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Peter Daich joins the Carey Brothers to spread the news about his spreadable flooring, countertops, and outdoor finishes.

Guest: Peter Daich – President of Daich Coatings

Website: www.daichcoatings.com

3 Points for Success – Peter Daich

  1. Start off with a good canvas upon which to do your masterpiece.
  2. Make sure that that surface is clean. There’s certain preparation techniques that may be required.
  3. Daich Coatings is very close by. Give us a call and we will work with you on making sure that your project works. Let’s share the information and the facts together, and let’s make your project a good one.


Podcast Transcript

James [00:00:00] So good to have you with us for this another episode of CareyBrosPros. I’m James.

Morris [00:00:05] And I’m Morris. You know as professionals were always looking to give our pro listeners great information to help them work smarter instead of harder. On this edition we’ll share a great product you can add to your menu of services for your customers.

James [00:00:22] You know sometimes budgets aren’t aggressive enough to be able to land that job and it’s nice to pull a rabbit out of your hat by having an alternative.

Morris [00:00:33] To ceramic tile or on any other expense.

James [00:00:36] And then and then you know what comes around goes around Morris. We’ve seen it so many times where you do something for someone within their budget. You do great work. And when they want something else done window replacement or a kitchen remodel or a bathroom or whatever they’ll call you. So there is a lot for you here and our guest is Peter Daich. He is the president of Deitch coatings. Peter welcome to CareyBrosPros.

Peter [00:01:05] Hey guys. How are you doing?

Morris [00:01:06] Hi Peter. Nice to have you. You know how can our pros add something special to their customer services with Daich Coatings?

Peter [00:01:14] One great thing that your pros can do is to resurface existing concrete outdoors that may have pits or different you know visual flaws that you want to cover up and if you want to provide a very premium look immediately without any kind of creativity you can resurface those existing concrete areas with stone and something we have that is absolutely great for contractors that we work with is spread rock. Spread Rock is a fine granular stone material that looks just like granite that was laid down once it’s applied. And the beauty of this is is that with a trowel or with a squeegee you can apply a brand new surface that literally resurfaces that concrete with a nice thick layer of stone and that dries in about half an hour outdoors.

James [00:02:16] Yeah. You know as I as I hear you and, of course we’re familiar with the product, we want to tell you pros that we have had the opportunity to use the product in our homes. We have had the opportunity to apply the product for our clients and I have to tell you that when you do a project, as an example we did a historic renovation, and added a garage for the homeowner. He’s a rancher. He restores old cars. And we wanted something other than just proud concrete in that garage. We worked so hard over an entire year in building the place and it was in design for the better part of a year. At the end of the day we wanted a special finish and we didn’t want to go out to the home center and get an epoxy finish that more often than not we’ll raise because of tire heat. We wanted something durable and something different. And we applied Peter’s product and I have to tell you, it’s no wonder we won the National Association the Remodeling Industry Contractor of the Year award for that project, Peter thanks to you! But the garage looks beautiful it photographed beautifully we were so proud of it as part of our portfolio and the homeowner absolutely loved it. So when he spills a little bit of motor oil or a little bit of gas or a little bit of transmission fluid, he mops it up, and he wouldn’t be able to do that with that raw concrete finish.

Peter [00:03:59] No definitely not. And in the case of that application that was Roller Rock which is a great product for garage floors as you say also great around pullbacks entrances into buildings. It’s great commercially it’s great residentially. It’ll stand up to any climate. It can be you know in the cold north. t can be in Alaska. It can be in Southern California, Florida. This will stand up to any climate. It’ll take high traffic and at the end of the day it’s so simple to put on that you were in and out very quickly so time is money you want to impress your customer. But at the same time you want this process to be easy and bullet proof and that’s exactly what that is.

James [00:04:43] Look not everybody has the budget for paver stone or to apply a really expensive tile to paths and patios and balconies and all of that. And this provides an affordable alternative for folks like the Carey Brothers who are improving people’s homes to give the client a choice to give them an offering. And it really for us it makes our installed product overall look better. And it’s an income stream for us. It’s another offering that we can use to generate income.

Morris [00:05:23] Remember our old gecko deck product that we’re used to use?

James [00:05:26] Oh yeah. Yes. That was This Is 40 years ago.

Morris [00:05:30] Yeah. This is 10 times the product. It looks better. Will seal better and front porches, remember we did a front porch.

James [00:05:40] Yeah.

Morris [00:05:41] They’re great for a ride. Yeah. For we wait.

James [00:05:44] Had we known about Peter’s product.

Morris [00:05:47] Well we didn’t know about it then.

James [00:05:48] And for the porch project. But what Morris is referring to Peter as we built forty eight condos almost 40 years ago and the architect designed second floor decks and of course.

Morris [00:06:04] Over living space.

James [00:06:06] Well some were and some were. And in either case they had to have a waterproof finish and it was done with the synthetic rubber product. Over time though they blistered and they really look tattered very hot right. So I think the point to you listening as a pro is this is an alternative that you can consider that will give you the waterproofing that you’re looking for.

Morris [00:06:39] Plus beauty you couldn’t get with the other product.

Peter [00:06:42] Yeah. And you know what guys I really have to say as well. If you can create a look that is very authentically the same as one of those other very high cost, very slow, very laborious applications like putting in tile, things that crack things that don’t flex whereas with our materials they do they’re meant to flex, they’re meant to go through the different freeze for situations and everything else. You’ve got something where you can create a look that someone would otherwise think was a much more expensive product. You can do it in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. You’ll make a great markup for your labor and your efforts and you’re going to create a lot of fans out there who are going to be saying hey where did you get this. I want that too.

