Topic: Withstanding a job site is hard enough on the contractors, don’t even think about how hard it is on a cheap coffee maker. COFFEEBOXX by OXX and their specialty coffee pods make drinking coffee on the job feasible and downright delicious.

Guest: Kent Brown – President and CEO of OXX

Website: https://oxx.com/

3 Points for Success – Kent Brown:

  • The Golden Rule: Treat others how you would care to be treated. Respect and kindness go a long way toward helping others.
  • No surprises. Communicating proactively so that the customer is not surprised.
  • Sell the differences. We really want people to understand what they’re getting and what’s different if you’re just selling I can do exactly what the other person does for less. That’s not a value added. So we try to focus on what’s value added, what’s different about us and really what the value is for someone who does a transaction with OXX.


Podcast Transcript:

James [00:00:00] So good to have you with us for another episode of CareyBrosPros. I’m James.

Morris [00:00:05] And I’m Morris. And you know as professionals were always interested in finding new ways and new ideas to help our listeners work smarter instead of harder and to get more customers. And on this edition we’re gonna be talking coffee on job sites and our guest today is Kent Brown. Welcome Kent.

Kent [00:00:32] Thank you. Happy to be here.

James [00:00:33] You know Kent, I’m on your Web site.

Morris [00:00:35] Yeah.

James [00:00:35] And of course brother Maurice and I are familiar with the product. Having experienced it for I don’t know a couple or three years now we both have the product we have here it is the OXX Coffeeboxx in the studio and workshop and on job sites. But the Web site says wherever hardworking people need beyond rugged products we’ll be there. From job sites to riding shotgun for long hauls from cornfields to deer camps, no matter how harsh or how intense the environment, we’ll figure out a way to make sure that the people who build the future have what they need to bring it every day. That’s a great mission statement man.

Kent [00:01:21] Yeah it’s really important to us that people get the conveniences of home when they’re working away from home. So we’re a working person’s brand whether it’s a job site, whether you’re hunting. We want people to have hot coffee and we’ll have some other products in the future for them. But we really believe in people that build and work in America.

James [00:01:40] Well you’re talking to them because that’s what this podcast is all about. So beyond the mission let’s kind of talk about where the rubber meets the road and how you’re implementing that. That’s a philosophy. But now let’s talk about implementation and what that really looks like with the Coffeeboxx.

Kent [00:01:58] Sure. Yeah I think it’s helpful maybe for just the background on the coffee.

James [00:02:01] Yes.

Kent [00:02:01] Really. The company was founded based on research done on job sites of contractors builders remodels bringing kitchen appliances to service their own needs while they’re working.

James [00:02:13] No kidding dude. Our men bring microwaves onto the job.

Kent [00:02:20] Absolutely. They bring coffee makers toaster ovens camp stoves, you name it they bring it. Two reasons: One they want that convenience and enjoyment of being able to have their own food and meals, and two they want to save time and money. They don’t want to leave the job site because they get paid by the job. They don’t want to leave the job site and go get coffee or go get food.

James [00:02:38] And who wants to leave the job site, get into traffic.

Kent [00:02:42] Right.

James [00:02:42] Fight the traffic get into a line at wherever you’re picking up lunch and lose your entire lunch because you’ve been traveling. So we find guys brown bagging it again and as you indicated with all these small appliances including the coffee maker.

Kent [00:03:00] Yeah the coffee maker was designed to really replace the kitchen coffee makers that we saw on job sites that didn’t last very long.

Kent [00:03:07] So guys would buy a cheap kitchen coffeemaker and it would be dead in a month or maybe two months tops or broken and they would have to go buy another one and buy another one. And so with a Coffeeboxx they’re going to buy it and they’re going to own it for years and years and it’s actually a repairable tool if anything ever happened to it. We can actually fix it repair it and keep it in service.

James [00:03:26] Now Kent there is nobody on this planet that can paint a better picture on radio than my brother Morris can, and I’m going to ask him to describe your product to our pro followers.

Morris [00:03:42] It’s a green or black or beige cube laughs] and this cube is about I don’t know 10 inches wide and about the same depth and maybe 11 inches or 12 inches tall and all of the controls are on the top of this box.

Morris [00:04:01] By the way there’s a carrying handle and I got to tell you this is a box that I I feel it’s coffeemaker that I feel I could play catch with and drop and still use it.

James [00:04:11] Right.

Morris [00:04:12] And inside the rear compartment of the coffeemaker of the X Box is a container.

James [00:04:20] Now wait a minute X Box is why me is what my 19 year old does too much of. But the OXX Coffeeboxx is what you do too much of. [laughs].

Morris [00:04:30] OXX Box.

