Floor Protection

For a remodeler cleanliness is next to godliness – when it comes to safety on a job-site. Workers in a clean, well-organized space can spend more time worrying about doing a good job than they do worrying about falling over something.

Unfortunately, many workers don’t concern themselves with keeping the owner’s personal property neat and clean. Damaging an owner’s property can be expensive and make for a really bad relationship. So, besides keeping things neat and clean it also is important to protect what already exists. Wherever the remodel is located in the home, you will want to cover the pathway between the work location and the entry to the home. Besides the floor, it is important to protect the wall corners and door jambs.

Bathtubs and shower pans have a way of getting damaged by the sheet rocker and tile man. As such, tubs and shower pans are often trampled upon with work boots. Tub liners, custom built plywood covers and a host of furniture pads and blankets are commonly used to protect these new installations.

Remember, a scratch in a $900 tub can cost thousands to remove and replace. Bottom line, take care to protect what you install. Tubs, showers, cabinetry, counters and more always need special attention.

As you protect each item your customer will see that you truly care about doing a good job. Not a bad thing when it comes a future client recommendation.


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