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[00:00:00] James: Right. We’re going to kick things off this hour with Richard Kutuk. And Richard is with T.G. Tools United Company. Richard welcome to the program.

Richard: Thank you very much.

James: Good to see you! You brought with you one of Morris’s favorite things: tools. 

[00:00:19] Morris: There is no tool that I don’t love.

James: He never had a tool he didn’t like.

Morris: I love every tool. And I tell you, I never felt a forstner bit that is so incredibly sharp! I could shave with this forstner bit!

James: What’s a forstner bit?

Morris: A forstner bit is for making a counter sink hole that’s flat on the bottom.

Richard: Right.

Morris: That’s for making a cylindrical cut that is flat on the bottom.

[00:00:43] Richard: Right, but what we take that a little bit further Morris. What we do with that is this works in wood of all types except iron wood and bloodwood, OK? But it makes a perfect hole, of all types. It bores in all directions. It will route. It will give you anything you want. Because of the way it bores, it also does a curved path.

James: Wow.

Richard: So it is totally unique. It’s made from machine tool. It is titanium coated. We put a three flat shank on it. It can be re sharpened. It is awesome! There’s nothing else like it in the industry.

James: Wow. And it comes in various sizes, yes?

Richard: Yes. It comes in

James: I’m looking at an inch and a quarter here.

Richard: from an inch and a quarter down. Plus a 35 mm for installing European hinges.

[00:01:40] Morris: Now I see I see a normal paddle it has a threaded screw on the tip.

Richard: Right.

Morris: Does it help draw the bit into the material?

Richard: Correct.

Morris: This doesn’t have a draw bit on the tip.

Richard: Not at all.

Morris: And I’m looking at your paddle bit, which looks like the letter “W” and it has offset tines on both sides of the paddle. So tell me

James: And it’s got a blade like a knife.

Morris: And it has a blade like a knife and it’s sharp enough I can shave with this blade.

James: Yeah.

[00:02:10] Morris: I swear to god. I’ve never seen a paddle bit so sharp.

Richard: Six cutting edges on that.

James: Six cutting edges?

Richard: Correct. It comes in all the most popular sizes. Again, everything I’m showing you comes in sets. It also comes individually packaged. That particular paddle bit or what we call a spade.

James: Yeah. Ok, let’s call a spade a spade, okay?

Morris: Let’s call a spade a spade!

Richard: Haha! Correct! There’s no tang on there to bend or break. And you had mentioned an auger type. What this does- everything with us. We don’t rip wood at all. We don’t rip the material.

James: You don’t rip it. You cut it?

Richard. We shave it.

James: You shave it?

Richard: We shave it. Correct. And that’s what you said. You could shave with it.

James: Yeah.

Richard: And what makes it so unique is that what plastic, sheet metal, brass, copper, aluminum, and some stainless will work with that. We sell tonnage of this to the RV industry because it goes through all different types of material. To the homeowners, to the DIY industry. ]

James: Yeah

Richard: We sell through distributors. We sell through retailers. We don’t sell direct to the consumer.

Morris: Now can we cut around corners with that?

Richard: Yes sir.

Morris: Do we use the forstner alone? Or No?

Richard: This does a rough curve, as well. This particular unit also comes in a 13 inch for that longer reach.

[00:03:30] Morris: Yeah, you know, I’m an electrician.

Richard: OK

Morris: So I’m always looking for ways to get around the corner.

Richard: Exactly.

James: He is always looking for ways to cut corners. Let’s call a spade a spade.

Morris: Hahaha. Okay. Now, I’m looking at a conventional drill bit.

James: What do we call that?

Richard: It’s an unconventional brad point.

James: There you go.

Morris: So this is a wood bit. And it is sharp as a razor right along its length.

James: Oh boy.

Morris: Along the twist.

Richard: Correct.

Morris: It really is sharp.

[00:04:04] Richard: Well what we do, Morris, with that is we sharpened both the inside and the outside of the extrusion flutes. Does many things. It cuts down on the heat. OK. Takes out the debris faster. If you notice, we have six cutting edges on the point.

Morris: Boy.

Richard: Gives us 20 percent more cutting surface alloy. OK. Only thing you can’t do because a regular brad point has four cutting edges? You can’t put that in a drill doctor. It will destroy it.

[00:04:30] Morris OK.

James: OK. You’re not going to resharpen this?

Richard: Yes you can resharpen it. You resharpen the tip. Correct.

James: OK. But not in the Drill Doctor?

Richard: Not in the Drill Doctor.

Morris: The depth of the rescess seems a little greater than a normal twist bit.

Richard: Yes it is.

Morris: And I think it would allow for the excess to come out of the bore more easily.

Richard: It does.

James: And create less friction.

Richard: Correct. Yeah. Yes for sure.

Morris: And they have the snap in shaft!

Richard: Correct.

Morris: Love it.

James: He is Richard Kutuk. And the company is T.G. Tools United.

Morris: Where’s my box of bits?

James: Richard, how may our audience, consisting of pros and homeowners, get more information on the product?

[00:05:16] Richard: They can go to

James: And can they find the product at retail stores

Richard: Yes. We’re at retailers across the country. We are not in the big box store.

James: OK.

Richard: But we are in the lumber yards and Ace Hardware stores, independents across the country.

James: Wonderful.

Richard: We’re also on

Morris: That’s because you can’t compete with the crappy big box stores.

Richard: No. no.

[00:05:42] James: It’s a long story and

Richard: It is a longer story I won’t get into it.

James: You can find out more by going to Don’t you touch that dial! There’s more On The House live from the Remodeling Show deck Expo after this.

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