Social Media Marketing for Contractors

What has become the “secret weapon” of successful building industry professionals across the nation? A robust social media campaign.

Having an established business – or a mature clientele of customers – doesn’t mean your company should not have postings on social media sites such as Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn or Twitter. Postings can help attract new customers, spotlight existing customers and improve your company’s profile in the community.

“Don’t fall into the old excuses of ‘my customers don’t use social media’ or ‘I don’t have time to do it,'” says Melinda Stiefel, distribution marketing manager with Weyerhaeuser. “You may be surprised that your customers have adopted social media while you weren’t looking … and that a minimal amount of time invested in social media postings can have big results for your business.”

Worried you don’t know what to post or that you might not have enough content to post? Shake away that fear. Here are some top ideas for your postings:

  • Your company news – employee achievements, sales on products, company expansions, advancements and special events.
  • Product news – especially on new products your business offers. Here’s an extra tip: contact your product suppliers and they can most likely supply you with ready-to-post social media messages.
  • Customer shout outs – send special thanks to both long-term and new customers for their business. You can even do a weekly customer spotlight.
  • Pictures –  post images of your projects to show people samples of your work.

Finally, do some research on your customers. Determine which ones have their own social media pages and then subscribe to or “like” them. Link to your customers and suppliers when mentioning them in your social media postings. And, share your invigorated social media presence with customers by offering links on your company website, mentioning your efforts in newsletters and emails, and even adding a note to your billing statements.

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