Craig Searer – Sales Manager, Oxx, Inc.

Craig Searer discusses Oxx Coffeeboxx with the Carey Brothers at the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo 2018.

The original interview was conducted at the Remodeling Show & Deck Expo.

Morris: [00:00:00] And we’re back at the remodeling deck expo in Baltimore and our next guest is Craig Searer. And Craig sells coffee pots. Hi Craig, how are you?

Craig: [00:00:12] Good. How are you?

James: [00:00:13] Now what’s a coffee pot salesman doing at a Remodeling Show and Deck Expo? You should be at the housewares show.

Craig: [00:00:21] That’s a very good question. And we are.

James: [00:00:24] And we know you have the perfect answer.

Craig: [00:00:25] We do.

James: [00:00:27] Say that tongue in cheek because we have an OxxBox coffee maker in the on the House studio and workshop and on our job sites. But we’re going to let you share with our audience a little bit about the product in your own words.

Craig: [00:00:41] Sure sure. So Ox is a rugged small appliance manufacturer and our first product is the coffee box. It’s a rugged single serve coffee maker. So picture a single serve coffee maker on steroids made for outdoor use and it’s overbuilt like a power tool. It’s just an incredible product.

James: [00:01:00] This is a cube. The particular product that you brought to our broadcast location is lime and black and you did say it’s a single serve which means it takes the pod.

Craig: [00:01:14] That’s correct.

James: [00:01:14] And what is that called a d-.

Craig: [00:01:16] K cup.

James: [00:01:17] A k cup excuse me a D cup that was great. No I was going back to college there for a minute. I’m sorry.

Morris: [00:01:23] Relax. K-Cup.

Craig: [00:01:24] Yeah. We’re talking about coffee here.

Morris: [00:01:24] Relax. It’s a family show.

James: [00:01:26] Here you go. Once I got the cup size mixed up with the caffeine.

Morris: [00:01:31] No no no no.

James: [00:01:34] Double caffeine.

Craig: [00:01:37] Double caffeine. Yes.

James: [00:01:37] Anyway. But anyway the pot is the single serve it goes in, you close the door. It’s wonderful. Now there is a reservoir. You open the back there and there’s the that just fits beautifully.

Craig: [00:01:49] Yeah. It’s a 85 ounce spill proof reservoir so you have no worries about dust or any sort of job site material get into your water supply.

James: [00:01:58] Exactly. And then there’s this terrific collapsible handle like a lunchbox if you will or a cooler. And then there’s the fold down platform.

Craig: [00:02:07] Yeah. The drip tray.

Morris: [00:02:09] It’s a fold down cup platform.

James: [00:02:11] Right.

Craig: [00:02:12] Absolutely.

Morris: [00:02:13] You have to have a plate to layer cup on your cup one so you can get coffee out of the d er k cup!

James: [00:02:19] Essentially, this does everything that you’re single serve coffee maker will do on your kitchen counter. Except it’s rugged.

Craig: [00:02:31] Yes.

James: [00:02:31] You can throw it in the back of the pickup.

Craig: [00:02:33] Yeah.

James: [00:02:33] You can put it on the job site. You can take it camping with you.

Craig: [00:02:37] You can!

James: [00:02:38] Now you’re going to have to have a source of power.

Craig: [00:02:41] That’s correct.

James: [00:02:41] But typically if you’re running saws and drills and that sort of thing on a job site. You have a source of power.

Craig: [00:02:47] Right.

James: [00:02:47] Or you have a generator or if you’re camping you have a hook up or a generator or something like that.

Craig: [00:02:52] Yeah. And it being water and dust resistant, you don’t have to baby it. It’s not something that you’d treat like you would a household appliance. You take it job site to job site. You now become the focal point of the job site for subcontractors for homeowners coming in and checking on their home during the remodel or construction process. Offer them a free cup of coffee. They love that. They’re there that you can interact with them and have a great conversation.

James: [00:03:16] And this is good coffee too by the way. And you have several buttons on the top. There’s you can get hotwater.

Craig: [00:03:23] That’s correct.

James: [00:03:24] If you want to make tea.

Craig: [00:03:25] Yes.

James: [00:03:26] Or hot chocolate or something like that. And then you have three buttons which are for various cup size.

Craig: [00:03:31] That’s correct. We’ve got 8, 10 and 12 ounce cup sizes. So we don’t mess around with the size of coffee that you’re going after.

James: [00:03:40] And you have de-scale where you put tablets in and you do the cleaning products.

Craig: [00:03:44] That’s correct. Yeah the computer knows approximately when you’re you needing to scale to keep your water supply at its purest form to give you the best cup of coffee possible.

James: [00:03:53] I like to call us now that we have the ox box coffee maker. I like to call us OxxBox home improvement coffee snobs.

Craig: [00:04:04] That’s fair. That’s abolutely fair. We’re going to get you guys some awesome coffee for the show.

James: [00:04:08] Manufacturer’s suggested retail is?

Craig: [00:04:10] $229 but you’ll see it in the marketplace for $199.99.

James: [00:04:14] And one can acquire it where?

Craig: [00:04:15]

James: [00:04:18] All right. And coffee. You can sign up to have coffee sent to on a regular basis.

Craig: [00:04:23] We have an awesome subscription service that we’re starting here very very shortly on the web site. And you can have it sent on a weekly or monthly basis. We’ve got three different roasts of wonderful medium all day smooth roast, a darkened bold which has a mild smoky flavor. And then if you really want to get your team going-.

James: [00:04:40] That two times caffeine.

Craig: [00:04:41] Exactly right two times caffeine.

James: [00:04:43] Wow ok.

Morris: [00:04:44] I want the 2X Caffeine labeled mild OK.

Craig: [00:04:47] Sure sure. You could trick your crew.

James: [00:04:51] Good to see you again Craig thanks so much for joining us and good luck to you.

Craig: [00:04:55] Thank you very much gentlemen for having me. I appreciate it.

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