Topic: Eugen Gassmann discusses Festool Roadshow’s mission to keep the craft trades alive.

Description: Remodeling spending is at an all-time high, but the skilled labor forces are dwindling. Eugen Gassmann joins the Carey Brothers to discuss the Festool Roadshow’s mission to bring education to school’s and vocational operation’s around the US. There’s more than one way to help, and Eugen shares some ways for you, as a pro, to help out this program and the future skilled, craft labor.

Guest: Eugen Gassmann, Vice President of Marketing for Festool Inc, is helping Festool pave the way into the future of skilled labor by promoting the Festool Roadshow.

Website: www.festoolusa.com Learn more about the Festool Roadshow here.

Festool Roadshow – Keeping the Craft Alive

Magic Mike: [00:00:00] Welcome to CareyBrosPros the podcast for construction pros by construction pros. Now, here are James and Morris Carey.

James: [00:00:12] Hi I’m James and it’s great to have you with us on another edition of CareyBrosPros.

Morris: [00:00:18] And I’m Morris, and yes, we are professional contractors and brothers.

James: [00:00:22] So 80 percent of firms in the construction industry report difficulty finding skilled workers for hourly craft positions that is according to a report from the Associated General Contractors of America. And with remodeling spending at an all time high and expected to continue to climb through 2019 the construction labor shortage is expected to amplify in the coming years.

Morris: [00:00:51] And that’s why we invited Eugen Gassmann who’s the vice president of marketing for Festool to join us. Welcome to CareyBrosPros Eugen!

Eugen: [00:01:01] Thank you very much for having me.

[00:01:03] So, Eugen, for our pro friends listening who undoubtedly are experiencing labor shortages in their businesses, what are some of the suggestions that you can offer in helping them to attract labor or to be a part in solving the problem?

Eugen: [00:01:19] Well it’s a very good question. Obviously, we can’t solve these problems overnight. I mean we tried to do this with a roadshow going out to trade schools and connecting people, connecting below community, with these trade schools. Making sure that people, students, join and that would obviously take advantage of skilled labor. The other big part is, you could do something yourself straightaway. Be more productive, be more efficient in the way you work. Because if we can cut the work time that you need prep time that you need first of if we can cut that down by 20, 30, 50 percent you are already saving a lot of your own time and that can help you in the short term to bridge the skilled labor gap very quickly.

James: [00:02:06] Now I know after looking at the materials that you created that you state that pros can help or participate by opening a door for you by recommending a school or a vocational operation where you can get your road show in front of them.

Eugen: [00:02:28] There are so many great schools in the country. Unfortunately, we don’t know all of them, so we would like to get connected. So if you as a pro, you know a great school if you know a great program or a great educator that needs some exposure and needs some students we would love to help. We would really like to hear from you. Just call us or send e-mail and we will get in touch with these people and make sure that we schedule the roadshow to come to these places if possible.

James: [00:02:57] Interesting you had a good friend of Morris and I have had the opportunity to work with Norm Abraham of This Old House in the New Yankee Workshop over the years. And he appeared at your exhibit at the International Builders Show. According to This Old House, this is a national problem where six million skilled jobs will go unfilled. That’s an 80 percent jump in construction jobs unfilled in just the last two years. That’s amazing.

Eugen: [00:03:32] It’s a massive problem. If you think it’s bad now. It’s getting worse. So if we don’t do something about addressing it, it will just get worse. It is not good for the construction for the construction industry. At the end, it will get worse for consumers too. So we’re very proud that This Old House and Generation X is helping us to attract schools, attract new students to actually invest in education in the trades. And we’re more than happy to help.

James: [00:04:04] You mentioned recently to Morris and me that one of the ways that our pro audience can help is by mentoring the folks that are working for them and for young people bringing young people and mentoring them the next generation of electricians, plumbers, and carpenters taking them under one’s wing if you will.

Eugen: [00:04:27] It’s such an important thing that I mean I call those these Kennedy moments. You know you can always ask for somebody else to do something good to help. Well you can ask yourselves what you can do and you can do it. Everybody can do something.

