stainless steel nails for siding

As contractors, our greatest risk lies within the categories of leaks and squeaks. When it comes to leaks, window and roof leaks top the charts. When it comes to squeaks, preventing a noisy floor is one of our greatest building challenges.

But, when it comes to building a home with siding, there’s an even bigger problem that’s often overlooked. When exterior siding is used, serious problems can occur down the road. Siding can delaminate, buckle, split or crack. The customer service ticket can literally go through the roof taking profits through the floor.

For these reasons, manufacturers have been actively attempting to develop siding materials that are easy to install, that look good, that last a long time and that are easy to paint and maintain.

With all of these new siding materials entering the marketplace, we seem to have forgotten one of the most significant problems associated with their installation. And the problem is rusty nails. Even when hot-dip galvanized nails are used, rust can be expected. The solution is something you may not have thought about – Stainless Steel Nails. Stainless doesn’t rust, and if you purchase top grade stainless nails, you will never have to worry about rust.


Modern siding installed with stainless steel nails. A beautiful and low maintenance alternative.

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