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MARK PHILLIPS, American Standard Walk-In Tubs

The original interview was conducted at the Remodeling Show & Deck Expo.

Mark Phillips  – Regional Installation Manager for American Standard Walk-In Tubs

James: [00:00:00] We are joined in our broadcast location by a guy who knows a lot about that. A former custom home builder who now helps people convert their spaces, their bathrooms, to an accessible comfortable safe environment with the American Standard Walk-In Tubs. He is Mark Phillips. Mark welcome to the program.

Mark: [00:00:23] Thanks for having me.

James: [00:00:24] How are you enjoying the show?

Mark: [00:00:25] It’s great.

James: [00:00:26] And what have you seen that his peak your interest before we talk a little bit about what you do.

Mark: [00:00:30] You know there are a lot of things a lot of exciting CAD software type things and certainly some bathroom innovations, the Schluter stuff, so a lot of exciting stuff.

James: [00:00:39] And you took time to visit some of the educational seminars as well.

Mark: [00:00:44] I did. I did.

James: [00:00:45] So I see that the industry is really working hard to train because we know there’s a shortage of manpower. So they’re working hard to train and to invite the pros to leverage technology, so that they not only work hard but that they work smart as well.

Mark: [00:01:07] Absolutely yes. Our industry is changing very rapidly. And so we’ve got to keep up. And you know the guys that are out there that are going to be successful are going to have to keep up.

James: [00:01:16] Well we’ve been very pleased to be partnered with the American Standard Walk-In Tubs this year. Sharing the message about accessibility safe comfortable dignified bathing environment. Brother Morris is enjoying his American Standard Walk-In Tub.

Morris: [00:01:31] Oh yea.

James: [00:01:32] And and so share with our audience who may not be familiar with the American Standard Walk-In tub. The value proposition and specifically, for pros, the opportunity for them.

Mark: [00:01:47] Yes so for the consumer the Walk-In Tub and Walk-In Shower is a safe bathing solution. It allows people to stay in their homes longer and certainly save money over the long haul so they’re not having to go into a high cost senior living facility quite soon. For the installers, we are recruiting contractors plumbers that want to partner with American Standard to provide this product to consumers. It’s a great business model that provides consistent work. For guys that are just trying to level out some of the peaks and valleys in their business.

James: [00:02:24] Right. In other words they don’t do any selling. They don’t do any estimating, they don’t do any paperwork. What they do is install. Your crew does all of that. Delivers the order to the contractor and says install.

Mark: [00:02:42] That’s right.

James: [00:02:42] They install it. They build you you pay them and it’s done.

Mark: [00:02:46] And you’re helping people.

Morris: [00:02:47] I got to tell you something. You’ve heard the name American Standard. If you’ve been alive for more than four years you’ve heard the name American Standard. And you know as well as I do-.

James: [00:02:59] a 140 year old brand, I believe.

Mark: [00:03:01] That’s right.

Morris: [00:03:01] Now American standard is a heritage company and a well respected company in our industry for sure. You’re dealing directly, with the American Standard. This man works directly for American Standard. He is not a distributor or a middleman. So when their crews go out. Knock on your door and offer their tub to you or when you call for an American Standard Walk-In Tub. You’re getting someone directly from American Standard. Period. No middleman. And you’re getting 100 percent value that you can’t get from other companies who goes through middlemen and distributors. So I’ve got to tell you I don’t know of any company this big in the country that comes directly to the end-source, to the buyer.

Mark: [00:03:52] Oh that’s absolutely right. And coupled with American Standards lifetime warranty it’s it’s hard to beat.

James: [00:03:58] It’s wonderful because we’re an aging society and mom and dad want to be safe and they want to stay in their home longer.

Mark: [00:04:08] Absolutely.

James: [00:04:08] And you know the cost of assisted living can be a budget buster. Boy.

Mark: [00:04:13] That’s absolutly right.

James: [00:04:13] And the nice thing about the Walk-In tub is that it can be retrofit into the existing bathing environment or if you’re doing a bathroom remodel you can build right in. The choice is yours.

Mark: [00:04:23] That’s absolutely right.

James: [00:04:24] How can folks learn more about American Standard Walk-In Tubs?

Mark: [00:04:29] is the best way. And that will give you all the information you need and get you started.

James: [00:04:36] And you can go to our web site If you’re a pro, to learn more, or to to learn more about the wonderful opportunity to become an American Standard certified pro-installer. Mark Phillips thanks for joining us for the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo.

Mark: [00:04:52] Thank you for having me.

Morris: [00:04:52] I love my American Standard Walk-In Tub!

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