Titebond at IBS2019

Topic: The Carey Brothers discuss Titebond adhesives with Mark Schroeder of Franklin International. From wood to stone and brick to glass, Titebond can help you stick things together and keep them stuck together! These adhesives have come a long way from their original furniture and mill purposes. Learn more about Titebond’s history and current uses in this episode of CareyBrosPros.

During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:

  • How Titebond has evolved over time to include the variety of adhesives available to you today.
  • What Titebond has to offer you beyond the traditional wood glues.
  • Why Titebond is the adhesive for difficult materials like glass!

Guest: Mark Schroeder is the V.P. of Marketing Franklin International the brand of Titebond

Website: http://www.titebond.com

3 Points for Success – from Mark Schroeder:

  1. Be aware of the array of different solutions offered by Titebond. Titebond has solutions for just about any application with their products.
  2. Less is more in terms of the actual application of whatever the product is. I think a lot of people by default just instinctively want to use more than they need.
  3. This is a company that really invests in technology with the hopes that that elevates to a good experience. You know we’ve been around for a long time. We have every plan in the world to continue to do so. It’s reliability. It’s durability, and it’s the confidence that people have that choosing our brand and our products and our experience will end up in a positive outcome for them too.

Transcript of the show:

Carey Bros Pros Mark Schroeder of Titebond.mp3

James: [00:00:00] I’m James and it’s great to have you with us on another edition of CareyBrosPros.

Morris: [00:00:04] And I’m Morris. Yes, we’re professional contractors and brothers.

James: [00:00:08] And you’ve caught us for a great podcast because we’re broadcasting from International Builders Show/Kitchen Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas having a look at the latest and greatest in building products and technology to share with you. And our guest at this moment knows a lot about a sticky subject: that’s construction adhesives glues and stuff that will make for a better installed product. He is Mark Schroeder the vice president of marketing for Franklin International Titebond.

Mark: [00:00:43] Gentlemen, good afternoon.

James: [00:00:44] Good afternoon.

Morris: [00:00:45] Hi Mark.

Mark: [00:00:46] Chilly Vegas.

Morris: [00:00:47] Yeah.

James: [00:00:48] Snow in Vegas!

Mark: [00:00:49] Who would’ve thought? But here we are.

James: [00:00:51] Yeah. That just makes an example of how your product can perform in cold weather.

Mark: [00:00:56] Good segue. Yeah that’s right exactly. Yes exactly right.

Morris: [00:00:59] You know, Mark, adhesives are needed for all kinds of different projects. I’d like to know what the differences are within your Titebond line that will help our listeners understand how they can better use your products.

Mark: [00:01:15] Sure, yeah, I think in general the Titebond brand probably is most synonymous with our product category of wood glues with woodworkers of various skill levels of home owners that may be doing some repair or kind of things around the house so glues is probably the product category for which Titebond is known best. But what many people may not know is that the brand also carries over into a full line of construction adhesives, caulks and sealants, and flooring adhesives and items for flooring installations. That’s kind of the general specialty I guess segments or silos of products that Titebond represents and that’s just on the consumer side, if you will, of the overall business from Franklin International.

James: [00:02:07] And you have products that appeal to pros, contractors, and consumers.

Mark: [00:02:15] Absolutely we walk that fine line all the time. I think first and foremost, the brand mostly resonates and appeals to professionals from builders to remodelers to flooring installers to wood, window, and siding installers. I think pros definitely know Titebond in those spaces. But to your point, so do consumers and wires and do it for me type people. It definitely crosses over both user groups.

Morris: [00:02:46] Make me understand the difference between you and elmers glue.

Mark: [00:02:50] (laughs) Well we’re broader in terms of our product offering. We have a longer history in terms of actually producing and manufacturing those kind of products. They do a fine job in their space. We’re less likely to be found or intentionally going after a, you know, a school or a craft kind of a segment and then they do their thing over in that sandbox and we do other things elsewhere. But when it comes to the glues themselves, and there’s lots of similarities in the technology and the chemistry behind them, but now in business for nearly 85 years.

James: [00:03:27] And you don’t like a day over 39.

Morris: [00:03:29] (Laughs) Yeah, you don’t.

Mark: [00:03:32] (Laughs) I’m not 85, to clarify, but yeah but the company’s been around that long.

James: [00:03:36] Yeah but I think the point that we’re trying to make is that there are really heritage brands out there. Certainly Titebond among them and that you don’t want to send a boy to do a man’s job if you get our drift.

