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The original interview was conducted at the Remodeling Show & Deck Expo.

Steve Christensen – Brand Manager
Stabila Levels

[00:00:00] Morris: And our next guest is Steve Christensen from Stabila!

Steve: Hello!

Morris: If you haven’t been to a good hardware store lately and haven’t been to the area where you can buy a really terrific level, you need to go out and see if you can’t find a Stabila levels. Steve, welcome to the show.

[00:00:29] Steve: Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

[00:00:30] Morris: You guys have the Mercedes Benz of levels. You really do.

Steve: Yes.

Morris: And one of your trademarks is levels that extend. In other words, what I have in my hot little hands right now is a type ADT which measures from 25 to 41 inches, and the level, I guess, can be locked at any given length, once you get it there, and then use that level just as if it were a 3 footer or whatever.

[00:01:05] Steve: That’s correct. Yeah, we have a couple of telescoping levels. This one that you have in your hands as is mainly for trades people that want to do windows and doors when they can’t have the exact level to fit either in a small opening or large opening. This level just telescopes.

[00:01:22] Morris: This is beautiful. What’s a 2-foot level like this cost? Cause I know it’s a lot more than El Cheapo.

Steve: Well we’re a premium brand.

Morris: Yeah you are.

[00:01:31] Steve: Yeah. And with a premium brand, this particular level is about $120 dollars.

James: You know I had $125 in my mind. So help me.

[00:01:38] Morris: I did and I did too and I got to tell you that you can’t do a good job without a good tool.

[00:01:45] James: But you guys aren’t a one trick pony. I mean you have laser levels. You have digital readouts in addition to the bubble levels, you have the short torpedo levels you have digital distance measuring devices. Yes?

[00:01:58] Steve: Yes. And the transition right now is we’re moving towards green. Green beams, and we’re the only level manufacturer of the lasers that we lock our pendulums because a pendulum in the lasers is the thing that breaks all the time. Guys drop it, the pendulum breaks

James: So you lock it for transportation purposes.

Steve: Yeah. When you turn our levels off and on, it locks that pendulum in place, so when you’re moving it from job to job site, it’s solid and then you turn it on and your ready to go. 

[00:02:26] James: What’s the brand message for Stabila to the tradesperson.

[00:02:31] Steve: Well I would say were accuracy defined.

[00:02:34] James:Accuracy defined. You’re not only looking for a durable high end tool, but you’re looking for something that is really accurate and that will create a terrific finished product.

Steve: Exactly.

James: Wonderful. How may our listeners get more information on Stabila products?

[00:02:50] Steve: Well you can find dealers on our web site at and then you click on the demographic where you’re at. I know you have some listeners probably up in Canada. Quebec.

James: Wonderful.

Steve: So just get on there, do search through your zip code, and you’ll find a dealer within your area.

[00:03:05] James: SteveChristensen. Stabila Levels. Thanks for joining us from the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo.

Steve: Thank you gentlemen! Great job!

James: All right, if you’re just joining us, it’s On TheHouse on the road in Baltimore Maryland, the Remodeling Show Deck Expo. More for you straight ahead.

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