The original interview was conducted at the Remodeling Show & Deck Expo.

Matt Keiser, Interra USA

Matt Keiser – Sales Manager

James: And we are back. The Remodeling Show and Deck Expo in Baltimore, Maryland. Having a look at the latest and greatest in products and technology for the Remodeling Industry. Windows, doors, siding, decking, flooring, tools, of course, and more.

James: And one of the things that we need to be concerned with as remodelers, that would be a specific concern to you if you are having your home remodeled, is to make sure that in the process of having your home improved that all of your existing finishes, doors, flooring, walls, windows, aren’t destroyed, furnishings, and so job site protection is a big category at this show. Telling remodelers the best way to protect finishes during the construction process.

James: And we are joined at our broadcast location by Matt Kaiser. And Matt is with Interra USA. They are manufacturers of protection products. Matt, welcome to the program.

Matt: Hey thanks for having me.

James: Yes indeed. And I should take a moment to mention that our broadcast is presented by Schluter Systems, and you may learn more about Schluter by visiting their website at So you brought a bunch of foams. These look like noodles that I can go float in the swimming pool with.

Matt: You might be able to.

James: It’s an open noodle. What would you say it’s?

Morris. This is a doorjamb protector.

Matt: That’s right. You got it. It’s a UFO Doorjamb Guard, and this product here is made from a polyethylene. It’s a product that you can reuse over and over again, unlike some of the paper products were used once or twice and that’s it.

James: So this, just like a clam shell, wraps around the jamb and casing. Now this will protect the jamb and casing, so that if you’re running a wheel barrel or you’re carrying 5 gallon buckets or tools or your bags whatever you’re not going to scrape the doorjamb.

Matt: That’s correct, and you don’t even use adhesives with it. You just put it, and clip it right on. So it’s easy to take on and off and reuse.

James: What does something like this cost?

Matt: Roughly around $9.

James: So that would be about 20 bucks an opening. About 18 bucks an opening if you’re doing both sides. Pop the door off the hinges. Put one of these on either side, you protected your door opening.

Matt: That’s right.

James: What else are we going to protect?

Matt: So we’ve got corner guard here, too. It’s a bright orange color so to catch your attention inside the house when you remodel. And so that’s a same, similar type of material. And if, you know, absorb impact. This one you would use an adhesive on there. We’ve got some tape that’s from Japan which is, it’s a low residue tape unlike some of the other products that are hard to rip or tear and they leave residual stuff. It’s just easy to tear.

James: It’s almost like a surgical tape.

Matt: Yeah that’s close. That’s got a nice shiny finish on there, so you use paints or sealants or something like that. Easy to take off.

James: So some of the protection products say, “OK, don’t leave this on hardwood more than 30 days.” So tell me about this tape. How long can I leave this tape on painted wallboard?

Matt: Yes, so the manufacturer recommends that no more than 30 days.

James: OK. So, if it’s a project that’s going to last longer than 30 days you’ve got to take the tape off and put new tape up.

Matt: Yeah you should. You should. That’s what they recommend.

James: Okay. Alright. Makes sense. That’s part of good protection program.

Matt: So they have a sister tape here, which is they call it Sakura tape which is it’s even a lower residue tape. You can use add on more sensitive areas.

James: Okay.

Morris: How long can you leave this pink tape on?

Matt: 30 days as well.

James: OK. We learned the hard way with protecting hardwood floor on one project. We had to end up refinishing the hardwood because the material that we put down was for carpet rather than hardwood, or we left it on too long, one or the other, and so it damaged the hardwood finish and we refinished the floor. So it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Matt: Exactly

James: Do the protection but follow what you recommend. Okay so we’ve done doorjambs and we’ve done corners. What else are we going to protect?

Matt: OK, so in Japan things are tight as far as your equipment going into the job site. Trucks are smaller, so they need something portable. This is called the PataPata mat, which is a mat that you can take in and lay down on the hardwood floor. Protect your knees give a little cushion.

James: So this is a collapsible mat.

Matt: Yeah .

James: How would you fold? Accordion a fold. It’s about 10 to 12 inch accordion panels. There’s one two three. one two three four five six seven eight. And the total length is?

Matt: Roughly six feet by about three feet.

James: OK six by three, an 18 square foot, foot print.

Matt: That’s correct.

James: And it is padded. This looks like something that we use in Boy Scouts.

Matt: Yeah.

James: Our pad for under, or below our-

Matt: Kind of looks like a yoga mat.

James: Yeah, yoga mat or below our sleeping bag. It’s a mat. And the idea for this is?

Matt: Take it into the job site. It’s easy to carry in, save your knees.

James: Well save your knees and save the customer’s floor.

Matt: The floor as well.

James: The floor! If you’ve got bags of electrical, carpentry bag.

Morris: What about slipping? That’s a slippery surface.

Matt: Yeah

Morris: I wouldn’t put that down on a hardwood floor.

James: Well. Oh you, you’re talking about the mat slipping.

Morris: Yeah yeah.

Matt: It could slip, you know. Yeah. You want to be careful about that.

 James: OK.

Matt: There’s another one that’s just like this, which is even the lining inside just thicker and harder for bigger equipment.

James: We are going to be well protected now in Baltimore and you’re not going to be able to leave with any of the products you brought.

James: Matt Kaiser, Interra USA! And our audience may get more information on protection products by going where?


James: Thanks for joining us.

Matt: Hey thanks for having me.

James: All right. Our thanks to Schluter systems. Visit for more information on the best and waterproofing for your Tuffin shower. More On The House after this.

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