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Topic: Through a massive rebranding, market research, and innovative new products, this isn’t your father’s Crescent brand anymore.

Guest: Rena Fiorello, Director of Brand Marketing for Crescent: division of Apex Tool Group


3 Points for Success – Rena Fiorelli

  1. Make good on your word because I think that obviously builds your success for tomorrow. Word of mouth is huge.
  2. Keep it simple you know don’t overcomplicate jobs. There’s often beauty and simplicity and I think we get caught up in you know all the different things that you know the new trends and things like that but I think keeping it simple you can deliver you know probably helped lower stress.
  3. You gotta pick the right tool for the job. Your work is your legacy. So, I would say you know choose well. We’ve got a great arsenal of tools at Crescent Tools, and I look forward to showcasing a lot more over the next year and hopefully follow us on social so you can keep up with all the great things that we have coming out.

Podcast Transcript

James [00:00:00] Well howdy so good to have you with us for this another episode of CareyBrosPros. Hi I’m James Carey.

Morris [00:00:06] Yup and I’m Morris! As professionals, we’re always interested in providing our pro listeners with good information. On this edition, we’re gonna be talking crescent wrenches and the great history of this heritage brand.

James [00:00:24] Wow.

Morris [00:00:24] Mm hmm.

James [00:00:24] I remember Dad had his crescent wrenches.

Morris [00:00:27] Oh yea. You’re darn right.

James [00:00:30] Oh boy. Our guest is Rena Fiorello. She is the director of brand marketing for Crescent division of Apex Tool Group. Welcome to CareyBrosPros Rina.

Rena [00:00:40] Hello. Thank you for having me today.

Morris [00:00:42] Oh it’s just wonderful to have you here. You know people know about the history and the longevity and the culture of the crescent brand. Tell us a little bit about it.

Rena [00:00:53] I’d love to. I think it’s an exciting time for the Crescent brand. And you know as you had mentioned earlier when we were talking, a lot of people know Crescent as a tool. The crescent wrench right? I mean I’m sure that’s what you’re familiar with it as.

James [00:01:07] Correct.

Morris [00:01:07] Yeah yeah.

Rena [00:01:08] So you know it’s kind of been synonymous with you know adjustable wrench, a crescent wrench you know obviously goes off the tongue a little bit easier, so it’s really been synonymous with the tool and not necessarily the brand. So what I’m tasked with and our team is tasked with is really re-branding and re-facing the Crescent brand to really remind people that Crescent is a brand that offers a lot more than just the just the adjustable wrench but because we have such an iconic history the adjustable wrench dates back to 1987. We’ve got history around the first Atlantic flight with Charles Lindbergh carrying in a a crescent adjustable wrench. You know it just had a lot of history it’s been time trusted by trade you know for over centuries. So with that you know reputation and trust we were able to relaunch the crescent brand late 2017. It’s a huge rebrand. So what we do is we actually update the logos kind of I think made it a little bit more trendy looking or updating the packaging to align with that. But the biggest thing that we’ve done is we’ve expanded the Crescent brand to include some other brands underneath the Apex portfolio that fit in the same space as Crescent. And that is Lufkin Tape Measures, Wiss snips, Nicholson Files, H.K. Porter Bolt Cutters and just recently we’ve moved the Job Box brand underneath the Crescent portfolio. So we’re calling it the Crescent Tools Brand.

James [00:02:39] Wait a minute.

Rena [00:02:39] [laughs].

James [00:02:40] You’re absolutely killing me, Rena. [laughs].

Rena [00:02:43] It blows your mind, I know!

James [00:02:46] You’re talking to a couple of guys who make their living with tools.

Morris [00:02:49] Yeah.

James [00:02:49] And an audience of folks who understand the psychology of tools and specifically good tools and that the key to safety and profitability is good tools.

Morris [00:03:03] Yeah. And I want to see Crescent put together a Job Box with two Crescent Wrench handles.

Rena and James [00:03:10] [laughs].

Morris [00:03:11] That are detached.

Rena [00:03:14] Mighty creative there. Now you’re getting creative. I love it.

Morris [00:03:16] And then the handles would be detachable for use during the work day. And that could be set back onto the job box to open and close the cover.

James [00:03:26] You guys aren’t a one trick pony boy. According to the information that you provided you now have over two thousand six hundred tools under your umbrella.

Rena [00:03:37] Well it’s actually climbed up more closer to 4000 when you have the job box portfolio. We’re continuing to find solutions.

James [00:03:43] Call me a liar for Fourteen hundred tools. [laughs].

Rena [00:03:46] I mean it’s just you know apples and oranges.

James [00:03:50] That’s a lot of stuff. But I mean what is the value proposition associated with a better tool. I mean we know that and I’m certain that the majority the folks listening know that. But what is the philosophical message that Apex and Crescent has as regards to features and benefits.

Rena [00:04:14] Well, I think you know when you look at the kind of brand ethos of Crescent where we’re driving it for tomorrow is really about bringing innovation to our tools in the way we’re doing that is connecting on the job sites in the construction zones with our users to find out what’s working and what’s not working because at the end of the day we have to be able to bring tools that are solving problems so that the users are having on the site. If we’re not bringing tools that are solving a problem then we’re not going to make it so that what we call a voice of the customer is exactly how we drive that innovation. We have a couple of things coming out the end of this year that I think are really going to kind of bring back some I think fresh breath to the Crescent brand because it’s an innovation you haven’t seen in a while. It’s really going to help drive a lot of the messaging that we are looking to say.

