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The weather doesn’t have to be 100 degrees or more for your crew to become dehydrated, fatigued or even ill. While a good cup of Joe in the morning can jump-start the day, encouraging your crew to switch to water and/or electrolyte-containing sports drinks — mid-morning and throughout the day — can prevent dehydration and fatigue.

While most of our crew members BTOB – bring their own beverages— we equip each of our projects with an ice chest filled with ice-cold bottled water and sports drinks. It keeps our crew happy and hydrated. It’s not cheap, but our crew appreciates the gesture and we believe that it makes for a safer and more productive work environment.

We have also discovered that our crew likes to have a microwave handy on our jobs. Many “brown bag it” and enjoy giving their fare a quick “nuke” for a hot, tasty lunch. And providing healthy snacks, candy, and other treats can supply that much needed “boost” during a mid-morning or mid-afternoon break. It’s not unusual for a crew member to bring fresh, home-grown fruit for dessert or to share during break time.

There are less obvious benefits to having a coffeemaker, microwave, ice chest and snacks on site. It means that the crew is less likely to head off-site to the store or for fast food, which can — thanks to traffic and long lines — cut into their lunch break and shorten the time that they have to rest.

From time-to-time, we cook breakfast for our crew – eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, pancakes, tortillas, — the whole shooting match. The breakfasts are a particularly special time for fellowship. And the occasional crew barbecue is an extraordinary treat that pays big dividends in elevating moral and team building.

We all know that safety is job one. Promoting good health on the job through improved hydration and nutrition has a direct correlation to job safety and, therefore, makes it equally important.

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