Tradeshows Can Boost Businesses

We just returned from The Remodeling Show & Deck Expo — one of the several industry trade shows that we attend throughout the year.

Thanks to today’s robust economy, the show was packed with manufacturers showing off products and pros seeking the latest and greatest in building products and technology to integrate into their businesses and incorporate into their projects. And trust me, we weren’t disappointed.

Aside from having a look at new and innovative products, another of the many benefits of attending an industry trade show is the opportunity to sit in on educational seminars, participate in hands-on tool and material workshops, and network with other pros. You’ll find more than your share of pros who are from out of your market area where you can feel comfortable to “let your hair down” to compare notes and share “war stores.” The exchange can be both reassuring and a real eye-opener.

Plus, in addition to trying out the hottest new tool or gizmo, there’s no shortage of great information and resources on marketing, advertising, estimating, design and how to use technology to improve the “business end” of your business.

Unfortunately, many pros believe that they don’t have the time or the money needed to attend a trade show. We say HOGWASH! The cost is as important to your business as 2 by 4’s and concrete and the benefit to you, your business, your crew, your customers and OUR industry are numerous. So, think twice before you delete the next e-mail or toss out the next postcard inviting you to attend an industry trade show or event. With one good show under your tool belt, we believe that you’ll find that it was money well spent and you’ll find yourself looking forward to the next event.

About The Author James Carey

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