Morris [00:04:32] Anyway the OXX box has a container which holds water and it slides in and out there’s a door that holds the container and it tells you when it’s low on water which is really nice. You have an on off button and then there’s a brew button which shows you when the water is ready to brew. And then once it’s ready to brew you can push one of three buttons which each give you a different amount of coffee.

James [00:05:01] Right.

Morris [00:05:02] I got to tell you I have not. Had. Chocolate. Hot chocolate for a long time and there was a hot chocolate box that came with the OXX box. And finally I opened it and I tried it and I put a little whipped cream on it and delicious. And now.

James [00:05:23] I couldn’t get him back to work.

Morris [00:05:25] And now every once in a while I have hot chocolate at night and I put a little whipped cream in it, you know a little Ready Whip and it’s delicious and I get whipped cream all over my mustache and I love it. And anyway this box seems to me to be indestructible. It makes really hot coffee and I love hot coffee. I hate coffee makers where you get a cup of coffee and you have got to put it in the microwave right to get it hot enough dry joy and the OXX Boxx does it. What’s the temperature that the water goes to?

Kent [00:06:05] So it’ll brew at one hundred and ninety two degrees and then but by the time it comes out to your cup it’s about one hundred eighty two.

Morris [00:06:10] Yeah yeah. And 180 is extra hot. When when you go to Starbucks and you ask for a long day and you want an extra hot they make it 180.

James [00:06:20] All right. Now you’re not a one trick pony and we’re going to talk about that. There are a host of skews that are available and we’re going to talk about retail distribution some exciting news and all of that. But Morris affectionately refers to it as the OXX Boxx. Now we know the title is really Coffeeboxx. Do you find that a lot of people are referring it to the OXX Boxx and do you have a take issue with that?

Kent [00:06:44] We don’t have any issue with it but yes there are quite a few people that refer to it as the OXX Boxx.

James [00:06:49] Especially since it’s got O X X on it and the logo of sort of an ox.

Kent [00:06:55] Absolutely. Yeah I think that’ll change a little bit in the future when we have our next appliance come out which is coming out next year so they’ll have to start using Coffeeboxx and then the new name of the new product because there’ll be more than one box.

James [00:07:07] Is that something you’re ready to share or is that still top secret?

Kent [00:07:10] Still top secret.

James [00:07:10] OK.

Kent [00:07:11] But this show next year we’ll be talking all about it.

James [00:07:14] We’re trembling in our boots and our head our boots. So that’s wonderful. So this is they call it a k?

Kent [00:07:20] K cups or coffee pod or single use pod. But sure you know it’s sort of k cup is a trademarked name of the Keurig. But it’s the Kleenex you know of the industry.

James [00:07:30] Understood. So brother Morris quite adequately as I promised described the unit but you also are in the coffee business. You sell coffee and we can sign up for delivery of coffee on a regular basis.

Kent [00:07:46] Yeah absolutely we developed our own brand of coffee which we call workhorse coffee again just as an homage to our hardworking folks on job sites we have three flavors and you can come on OXX.com if you want to get your k cups delivered every week every two weeks every month. You just sign up and anybody who signs up on OXX.com to have their coffee delivered gets a 20 percent discount and you never have to think about it. They just show up at your house and you never run out.

James [00:08:12] Well you’ve got the on the go bundle the everything bundle. I’m telling you you’ve got all sorts of neat stuff here.

Kent [00:08:19] Yeah all the accessories you could want. There’s carrying cases there’s carrying cases for your pods if you’re traveling and you don’t want to lose those. We have drinkware there’s a lot of stuff that really goes along with it.

James [00:08:30] And and free shipping on orders over 35 dollars. And I noticed when shopping you’ve got a host of different categories. Talk about some of the categories that one might find at the Web site.

Kent [00:08:42] Sure. So it’s really appliances which is the coffee maker is the main.

James [00:08:47] At the moment.

Kent [00:08:48] At the moment that that will expand in a year and then you have our coffee. Three different flavors there we do a medium roast which we call a smooth for gas. We want to drink it all day like Morris probably does. We do a dark and bold and then we have our two times caffeine which a lot of the contractors are really into get some a nice kick start in the morning and then we have our accessories and drink wear. So some rugged insulated drinkware that will survive on a job site and then we actually also sell through a partnership with Goal Zero. We sell some lithium ion inverters so if you need the power to remotely run the Coffeeboxx you can buy it at our website.

James [00:09:25] You know what Goal Zero is a great company. We’ve known about them for many years and we’re glad to see you partner with them. It’s a natural relationship and having one of their inverters their battery backup. Inverters is just terrific. It’s wonderful.

Kent [00:09:44] Yeah. We were actually when we do our photo shoots we go and do you know camping or hunting photo shoots or tailgating. We power the Coffeeboxx with a Goal Zero Yeti fourteen hundred lithium ion inverter.

