Jamie Gold Kitchen Consideration

As the Pro, you’re an invaluable source of information and advice to your customers.

In this episode, we discuss some of the features and considerations you’ll want to have in mind when approaching a kitchen remodel or new build!

During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out about: 

  • Knowing your client and managing expectations. 
  • Considering how the kitchen will be used. Look for features that provide value, safety, and ease of maintenance, as well as style. 
  • Aging-in-Place features benefit the whole family. 

Guest: Jamie Gold – Wellness Design Consultant, Certified Kitchen Designer, and author of New Kitchen Ideas That Work. Her company is “Jamie Gold Kitchen, Bath & Wellness Design” based in San Diego, California.
Website: www.jgkitchens.com
Company phone number – (619) 796-2217

3 Points for Success – from Jamie Gold: 

  • Technology is playing a bigger role than ever in kitchens and homes overall. You don’t have to become an expert, but it’s super-helpful to partner with someone who is, like a home technology integrator, and bring that person in at the start of the project. Planning for technology takes space, money and planning, and what you don’t know can bite you hard in the bottom line. 
  • Think outside the traditional conversations when talking to your clients about their vision for their new kitchen or home. Ask them about safety, health and how they want to live. Speak into their listening for health, wellness and sustainability. Don’t just be the guy or gal who builds their new kitchen. Be the ally who helps them create the space where they’ll live their best life. That can be highly effective in the bidding process.
  • People often wish at the end that they’d spent more on their projects than they initially planned. Don’t be afraid to show them quality products that will last longer and serve them better. Talk about the upfront investment — a much better word than budget — saving them more time and money in the long run. Stories and metaphors work really well to show what you mean. For example, the faux pro gas range is like the underpowered muscle car knockoff versus the sleeker, induction range that costs more, but uses less energy, is safer for the family, saves them “gas money” and will give them more “mileage” in their kitchen.

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