An interview from 2018 Remodeling Show and Deck Expo

Featuring Jason Faist – Development Manager, In-Lite

Morris: And our next guest is Jason Faist. And Jason is with a company called In-Lite Outdoor Lighting and I have

James: Well it wouldn’t be indoor lighting silly

Morris: Well it could be

James: It could be. Okay.  But this is too great to be indoor lighting.

Morris: No, no, you could put this inside. Yeah, this is wild stuff.

James: I’m shivering

Morris: now wait a minute. You could put this in your hardwood floor and it would be wild side. Yeah, I got to tell you

James: Welcome to the program Jason.

James: Yeah before Morris doesn’t let you get a word in edgewise.

Jason: I’m going to try to sneak a couple in I promise.

Morris: I have to- I have to tell you I went by this booth yesterday and I was completely enamored and I’ll tell you why

James: Enamored? I was enameled.

Morris:  You were enameled and

James: Then after all show me we got have got hammered. What a great show to get hammered at it. It’s the Remodeling Show/Deck Expo.

Morris: I know! Could you believe all the gear last night?

James: There’s so many, you know, I got hammered on the level. No pun intended a waterproof environment with terrific lighting.

Morris: Calm down.

James: Okay, go ahead.

Morris: Okay. Anyway, I went by this booth and I was enamored for this reason.

James: Yeah,

Morris: If the building code says put one nail, I put two. If the building code says put four nails. I put five or six. I build more than what the building code requires or if it says 2500 pound concrete I put in three thousand period that’s the way I build. And I want to build it better and I went by your booth and I looked at your system, and your system is the most heavy duty system I have ever seen in my life.

James: I mean look you look at a company’s collateral material. Yeah, that means look at their printed product and look at their catalog and it speaks to  the mindset of the company

Jason: Speaks volumes.

James: It does it really does and

Morris: You guys are the Mercedes Benz of lighting

Jason: Why, thank you.

Morris: Period. Bar none. You guys have a good product.

James: All right. Tell us a little bit about the product, the genesis, and the value proposition to Consumers who have an interest in lighting the outdoors.

Jason: Of Course. Yep. So our system was developed over 20 years ago. We’ve been all around the world, installing lighting systems our patented EZ lock connection system, which you guys touched on, is probably our bread and butter.

Jason: It’s a very user-friendly plug-and-play connection.

James: I have to tell you it plug and place that nonsense that I have in my yard right now that keeps going in and out because the pins come out of the cord no positive connection is not try and fix it and it breaks, you know, especially if you live in cold weather. So this is just a beautiful system.

Jason: Yeah. It’s a very simple plug-and-play. It comes standard on all of our fixtures. So when you purchase a fixture, you get the fixture, the lead, and the connector all in one box.

James:  Right.

Morris: The Transformer is a separate purchase or t

Jason: That is correct. Yep.

Morris: So you buy the Transformer, and you buy the Light package to go with the Transformer, and I’m looking at this little, tiny beautiful one inch LED light.

Jason: The fusion series. Yes.

James: Yes! Drill a hole in the decking and just friction fit.

Jason: Just plop it in. Correct. Yeah

James: Yeah. Four of these take up 1 watt.

Jason: that is it.

Morris: Your Transformer is?

Jason: A hundred and eight watts.

Morris: Yeah hundred and eight watts.

Jason: Yeah. So you can put a lot on there.

James: I can land planes on my deck.

Jason: You could. Make it all.

James: No but listen, you’ve got spots –

Morris: I can put 432 of these lights on one transformer.

Jason: Up to 90% of the Transformer leave a little bit, a little bit of room.

Morris: Yeah, that’s right. That’s right.

James: You’ve got wall lights. You’ve got ground lights. You’ve got uplighting bollards. I mean

Jason: Complete complementary line. For Sure.

James: Really.

Morris: And this can go underground.

Jason: Yep, direct burial. No conduit needed.

James: Direct burial. Or run it under mulch.

Jason: RIght in the garden bed. Yep.

James: I am telling you I’m

Morris: I have never seen such a sturdy system.

Jason: Thank you.

James: Not picking your website, Jason, but I’m holding the catalog, in my previously nicotine-stained fingers, the book of In-Lite LED Outdoor lighting. It’s beautiful, and I have every expectation that the website is too.

Jason: It is.

James: Our audience may go to the website and it is?

Jason: Our website is That’s our contractor and homeowner portal.

James: Wonderful. Well, thank you so much for joining us from the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo.

Jason: Thank you guys for having me.

James: Well, you’ve really lit things up.

Jason: We brighten up everyone’s day, that’s for sure.

Morris: And night!

Jason: and night.

James: All right, don’t you touch that dial. More on the house from the Remodeling Show/Deck Expo after this.

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