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Our remodeling business has been incredibly busy this year creating new kitchens, baths and additions for folks in our area.

Most of our projects involve the removal and replacement of some or all of the drywall in the space  — this provides access to allow for the reconfiguration of framing, plumbing and electrical. The old board comes down, the in-the-wall “steak” changes are made and new PURPLE XP goes up to make way for the “sizzle” – the eye candy, the finishes.

Why work so hard on what’s in the wall if your going to try and cut corners on wall finish? We install PURPLE XP because it’s durable, easy to cut, easy to install and easy to finish. That’s in addition to the product’s fundamental benefits of being moisture, mold and mildew resistant! What could be worse than leaving your customers vulnerable to the health risks associated with mold and mildew?

When remodeling, not all projects get stripped clean – as is the case with a recent master bathroom renovation project. The owner wanted to get rid of her huge garden tub, which she no longer uses because she has a difficult time getting in and out of it and she says that it takes up way too much space. The tub is being replaced with an old-fashioned, freestanding tub with a copper skirt. She also wants a larger shower with a bench and the existing stained vanity cabinets are to be refinished with a fresh coat of paint.

We removed all of the drywall surrounding the old tub and replaced it with ½” PURPLE XP. The board is easy to cut – just a couple of passes with a utility knife – and one or two passes with a rasp for a nice smooth edge. Next, after we make sure that all of our framing is clean, the surface is smooth and we are properly backed-out, we hang our drywall.

With a driver drill, a pouch full of zinc-coated screws and PURPLE XP, the space soon takes shape and the customer’s excitement heightens as she begins to visualize her project taking form. For most remodeling projects, drywall installation is really the first step in putting things back together. Up until that time its all about demo and reconfiguration.

Once the PURPLE board is hung and the local building inspector has made the required fastener inspection, we are ready for finish. That’s the fun part. It’s when all of the puzzle pieces – old and new – come together to make one large canvas onto which all of the fancy new finishes are applied. ProForm XP Ready Mix with Dust-Tech helps reduce airborne dust, which keeps our makes both our crew and our customers happy.

Our customers depend upon us to give them the best bang for their home improvement buck and to specify and install durable products that will look good, last a long time and add value to their homes. That’s why we Ask For Purple.

You can learn more about the PURPLE family of gypsum products by visiting

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