Neo Angle Shower Tray

Six New Sizes Introduced, Including Space-Saving Neo Angle

Neo angle shower bases are very common in situations where space is at a premium and the homeowner wants a quality tiled shower.  These spaces previously required installation of a custom mortar bed, or the use of a square shower tray with one corner cut off.  The new Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-TT neo angle tray is customized for this situation.  It includes an off-center drain placement so the drain is not situated where the user stands in the shower.  It also has a consistent perimeter height (1-1/32”), something that was not possible when cutting off the corner of a square tray.  This tray is part of a series of six different trays with reduced perimeter heights to facilitate the construction of curbless shows.

At the same time, Schluter-Systems is introducing four additional prefabricated, sloped trays for showers with the KERDI-DRAIN point drain and one for KERDI-LINE linear drain. These additional shapes and sizes bring the total number of unique shower trays offered by Schluter to 22. 

This growth in options will make it much easier for homeowners and construction professionals to choose a tray that suits the size of the shower they are building.  All Schluter shower trays will continue to feature integrated KERDI waterproofing on the top of the tray.  All shower areas must be made completely waterproof before tiles are installed, so trays with the waterproof membrane pre-installed remove a step from the construction process. The pre-installed waterproofing on these shower trays is easily integrated with Schluter drains and waterproof walls to construct a completely waterproof and vapor-tight environment. 

The following shower trays are included in the new line-up offered by Schluter-Systems:  

For KERDI-DRAIN Point Drain:

  • Neo-angle tray with off-center drain placement:  38” x 38”
  • With center drain placement:  48” x 60”, 60” x 60”
  • Reduced height with center drain placement: 32” x 38”, 36” x 48”

For KERDI-LINE Linear Drain with perimeter drain placement: 36” x 55”

The 6 new shower trays became available March 1 and were being shown in the Schluter booth at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) this year.

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