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Topic: Can public schools solve the lack of skilled labor coming into our industry? Listen to this guest and see how this program is changing the perception of what we usually call “vocational training.”


During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out: 

  • How changing the approach to educational success can benefit both the student and employers.
  • That C.T.E. is finding the way to keep education in middle and high school, relevant.
  • How these schools are changing the perception of “education” and the stigma for students who choose a route that may not include college. 

Guest: Mac Beaton – Director of Career & Technical Education (CTE) for Henrico Public Schools in Henrico, Virginia.


Phone: (804) 781-1810

3 Points for Success – from Mac Beaton: 

  • In Henrico County, having students ready to move to post-secondary education is a byproduct of a strong educational program. Focus is on the students understanding the relevancy of a rigorous academic program and the need to understand concepts.
  • In Henrico County Public Schools we are changing the perception of Career and Technical Education, with the help from our business community.  
  • Opportunities such as internships/job shadowing/apprenticeships help students develop a “career plan” before graduating.  It is important to know “why” you are learning what you are learning.

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