James [00:09:57] Now a couple of our trucks also have inverters where you can plug stuff in and you know you can plug it right in the pickup.

Kent [00:10:06] Yeah absolutely. We recommend they would have a 2000 Watt inverter.

James [00:10:10] Right.

Kent [00:10:11] The unit will draw about fourteen hundred watts when it’s brewing. So fifteen hundred watt what can work but two thousand watts is what we recommend to anybody.

James [00:10:18] So you’re not going to tell us what the next appliance is?

Kent [00:10:21] I’m gonna tell you.

James [00:10:22] You’d have to kill us?

Kent [00:10:23] I’ll tell you, just right not right now.

James [00:10:24] That’s right. OK. All right. How did you get involved in the business Kent?

Kent [00:10:28] Yeah. I came to OXX two years ago a little over two years ago. I was previously I was running a PPA sales marketing for Coleman on the outdoor gear.

James [00:10:36] No kidding.

Kent [00:10:36] Tents and coolers and all that good stuff.

James [00:10:38] Wow! That is a heritage brand.

Kent [00:10:41] Indeed. Yes. Yeah. Great brand. Great people. So you know 120 year old company and it was a fabulous place to be when the folks from OXX approached me the board of directors were looking to help really take the business to the next level. And so my background lined up and I jumped at it because there’s not really many opportunities to do something completely new anymore you know completely innovative whitespace those things don’t exist very often. So it was a no brainer for us to take this opportunity.

James [00:11:10] You know in the early days when the product was first introduced we go to a lot of trade shows we go to the National Hardware Show the International Builders Show Kitchen Bath industry show remodeling show Deck Expo whatever we’d bump into Craig Cyr who’s part of your team and you talk about a vigilant young man who believes in his corporate philosophy and in his product. Wonderful wonderful spokesperson and representative of your brand and products.

Kent [00:11:40] Yeah. Appreciate that. We’re super proud of Craig. He’s more on our sales team and been with us for years and anybody who owns a Coffeeboxx has probably interacted with him if they’ve reached out to us. And so yeah we love Craig.

James [00:11:51] Kent you know with each of our pro podcasts we ask our guests like you and it would be appropriate for a fellow who has the experience that you have running large companies and developing brands to share with our pro audience, three points for success and something that can help them with their brand and develop their brand and be successful.

Kent [00:12:18] Yeah. Yeah. I would tell you. At OXX we have10 golden rules we live by at OXX But some of the ones that are really the most important is just the golden rule treat other people the way that you want to be treated. And so when we deal with our customers at OXX they have an issue. We treat them like family like we would want to be treated and I think that works particularly in the contractor business right. That that’s it. Sometimes for homeowners that’s a scary transaction and you don’t know what you need to know and so being honest and treating people fairly and openly that that gets you great great results you’ve nothing bad ever comes from doing the right thing.

James [00:12:54] I love that. I love that one coming out the gate. What’s next?

Kent [00:12:58] Yeah for us the next one is really no surprises. That’s a big one for us. And so you think about someone who’s doing some work on your home. If they find something that they didn’t expect or the cost is going to change. I think communicating again proactively so that the customer is not surprised, right? And we don’t like surprises even good surprises or bad sometimes.

James [00:13:22] Communication.

Kent [00:13:23] Yeah. So no surprises this is a really really big one for me.

James [00:13:27] Take it home Now you’ve got you’ve got the golden rule. You know you’ve got communication there are two excellent bits of advice.

Kent [00:13:35] Yeah. And the last one we really believe in is sell the differences. So when years promoting your business or your products or service whatever it is, we try to focus in on what’s different about us. The Coffeeboxx is a very different piece of equipment than what’s out there. And so we really want people to understand what they’re getting and what’s different if you’re just selling I can do exactly what the other person does for less. That’s not a value add. So we try to focus on what’s value added, what’s different about us and really what the value is for someone who does a transaction with OXX or if it’s in the remodeling or construction business. Am I number one in beating my timeline? Do I have the highest quality? Do I use materials that are superior to someone else? So what’s different about me that makes you want to do business with me.

James [00:14:24] That’s sage advice.

Morris [00:14:26] Yeah. Sage advice our thanks to Kent Brown of OXX Coffee the OXX Coffeeboxx.

James [00:14:33] Yeah.

Morris [00:14:34] And to learn more about the OXX Coffeeboxx. Go to OXX.com.

Kent [00:14:41] That’s it.

Morris [00:14:42] And you’re going to see a most beautiful little cube you ever saw in your whole life that makes really good hot coffee.

James [00:14:49] Yeah. In three beautiful colors.

Morris [00:14:52] Right.

James [00:14:52] Thank you Kent. And a reminder that you can get more of our podcasts and sage advice from terrific guests who want to reach out to you and help you with your business, go to careybrospros.com.

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