James [00:07:32] But there’s one other benefit Peter that you did not mention and that the profit robber. That’s the customer service. That’s the call back that needs to be made to repair a leak or damage caused by a leak or to take up a product that doesn’t perform well and to make repairs. That for folks like us in the trades that’s called the profit robber. And what happens is not only does it take your time and your resources but it really puts your customer off to the extent that they have to be bothered while you come in and you disrupt their lives to make repairs because something that you installed hasn’t performed well. Having said that it’s nice that you’re willing to do that and we salute contractors who are willing to stand behind their product. But wouldn’t it be the best of all worlds if you could walk away from the project with an installed product that performs well that looks good and that doesn’t cut into your profits.

Peter [00:08:42] Absolutely and no one ever wants to feel that kind of you know negativity or discomfort when really all you want is a happy customer and you want to enjoy the work that you do and nothing brings anyone down more than having to fix problems so you know ease of application long lasting finish something that looks outstanding that was easy to do that makes your customer happy and keeps them happy. That’s the key to a good business. Otherwise you’re just chasing problems and who wants that.

James [00:09:16] Now a moment ago Peter you said it’s great to have a product that looks like a really expensive high end finish at a fraction of the price. Now we’re going to tell a little secret because maybe some of our specifiers, designers, architects, are pros listening or saying well you know look there’s just no substitute for slate or there’s no substitute for stone tile. Let’s give a secret and let’s tell them about the prime coat and then on top of the prime coat, we use a grout tape which goes down and then after the grout tape is installed, we put the decorative finish on top of that and then take the grout tape up and what we end up with is beautiful grout joints that creates the illusion of installed tile.

Peter [00:10:19] Exactly. And not to mention the fact.

Morris [00:10:21] It even looks like it has a shadow line. It does.

Peter [00:10:26] And what is your customer wants a size that is not typical? The beauty of putting down the growth tape is that you can do it any size any shape any pattern you like. Try doing that with the tile saw and you know cutting everything to make everything fit. You’re gonna be there for a long time. It’s gonna take a lot of work. This way you can create any kind of appearance that they want from a pattern standpoint and the beauty of it is you can do it in a day. You’re not going to all these extra steps to create the look that they wanted in the first place. The other thing is this tile finish that you’re creating is one that will flex. It will not crack like a concrete will or tile will. Let’s say you dropped something heavy on that tile and it breaks. Now you need to pop the tile out and you need to fix it. The beauty of the stone coatings is that they’re flexible and they’re meant to withstand impact. So chances are you’re not going to get the damage. Your customer is going to stay happy and they’re going to be singing your praises to other potential customers as well.

Morris [00:11:34] You’re a nice man.

James [00:11:35] And there’s only one other thing that I like other than happy customers and that is.

Morris [00:11:41] A paycheck. [laughs]

James [00:11:42] That’s a money maker. What’s wrong. Well you know we’re capitalists. There’s a lot of risk in what we do in the construction business. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned and for our risk we want a reasonable return, and you offer a system and a full line of products that will help you make a really good return on your investment of energy. Now I want to just mention that we’ve talked about paths, ,patios, driveways, carports, pool decks, balconies with plywood or wood substrates, tile, walls that you can go over tile, countertop kit. I mean really you have a host of solutions that and the support. I think that’s what’s important you go to your web site and right off the bat you have a commercial section you have a DIY section. Both of those sections are filled with lots of terrific information both text, photographs, videos to help you listening as a pro be successful as an installer.

Peter [00:12:59] Not to mention the fact that we’re only a phone call away and taking care of our pro users and making their life easier is something that we love to do. We are there to help we’re there to provide advice and assistance. We’ve got your back, we’re they’re working with you because we know that you know every day you’re out there you know putting food on the table and it’s good to know that you’ve got someone behind you that’s working with you. That’s also been you know in the trenches doing this kind of thing. So you know we understand what you’re dealing with everyday. And we’re there to help you with that.

James [00:13:39] So Peter if a pro listening decides that they want to specify your product and or install your product or get into the installation of your product on a regular basis how do they acquire it?

Peter [00:13:53] Well basically you can contact us and we’ll create a relationship with you will you know we’ll get to know you and we’ll know what your goals are and we’ll work to line you up with the right products that fit your goals as far as what you want to do for your customers. We provide the products for sale directly to our office and to our web site online. Many of our products are also available to the Home Depot. TheHomeDepot.com and they’re there as well. But remember regardless of whether you get it from us or the Home Depot we are always very close by in the background to help ensure that your day is not problematic and that things go smoothly and that it’s profitable and you want to keep working with Daich Coatings products tomorrow.

James [00:14:47] That says a lot. Okay, Peter. We’ve reached that point in our podcast where we like to ask our guests three points for success. Anything that you can share you’ve been in business a long time. Anything that you want to remind our listeners about especially our young listeners who are coming up in the business things that they can take to the bank as regards to a successful business.

Peter [00:15:13] OK well the first and most important point is look at the surface that you’re going to be covering and ensure that it can take application of a coating or anything it needs to be a sound solid surface. You want to start off with a good canvas upon which to do your masterpiece. Next is apart from it being in good shape, you want to make sure that that surface is clean. So that means a good pressure washing if it’s outdoors. Get the dirt out of there. You may need to do an etching. You know there’s certain preparation techniques that may be required if you’re not 100 percent sure. Please call us. And I think that’s probably the last and most important point is if you’re working with our products please remember that we’re very close by. Give us a call and we will work with you on making sure that that project works. Let’s share the information and the facts together and let’s make your project a good one.

Morris [00:16:17] Our thanks to Peter Daich. You can learn more about Daich Coatings by going to Daichcoatings.com.

James [00:16:30] And remember you’ll find our guest information as well as additional podcasts videos and articles at our website. It is careybrospros.com. Thank you Peter.

Peter [00:16:42] Thanks a lot guys. Take care we’ll talk soon.

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