Rena [00:05:05] You know you look at just the way consumers buy today. They’re very digital savvy. We have to be able to you know get in front of them let them understand what features that we’re delivering that are going to help them get their job done and allow them to continue because you know how these pro users your listeners are very skilled trades you know hard workers and they’re proud of their work. And I think if we can provide them a tool that not only lets them get it done properly but maybe it’s faster and allows them to have better access you know things like that. That’s what we’re looking to do to provide innovation, things that they’re not seeing today.

Rena [00:05:46] And I think a good example of that, I don’t know if you guys have seen but we just launched some innovation in tape measures you know and I think a lot of people are like how in the world can you add anything into the take measures. We have 100 choices out there on the market today and you could argue that there’s you know some really you know number one brands out there that basically drive in the category.

James [00:06:08] Is that under the Lufkin?

Rena [00:06:10] Now it’s called Crescent Lufkin but yes it’s being driven under the Lufkin umbrella. And you know there’s new things on the tape and it came from speaking with users on this in the field, working through problems that were that they were having. One being simple as you know having to have single person operation you know how many times have you had to use a tape measure. You always have to get something to hold the other end.

James [00:06:35] Right.

Rena [00:06:35] Right. So one of the things that we added to the chalkboard tape measure is a diamond coated end hook and not only that diamond could end up with a blade as double sided so no matter which angle you’re using you can measure easily as a one person job. So little things like that. I think you know really help people on the job. It also comes in what we call it the night eye version. So you have you’re working in darker conditions darker rooms you know not areas that are lit well this tape measure has high green blade allowing you to get better visibility and we increase the marking. So there’s little things that I think go a long way that are going to you know help kind of allow us to make our mark within the tape measure category.

James [00:07:19] So if you’re looking for molding miter snips you can find the Crescent. If you’re looking for offset straight snips there’s the crescent with. How about the next generation aviation snips. Boy I’ll tell you. Don’t be caught without those. But the one that really rings the bell is the Crescent Wide Jaw. Adjustable wrenches the wide jaw really sets apart the baby toys from the real tools.

Rena [00:07:49] Well now you’re going to tease people because of those we haven’t started shipping those yet. So those are very anticipated items that are coming out. So we do have them on the web site and they can’t go to and start reading and getting more information on those but those are I think going to be a big hit as well. Like you said it’s solving again yet you know a simple thing but just having that extra diameter to be able to get the job done and I think that’s really what Crescent is about. Like I said it’s bringing new innovation and it might be in small elements but those small bits are going to help our users get their job done. So that’s what we’re about.

James [00:08:25] Rena will you folks be exhibiting National Hardware Show?

Rena [00:08:29] We will. And then later we’ll probably air another big show we’ll be at is at the staff show of course we actually unveiled the Crescent rebrand. Kind of the face of the Crescent brands this past year and it went over very well. And I think you know kind of like I said brought a little new energy to the brand. And you’re gonna start seeing is a lot more on social media. You know where we’re connecting with bloggers. We’re going to start getting our product in front of people you know so we can make sure that our messaging is getting out. You know for a while we weren’t really putting a lot of marketing muscle behind Crescent. You know when I first started Apex Tool Group we had over 32 brands. So we’ve really done a lot of consolidation. We’ve tried to you know group together these brands that makes sense. Like I said live in the same space that allow us to offer you know. So you know a wide variety of tools that you know like you said rather your work in HVAC you need you know some snip second you know cut up to you know enough HVAC for 700 homes or you’re looking at files or bolt cutters. There wasn’t a lot of overlap. So just made a lot of sense. Yeah. You know.

James [00:09:33] Right. Very good Rita.

Morris [00:09:35] Yeah. You know what Rena you’re on CareyBrosPros. We’d like to ask our guests to share three points for success with our pro listeners. Could you share yours?

Rena [00:09:47] Sure. When I think about you know as a consumer myself and working with you know the fears I’ve had with some from pro trades and just you know things that my around my house the biggest thing that you can do rather bigger small job is to deliver on your promises. So make good on your word because I think that obviously builds your success for tomorrow. Word of mouth is huge and I think you know these guys probably appreciate that. And so that would be one.

Rena [00:10:15] Maybe two, just keep it simple you know don’t overcomplicate jobs. There’s often beauty and simplicity and I think we get caught up in you know all the different things that you know the new trends and things like that but I think keeping it simple you can deliver you know probably helped lower stress.

Rena [00:10:32] And then last, you know I’ve got to go here, but you got to pick the right tool for the job right beside you. You only have a First I think to make a great impression. So your work is your legacy. So I would say you know choose well we’ve got a great arsenal of tools at Crescent Tools and I look forward to you know showcasing a lot more over the next year and hopefully follow us on social so you can keep up with all the great things that we have coming out.

James [00:10:58] She’s a super duper tool lady. She is Rena Fiorello Director of Brand Marketing for Crescent there a division of Apex Tool Group. And you may learn more about them by visiting their website. It is

Morris [00:11:20] Yeah and remember you’ll find our guests information as well as additional podcasts, videos, and articles on our website at

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