Mark: [00:03:50] I sure do.

James: [00:03:50] OK. So with tight bond was the wood glue the beginning of the business offerings? Or where did it start?

Mark: [00:04:01] Great question. The origin of the company dates back to the mid 1930s as primarily a manufacturer of glues for the furniture and mill work businesses. So back in the day when those brands that we’ve all recognized and been associated with over the years like a La-Z-Boy or a Henredon or a Drexel Furniture or Heritage, you know, we were dialed into specifically making glues for you know furniture making and for cabinet making and for mill work. And that’s how things started back then and just grew over time into encompassing all these different other types of products within all these categories.

Morris: [00:04:43] So you’re now making products that not only join wood together?

Mark: [00:04:48] Correct.

Morris: [00:04:48] But other materials as well. Can you describe those?

Mark: [00:04:52] Yeah for sure especially with-

James: [00:04:53] Do you have two hours?

Mark: [00:04:56] (Laughs) Do you have two hours?

James: [00:04:59] I know some of that product!

Mark: [00:05:02] Our construction adhesives would be a great example of your question Morris. And that pertains to you know bonding porous and non-porous materials and surfaces: brick, metal, stone, glass. So yeah I think maybe the point here is that what once started as a group of products and brand that was dialed into primarily bonding wood, for certain has grown over time to bonding a wide variety of building materials and construction materials and difficult to bond materials with different types of chemistries.

Morris: [00:05:38] What are some of the most difficult to bond materials, just as a side note?

Mark: [00:05:44] You know certain types of non-porous materials where there’s nowhere for, especially if it’s a water based item there’s no where for that water to go. So that’s where we’ve developed over time, you know, different polyurethane type. Polyurethane technology is really so absolutely are different you know blended polymer chemistries to bind you know melamine is another difficult substrate.

Morris: [00:06:12] Is it?

Mark: [00:06:12] Yeah.

James: [00:06:12] Really? I’m guessing glass is too?

Mark: [00:06:14] Glass is difficult. Yeah.

Mark: [00:06:15] So yeah there’s no shortage of challenges or difficult materials to join with mastics or with portable glues. But the good news is for, again, consumers and professional customers of ours that we have so many different types of technologies that there’s likely a solution for whatever it is that you are trying to bond. Whether you’re a pro or not.

James: [00:06:40] Now, we’re general contractors. We’re remodeling contractors and, of course, we work with a lot of wood, and we use the subfloor adhesive because we glue our sub-floors down because we don’t want the squeaks. And we, in the finish, would use the Titebond wood glue and that sort of thing. But there are others listening who are skilled tradespeople and pros in their own segment who utilize Titebond products. I’ll start you off, and then you can maybe share a few other categories but I’m thinking of wood floors.

Mark: [00:07:16] Yeah.

James: [00:07:17] For example, recently, we both had engineered wood flooring installed directly over the concrete slabs in our home. And one of the things we need to be concerned with of course was the water vapor migration and a vapor barrier. Now that vapor barrier could have been installed first and then the adhesive used to attach the flooring or. You can get both in one and you have such a product. And it’s what we used to install our hardwood flooring.

Mark: [00:07:50] Yeah you described that to a tee. That’s well done on your part.

James: [00:07:54] That’s my job.

Mark: [00:07:57] Doing it well clearly.

Mark: [00:07:59] Yeah that’s, you know, especially in geographical locations where, you know, basements are nonexistent and you’re putting hardwood flooring solid engineered or otherwise directly over top of concrete. You’re exactly right. You’ve got that moisture concern that’s out there, and, obviously, you want to try to help that bad combination of water and wood and don’t want to swell that would or have it expand and contract. So, yes, we offer both actually for flooring installers and that is different levels of technologies of adhesive that can be used as a standalone you know just the adhesive itself, but used in conjunction with a separate product that serves as a moisture control system or barrier and then fairly recently have come out with what they call 2-in-1’s are all-in-ones where it’s it’s both. One product it’s the actual adhesive and the moisture barrier combined together to help address those moisture vapor issues that can occur over concrete.

James: [00:09:01] So what other categories of construction are great candidates for your product line.

Mark: [00:09:07] It really the building trades from subfloor installation, drywall installation, we see a lot of landscape retaining wall or pavers, outdoor, you know, landscape types of materials that we have select products to adhere to well.

