need that will never disappear in housing is storage. Keyless entries are safer for latch-key families where lost keys can be a security risk and leave a child out in the cold.

Water conservation is no trend and it isn’t going to go away. Building drought resistant landscapes and using drip irrigation save owners money and reduces their environmental footprint.

Everyone loves to sit next to a warm fireplace. For your customer’s sake make sure it is a real honest to goodness furnace that only “looks like a fireplace.” Make sure it’s a unit that will warm the house and the heart of the occupants — without warming the rest of the neighborhood via the chimney.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

About The Author Morris Carey

My brother James and I co-host a nationally syndicated, call-in, home improvement talk radio program and we have written over a dozen books and booklets (five of which are "For Dummies" titles). We also own and operate Carey Bros. Remodeling, a remodeling construction company.

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