Diamond Kote

How pre-finished siding can save you time, fit awkward spaces while providing the stunning results your customers are asking for.

During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out about:

  • Benefits of pre-finished siding.
  • Features that will save you time.
  • High-wind considerations when choosing siding for a project.

Guest: Andy Strey – Brand Development Manager for Diamond Kote Building Products

Company Website: www.DiamondKoteSiding.com    1-(800) 236-1528

3 Points for Success – from Andy Strey:

  • Reduce call-backs by using a pre-finished and quality product like Diamond Kote.
  • Try our entire Diamond Kote system to fully appreciate how we can assist in getting you the best results for your homeowner. 
  • Diamond Kote is here to provide you with a full team to support you through the entire process.@Diamond_Kote
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About The Author James Carey

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