Congratulations to our winners of the Carey Bros. Pros “Power to be Done” sweepstakes presented by YARDMAX!

Congratulations to our winners Anthony, Stephanie, and Brian!

Brian won the YARDMAX 5.0 Cu. Ft. Concrete Mixer worth $349.00!

This heavy duty concrete mixer answers the question, ‘How can I get big construction performance and durability at a DIY price?!’ Mixing concrete with a mixer vs. mixing in the bag (or barrow) offers many advantages, helping you get the job done both efficiently and effectively.”

Stephanie won the YARDMAX Plate Compactor 90kg Class B&S XR950 6.5HP/208cc Recoil worth $699.00!

For when you can’t leave anything to chance, “prep for your next contractor-level paving project with a heavy duty plate tamper equipped for the job. This 6.5 HP model packs down aggregate, soil and gravel to create an erosion-resistant foundation on which to pour your concrete — maintaining its integrity and remaining crack-free for years to come.”

Anthony was our grand prize winner receiving a YARDMAX Power Trackbarrow with Gas Shock Assist – Hopper worth $2,599.00!

“This compact, powerful tracked wheelbarrow allows you to maneuver heavy loads across tight jobsites. Easily moving up to 660 lbs. of material across any terrain, the tracks keep it from chewing up grass and degrading the lawn. Perfect for almost any DIY application, once you use this motorized, tracked wheelbarrow you’ll wonder why you didn’t own one before.”

Visit their website here to purchase one of these amazing tools for yourself!         


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