The original interview was conducted at the Remodeling Show & Deck Expo.

John Ardolina – Inventor/Vice President of R&D, DexerDry, more information at

James: [00:00:00] And if you’re just joining us On The House is on the road at the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo 2018 well certainly not 2017 or 2019.

Morris: [00:00:09] That’s right!

James: [00:00:09] Thought 2019 it will be in Louisville, Kentucky and we will be there having a look at the latest and greatest in building products and technology for the Remodeling Industry. You may learn more by going to our Web sites at or if you’re a pro and access our pro podcast or all three hours of our On The House radio program which is podcast. And we, of course, peruse all of the exhibits on the floor and a huge trend that we have found at this show, among many trends, is water proofing your second story deck so that the space below is dry and one of the systems is DexerDry. And here to talk a little bit about it is John Ardolina. John welcome to the program.

John: [00:01:02] Hey, really thank you very much for having me.

James: [00:01:04] Now Dexer Dry is a gasket.

John: [00:01:07] Correct.

James: [00:01:08] So explain to our listeners how it works and what’s involved.

John: [00:01:11] What we did is we decided that there’s a lot of products out there to keep the moisture from going down through your deck. But this is the above joist system. So we do as we take already existing deck boards like brand names ASAC Treks Decorator’s Decking.

James: [00:01:27] Moisture Shield.

John: [00:01:28] Correct. We take their groove and we accommodate and tool a gasket to fit their specific groove. So you attach the first deck board near the house we actually have to go to our web site we have great instructional videos. We’ve been complimented by contractors all round when we do the shows about how great our videos are we start off with a freeze board. We take a piece of PVC and we route that exact groove into that attached to the house and then insert our first piece of Dexer Dry. Now at the moment. And once you get that installed you put your first piece of decking into the groove and you attach it with top mounts screws, usually cortex by fasten master because they make a product that fits whatever decking you like. And that’s one of the beauties about our product, you get to use your choice of decking and we provide the gasket to match that particular group. And then you install it with the cortex screws as you go along and it comes.

James: [00:02:16] It now comes in a roll.

John: [00:02:18] It’s now coming in a roll. We’ve been selling it 12, 16, 20 foot lengths for the last five years. We’ve been marketing and distributing the product throughout the country successfully and really enjoying our stretch with this but we wanted to make it a little easier. And we’ve been able to put it to a crawl so 2019 those products will be in a 240 foot coil. So you go to the lumber yard you’ll be able to cover about 120 square feet with that.

James: [00:02:42] So if you have a second story deck and you’re going to be rebuilding it with new decking. Or you’re going to be building a second story deck and you want the space below to be dry. Yes. And weather proof you can utilize DexerDry the gasketting system. Now you have to put a little bit, they recommend a little bit of a pitch, an eighth of an inch per foot.

John: [00:03:06] Yes.

James: [00:03:06] So that the water will drain away.

John: [00:03:09] Right.

James: [00:03:09] And you can capture the water with a gutter system sure of it can be made on site out of a piece of siding or or you can have galvanized sheet metal or aluminum or whatever.

John: [00:03:21] Or you can go to your local home center and buy and use existing gutter all the way around the perimeter. We’re actually videos that show how we use gutters to incorporate different scenarios that you might find when you’re building your deck because we understand you know with our product. It’s important to run full length so the deck boards your limitations are 20 feet so we have a video that shows decks that are over 20 feet. How do you use DexerDry in a situation like that decks that have an inside corner. We shot to do that would have my deck has the framing runs so that the decking is going to be perpendicular as opposed to horizontal so we have videos for all those scenario.

James: [00:03:55] I saw that at the exhibit. Now I’m going to guess that we would figure this in square feet to the cost this would add what the cost.

John: [00:04:04] Generally speaking, if you’ve built a 12 by 12 deck.

James: [00:04:08] 150 square feet let’s say.

John: [00:04:10] Yeah okay. Exactly. So you could buy a box of Dr dry for about six hundred dollars.

James: [00:04:15] Okay. $600. So that’s four dollars a square foot.

John: [00:04:19] Exactly. And you know the beauty about our product is you’re installing dry space as you’re installing your decking. So you’re not putting a product down before you put the decking down like a bag system or you’re not putting a product in underneath after you’ve put the deck.

James: [00:04:33] Right. I think there’s some value, although a lot of the systems here are from below that go between the deck joist, which is great for retrofit where you don’t have to replace the decking that makes a lot of sense. Very important but if you’re doing this this is visually something that’s attractive.

John: [00:04:53] Yeah.

James: [00:04:53] And I’m going to guess that this gasket is guaranteed to last, what?

John: [00:04:58] Well we make the product at a very high tech material to santoprene product. We have a warranty of 25 years.

James: [00:05:03] All right. Very good.

Morris: [00:05:05] Twenty five years?

John: [00:05:06] Yeah.

Morris: [00:05:06] One last one last question and that is I like using hidden deck fasteners.

John: [00:05:13] OK.

Morris: [00:05:15] But this won’t work with hidden deck fasteners.

John: [00:05:17] No what we do is we incorporate the cortex screw system it’s a top mount screw system we’re using the slot for the hidden fastener to put our gasket in. So we find a lot of carpenters that really like to have the top mounted.

James: [00:05:31] John Ardolina DexerDry. Go to

Morris: [00:05:37] And they are!

John: [00:05:39] They are dry. Thanks guys for having me. Really appreciate it.

Morris: [00:05:41] Great product.

James: [00:05:42] More On The House from the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo straight ahead.

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