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Back in the day, a time-sheet for a remodeling construction worker was nothing more than a pre-printed, paper-form that was completed with a pencil or pen. Employees were on the honor system when it came to recording their time.

In addition to overall time, many remodelers perform several different trades “in-house” (e.g. foundations, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, heating, etc.). This makes completing a time-sheet even more complex. To properly job cost a project, every hour of every day must be tied to a specific type of work. In our experience remodel workmen often fudge on total hours worked and what category of work was accomplished as well.

Larger companies have solved this problem with a digital timesheet system wherein the employee enters his hours into an app on his smartphone. What is especially interesting about a digital timesheet system is the added feature of Live Geo Tracking.  For example: If an employee clocks out more than 100 yards from the job site a warning is sent to the time-sheet system. The system we have is so accurate we can tell how often a worker goes from his point of work to his truck. Showing the crew how accurately Geo Tracking works is a real head turner. Workers who want to keep their job suddenly spend more time working than sitting. Wasted time is substantially reduced. Another example: When the crew sits in one spot on break the system knows. 15-minute breaks that used to last for a half-hour now are back to 15 minutes.

There definitely is a learning curve for the office and the crew when a digital timekeeper is first installed. But, job cost accounting is so much more accurate. Also, overall hours reported can’t be fudged. Love it.

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