Armenia Mountain Plank & Panel

Doug Cummings – Co-Owner
Armenia Mountain Plank & Panel

The original interview was conducted at the Remodeling Show & Deck Expo.

Morris: [00:00:00] Right now we have to talk about a plank and panel system from Armenia mountain and with us is Doug Cummings.

James: [00:00:09] Hey Doug.

Morris: [00:00:09] Yeah hi Doug. How are you?

Doug: [00:00:11] Hi nice to be here. Thanks for having.

James: [00:00:13] Welcome to the program.

Doug: [00:00:13] Appreciate it.

Morris: [00:00:13] Tell us about Armenia Mountain Plank Paneling.

Doug: [00:00:18] Our company is based in Pennsylvania, and we manufacture custom engineered wide plank flooring in wall panels.

James: [00:00:25] Good looking product.

Doug: [00:00:27] Thank you.

James: [00:00:27] Good look. This is a walnut.

Doug: [00:00:30] That’s Walnut and that’s actually a hard wax oil finish on it.

James: [00:00:34] This is the finished product.

Doug: [00:00:35] That’s a finished product.

James: [00:00:36] And this is an engineered product with the wear layer and the wear layer is about a 1/16 of an inch.

[00:00:42] Yep exactly. This is gorgeous walnut paneling. Dude! I would love to have an office that had this finish on it.

Morris: [00:00:51] That’s real walnut.

James: [00:00:53] Of course it is!

Morris: [00:00:53] Thats real walnut.

Doug: [00:00:54] It’s a sliced veneer.

Morris: [00:00:57] I didn’t know anybody who’s making anything out of the real thing anymore.

James: [00:01:01] So for someone who is listening whether they’re a professional or a design professional looking to specify something for their client, whether they’re a homeowner listening, and they want to do something to improve the appearance of their home be it. Now you say wall but I’d put that up the on the ceiling.

Doug: [00:01:18] Sure absolutely. And its weight profile is good for that. That’s why we came up with that type of product.

James: [00:01:24] I can just glue it, can’t I? I don’t have to nail it?

Doug: [00:01:26] You could glue it or nail it. You can do both. Yep.

James: [00:01:29] Just gorgeous. And now the total thickness of the wall product?

Doug: [00:01:34] That wall paneling is half inch thick.

James: [00:01:36] It’s a half inch thick. Now the other product this looks like an oak to me. Am I right.

Doug: [00:01:40] That’s white oak, yeah.

Morris: [00:01:42] And now that’s unfinished.

Doug: [00:01:44] That’s unfinished. Yep, that’s got a square edge profile. It’s 8 inch wide plank three quarter inch thick. And that would get a site install and finish on site.

James: [00:01:53] So what’s the message to your audience about the product that you brought to share with us? What’s the message why would they want to consider this?

Doug: [00:02:03] They want to consider it because as the wider you go with wood obviously has the more prone it is to movement.

James: [00:02:10] The more unstable.

Doug: [00:02:11] Sure. So by doing an engineer product not only can you get wider product but you can also put it in places where you wouldn’t want to put solid like down in your basement. You can use engineered.

James: [00:02:21] Right.

Doug: [00:02:22] Over radiant heat systems in your floor for heating, but basically you can use it anywhere you can do solid but it just has more. You can use it in more places.

James: [00:02:31] So we know that if you have a slab on grade and so many homes now are slab on grade, and, obviously, so our basements that if you want hardwood floor and yet don’t like the composite alternative that you can do an engineered product and you can have the finish that you want.

Doug: [00:02:49] Exactly.

James: [00:02:49] This is oak. How many different species?

Doug: [00:02:51] We do basically whatever the customer wants we are a custom manufacturer 80 percent of what we do is white oak because that just happens to be a very popular trend right now and do several different grades.

James: [00:03:02] So who’s the customer is the customer the builder? Is it the flooring wholesaler or is it the homeowner?

Doug: [00:03:08] We’re mainly focused on people that work with designers and builders. But we’re here at the show to help expand and open up new sales channels for us where we’re dealing direct with some designers.

James: [00:03:19] Okay so your product is purchased through flooring dealers?

Doug: [00:03:23] Nope direct from us.

James: [00:03:24] Okay. And a consumer can buy from you?

Doug: [00:03:26] Sure.

James: [00:03:27] Okay wonderful. And where would they go to do that?

Doug: [00:03:29]

James: [00:03:34] That’s wonderful. Doug Cummings Armenia Mt. Plank and Panel. Thanks for joining us.

Doug: [00:03:40] Thank you very much.

James: [00:03:41] And thank you for joining us this hour the program live from the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo in Baltimore, Maryland. A reminder to go to our web site at Have a look at the show notes to catch every bit of what we have found in Baltimore. And our thanks to Schluter systems. More info at

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