James: [00:04:40] That’s great. That’s a great quote! That’s a great Kennedy moment now. That resonates. And finally, I think one of the recommendations that you have in your material will resonate with our prose listening and these are people like my brother who are especially generous and give back to the community. It was he who got involved with future build in our community and helped start the school and to be an instructor. And I was on the sidelines watching that. But I think that pros can offer their services at a trade school on a volunteer basis. That would be a way in which they can help, and I know you have that in your media materials. But the other thing for those businesses that are successful in the community that are profitable that are making their living in their community they can take some of those resources and create scholarships that help young people get into the trades to buy books and to finance tuition and that sort of thing. Yes?

Eugen: [00:05:42] Absolutely. There’s so much you can do straight away. And one of the most important parts is I mean giving young people giving them that vision that they can envision how they could have a career and trades. And let’s face it, not everybody thinks of the construction industry as oh this is a great job. That’s not right now. There are wonderful jobs out there. You can have the instant gratification every evening of I’ve done something, I created something, I remodeled the house, I installed cabinets in a kitchen. I actually did something and I did something with pride. You know, having pride in the product, having pride in the work that you do and instilling this in young people. This is really something everybody can do, and don’t wait for anybody else to do that.

James: [00:06:35] Eugen Gassmann, he’s the vice president of marketing for Festool. If you’re a pro I’m certain that you know about them. How may our pros listening get more information on the Festool road show and on the Festool philosophy?

Eugen: [00:06:54] Well the easiest thing is just go to Festool Roadshow. So just google it – Festool Roadshow. You’ll find resources about the upcoming stops. Plus you also obviously can contact us via that and I’m more than happy personally to get in touch with you and help you if you have an idea how to set up a mentoring program a sponsorship program. Want to get connected to schools. Want to get connected to the Roadshow. Want to get on board this. Yes, please contact me. More than happy to help. Because I love to help and to bring this to life and make this happen.

James: [00:07:30] Eugen Gassmann! Thanks so much for joining us on CareyBrosPros.

Eugen: [00:07:34] It was my pleasure. Thank you so much for having us.

Morris: [00:07:37] Our thanks to Eugen Gassmann of Festool for spending some time with us on this episode of CareyBrosPros. You can learn more about Festool at their web site www.festoolusa.com/.

James: [00:07:50] But remember if you’re looking for more information about any of our guests as well as other podcasts videos and articles just check out our web site at CareyBrosPros.com.

Magic Mike: [00:08:03] OK everybody hold onto your hardhats. It’s time for a quick BroTip from the Carey brothers.

James: [00:08:11] We learned a long time ago to measure twice and cut once. We also learned that you should never cut with a dull blade. The same holds true with any cutting instruments, saw blades of all kinds, chisels, drill bits, whole saws, scrapers, sheers, and utility knives. Essentially, anything that’s designed to cut. Beyond producing superior results, sharp blades make a job easier and safer. Dull blades require more energy and typically produce gouging or splintering. Cutting with a dull blade can also feel like pushing a wheelbarrow uphill instead of like a hot knife through butter as is the case with a sharp blade. Cutting tools can cause all sorts of injuries and some quite serious. Before putting a cutting tool in the hands of an employee or fellow worker be sure that he or she has been checked out on how to properly use the tool. Make certain that they understand the do’s and, especially, the don’ts of tool use, care, and maintenance. A well maintained tool will perform a whole lot better and last infinitely longer than one which has been abused or poorly maintained, and, although, you want to keep your tools in service for as long as possible, know when it’s time to retire a tool that’s no longer safe or isn’t capable of producing the most professional results. Sharp blades produce sharp results and keep tool toting pros happy.

Magic Mike: [00:09:46] Well that’s our podcast for today. Thanks for listening to this edition of CareyBrosPros: the podcast for construction professionals by construction professionals. Want more? Check out CareyBrosPros.com. You’ll find articles and videos to help make your business a success.

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