Attitude for employment

Subcontractor’s bids; material prices and equipment costs are usually pretty stable. However, calculating labor costs can be a real challenge when estimating a project. And the reason is simple – THERE ARE NO TWO PEOPLE ALIKE.

The same goes when hiring. There are no two people who are alike. Hiring is a most difficult task – at best.

When we hire someone, we look for three things: skills, knowledge and attitude. We require that each applicant take an extensive written examination that covers all aspects of our trade. When we grade the test, yes, we look for correct answers, but we also study the applicants command of the English language and his ability to write legibly.

We have recently learned that skills and knowledge only make up a small part of the hiring process. With human beings attitude is everything. Skills can be taught to anyone at any age, but ATTITUDE is developed from childhood. And like a zebra’s stripes – when you shave off the hair the stripes are still there.

So what’s our point? When hiring don’t forget to test for attitude. Ask questions that will tell you how the applicant thinks. Why did you leave your last position? What kind of person was your last boss? Were the other employees you worked with knowledgeable and friendly? Why do you want to work here?

Part of attitude is stability. Is the applicant a job jumper? Or has he or she been with only a few employers and for long periods of time with each.

To grow and prosper in your business you must surround yourself with highly qualified, knowledgeable, dedicated and motivated individuals.

So, take care when you interview. Your business depends on it.

About The Author James Carey

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