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Years ago, we received a letter from a contractor who stated that consumers were generally unkind and unfriendly. He went on to explain that whenever he visited a home, to give an estimate for example, people would not invite him into their home. As a matter a fact, they would close the door in his face when they needed to get something from in the house. “What’s going on with these people,” he asked?

Our answer, on the air, during our next radio program, was simple. We advised the contractor to take a bath, brush his teeth and buy a new pair of jeans.

When someone comes to my door to offer me a product or service I expect that individual to be neat and clean. It doesn’t mean that I expect a suit and tie. Clean and neat can be a shirt and jeans. I feel that a person who is personally disheveled does work that may be equally disheveled.

We as tradespersons often work in dirty, dusty and even filthy conditions. And we take it for granted. Don’t go directly from the jobsite to an estimate appointment. Take a shower and change first. Doing so may prevent you from getting the door slammed in your face.

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