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Protecting yourself, your workers, and your customers from mold. How to handle it once found, and can you avoid it while building or remodeling?

During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out: 

  • What is mold and when is it an “issue?”
  • What type of contractor is most likely to come across mold while working.
  • How to avoid mold in your new construction!

Guest: Dave Jones – Vice President of CPMI Mold Remediation (based in Palm Desert, California) 


Phone: (760) 797-5901

3 Points for Success – from Dave Jones:

  • Timeliness. Arrive on time for your appointments and complete your projects on time.
  • Honesty. You won’t need to defend yourself or your work if you approach all things with honesty.
  • Always protect your clients and your workers. 

About The Author James Carey

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