James: [00:09:23] Roofing and siding?

Mark: [00:09:23] Yeah roofing siding windows doors.

James: [00:09:27] Aren’t you glad I’m here?

Mark: [00:09:28] Very much so.

James: [00:09:31] I saw the exhibit! And I saw the products. I saw the products firsthand.

Mark: [00:09:33] You got a good taste of it. Yeah sure.

James: [00:09:37] Yeah.

Mark: [00:09:37] So really I would say-

James: [00:09:39] And color matched caulking for metal roofing, I might add.

Morris: [00:09:43] That’s right. Yeah.

Mark: [00:09:43] Yeah. Not just metal roofing to your point but our weather master brand of sealants for siding, windows, doors also. We’re actively involved and staying up with the latest trends in terms of what the siding and door manufacturers coming out with in terms of their colors.

Morris: [00:10:00] Are these polyurethanes?

Mark: [00:10:02] No they’re really we call it an M S polymer technology. It’s a bit of a hybrid. It doesn’t truly act. It’s a kind of a cousin to polyurethanes then I guess I would say.

James: [00:10:14] OK and thats M S and not B.S. there’s no B.S. about there M S.

Mark: [00:10:20] (laughs) No BS about the MS.

James: [00:10:21] Alright, we’re going to wrap things here up in a minute but I want to ask you why Franklin International wants to be the most trusted adhesion company in the world.

Mark: [00:10:30] Yeah that’s the exact phrase that we spend time talking about at our at our location and it may strike some people as a bit of a hokey or cheesy tagline to talk about but we we take that to heart. And that means a lot to us whether it’s with our customers, our suppliers, our vendors. We want to earn that trust. We want to develop you know trust so that when users of any kind are using type products they can be assured of a high quality premium experience and a good overall experience. And that matters to us. I think in terms of what it means to the company and the brand but also what it means to our customers to know that they can rely on Titebond for trusted products, trusted experience, technical service, customer service. The full 360. That’s really a mission of ours that we try to attain.

Morris: [00:11:23] Mark, as you may know, we ask all of our CareyBrosPros guests for three points for success. What would you like our fellow pros to learn from your visit with us?

Mark: [00:11:41] I would say one thing is just to be aware of the array of different solutions and by that I don’t even mean products necessarily. You know it could be different types of packaging that we offer that helps efficiency on the job site. Or in the home or wherever that’s happening. But we believe we have solutions for just about any application with our products. I would say also that a lot of times less is more in terms of the actual application of whatever the product is. I think a lot of people by default just instinctively want to.

Morris: [00:12:18] Use more than they need.

Mark: [00:12:18] Apply more than they need.

James: [00:12:20] And I think your point with a better product you don’t need as much right. Y.

Mark: [00:12:25] That’s right yeah yeah. So I think a lot of people have experienced.

James: [00:12:28] That’s a good one.

Mark: [00:12:29] Overdoing it or over using. That kind of backfires. So that’s something to be cognizant of. I think also.

Morris: [00:12:35] And 3?

Mark: [00:12:36] And 3, I think in the end it’s more about you know having been around for as long as we have, 85 years, this is a company that really invests in technology with the hopes that that elevates to a good experience. You know we’ve been around for a long time. We have every plan in the world to continue to do so. It’s reliability.

Morris: [00:12:57] Constant.

Mark: [00:12:58] It’s durability, and it’s the confidence that people have that you know choosing our brand and our products and our experience will we’ll end up in a positive outcome for them too. So we’re.

Morris: [00:13:10] Constantly striving for a better product.

Mark: [00:13:12] Well said exactly right.

James: [00:13:13] Boy yeah.

Morris: [00:13:14] Yeah yeah. Our thanks to Mark Schroeder V.P. of Marketing Franklin International. The Titebond brand for spending time with us on this episode of CareyBrosPros. You can learn more about their products and services at their website. That’s titebond.com.

James: [00:13:34] But remember if you’re looking for information about any of our guests Mark included as well as other podcasts videos and articles, simply check out our web site. It is careybrosproscom. Mark Schroeder thanks for joining us live from the International Builders Show.

Mark: [00:13:52] Good to be here. James, Morris, thank you very much.

Morris: [00:13:55] I really enjoyed having you.

Mark: [00:13:56] A lot of fun. My pleasure.

Morris: [00:13:57] Thank you, Mark.

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