Joanne Theunissen, CGP, CGR - Chair of NAHB Remodelers

Getting the edge. What’s next for remodeling? What’s next for the remodeler?

During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:

  • About High Performance Building. Getting the most performance out of your next build. How to overcome supply shortages and higher resource prices.
  • Why tariffs and maintaining top American quality in our resources and skills, matter.
  • How to become a Certified Green Builder.

Guest: Joanne Theunissen, CGP, CGR – Chair of NAHB Remodelers

Website: – and

Phone: (989) 772-2300

3 Points for Success – from Joanne Theunissen: 

  • Join a Trade Association. One that gives back to our industry. 
  • Determine what you do well. Don’t be a jack-of-all-trades. 
  • Never stop learning! 


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