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Topic: Ryan Neely of Camp Chef joins the guys around the grill to discuss all things seared, smoked, and grilled. Camp Chef takes outdoor cooking to another level with their extensive line of products and accessories.

Guest: Ryan Neely


3 Points for Success – Ryan Neely

  1. Whatever type of business you’re in, you’ve got to listen to your customer. Always listen to what their needs are and sometimes they might not say it. You’ve got to listen past the words.
  2. Be willing to change and adapt to what their needs are.
  3. And last but not least, always remember where you came from and how you got to where you are.



Podcast Transcript:

James [00:00:00] So good to have you with us for another episode of CareyBrosPros. I’m James.

Morris [00:00:04] And I’m Morris as professionals were always looking for ways to give our pro listeners great information to help them work smarter instead of harder. On this edition of CareyBrosPros we’re going to be talking about outdoor living and cooking with a few business tips mixed in to the recipe.

James [00:00:24] One of my favorite pastimes  eating and grilling and I will tell you that the company that is represented today has some terrific product that I think you’re going to find quite interesting to learn about. More importantly how you may be able to integrate some of this product into your projects and design spaces to accommodate these terrific items. And so we’re joined by Ryan Neely. And Ryan is with Camp Chef. Ryan welcome to CareyBrosPros.

Ryan [00:00:57] Thanks for having me on. Guys I’m happy to be here.

Morris [00:01:00] You know Ryan when it comes to outdoor living and cooking James and I know all too well that you Camp Chef guys have all the bases covered. Tell us a little bit about Camp Chef and your amazing line of outdoor products.

Ryan [00:01:17] Yes Camp Chef is a great company. I’ve loved working here and I’m happy to represent them. Camp Chef’s been around for about 30 years just shy of 30 years and we’ve been making outdoor cooking equipment. We really started making portable cooking equipment things and then you know camping or tailgating something you might go and take to the beach for the day and then we really started bringing on additional products for the home and patio. And today we’re really getting what we learned in the portable space and bringing that into the patio space. And it’s awesome. We make great products that make your cooking easy and simple. I’ll tell you one thing I’m much better cook now that I am very familiar with Camp Chef than I was before Camp Chef. It’s made all the difference.

Morris [00:02:06] So are you making pallet barbecues are you making charcoal barbecues or making gas barbecues. Tell me what kind of product lines you carry.

Ryan [00:02:15] Yeah. We’re going to get into a mess here because we’ve got a lot of product.

Morris [00:02:20] That’s OK. [laughs] We want to know!

Ryan [00:02:23] Yeah go to and you can check it all out there are social media pages you know you’ll find her or Instagram or whatever but a lot of our portable stuff is propane so gas grilling.

James [00:02:34] Really?

Ryan [00:02:36] And it’s very modular so when you’re on the go we want to make sure that you have the ability to cook whatever you want. And so our stoves are set up so that you have these accessories that you can cook just like your stove at home with a pan or a pot if you want to boil some pasta or cook something in a cast iron pan you can do that but then we have accessories that go on top of that so you can grill just like you would on a barbecue gas grill or burgers on their broad steaks whatever. And then you can pull that off and you can put a griddle on there and you can do steak and eggs pancakes Philly cheesesteak you name it and then you could also put another accessory which is very similar to like a stone or brick pizza oven and it cooks the same way and so you can do pizzas you can do meats you can do veggies on this really cool oven.

Morris [00:03:25] And now you’re still talking about tailgate stuff?

Ryan [00:03:28] The same product.

Morris [00:03:30] Really? One product has all those accessories?

Ryan [00:03:33] Yes.

Morris [00:03:34] And propane?

Ryan [00:03:35] It’s a mouthful it’s a mouthful.

Morris [00:03:36] Yeah that’s great.

Ryan [00:03:38] Yeah and they’re super fun to use and they’re so versatile anything you can think that you can cook on and a Camp Chef product.

James [00:03:46] By the way I should mention to our pro audience that we bumped in to your exhibit. I guess our noses.

Morris [00:03:53] Our nose knows!

James [00:03:54] It led us they’re. At National Hardware Show in Las Vegas this year. And you guys were cooking away and you’re by no means a one trick pony you’ve got grills you’ve got Pellet grills you’ve got flat top grills yeah you’ve got just I mean the accessories alone knives and spatulas and covers and I mean the list goes on and on and on.

Ryan [00:04:20] One stop shop right here at Camp Chef.

James [00:04:21] We’re seeing more and more outdoor living. I mean that was obvious at National Hardware Show where we saw manufacturers who were exhibiting product from hammocks to patio furniture to things that you would find in the backyard for entertaining. And of course grills like you and all the furnishings and that sort of thing. So outdoor living is huge and I think what pros want to do is create a space that will offer their clients the best of what’s out there.

Morris [00:04:56] Yeah. Now are you doing freestanding equipment. Or some built ins or both. Or what.

Ryan [00:05:02] You know all of our stuff is it’s all free standing. And so the customer can really adapt to their own needs with this equipment.

Morris [00:05:11] I love it. I love it.

Ryan [00:05:13] You know we’re kind of starting to talk more about on the home patio side and the product they described earlier at the modular system. We’ve really brought that into the patio side of things and we’ve added Pellet grills to the line and we’ve combined our pellet grills with our stove system. So the reason we’re doing that is because we’re seeing like you mentioned in the patio space. People are just they’re making that an extension of their home. You know as a place where they can go they can relax. They can entertain or if you’re like me you just go outside Cook and gorge yourself.

Morris [00:05:46] Yes. [laughs]

Ryan [00:05:49] It really is a place where you know people are expanding their home into their outdoor space. You know we obviously I’m talking cooking but you know you see that with furniture and all these other items or games or entertainment type things.

Morris [00:06:05] I’m curious to know, with a pellet barbecue for example, do you have an accessory available. You were talking a little earlier about smoking a piece of meat at the hardware show. Before we went on the air and that you charred it grilled it after you had smoked it to sear it and get that caramelized flavor going.

Ryan [00:06:33] Yes.

Morris [00:06:34] So did you grill that steak on a pellet Stover on a gas stove or how’d you do that?

Ryan [00:06:41] We’ve combined both of them into one unit.

Morris [00:06:45] So you have a pellet stove that also has a gas stove?

Ryan [00:06:48] Correct. That’s correct.

Morris [00:06:51] Because a pellet stove doesn’t do the heat that a gas stove does. It doesn’t. Yeah. So you’ve got a smoker and a searing device side by side.

Ryan [00:07:02] Correct. And there’s definitely pros and cons to everything right. And one of the great things about cooking with wood or wood pellets is the flavor that you get. It’s awesome you get the best flavor in the world it’s just so delicious. And they’re very simple to use They’re automatic. You know you can set your temperature and then it’s just convection so cooking. The challenge is getting a high high heat for doing items that might require that. And so we made a product called the Sidekick and this is it attaches to any camp chef pellet grill. And again this comes from our education of 30 years with portable cooking. And it’s this modular system that we’ve attached to the pellet grill that allows you to do so much more. So I can now smoke a steak and then sear it a method called reverse sear and that just gives delicious flavor or I can even. This is what I do I can smoke my hot wings and then drop them on the fryer over that burner and I can fry them and get a good nice crisp on there or I can just do it the grid on do pancakes on there. There’s so many different things that you can do with the palette grown sidekick. There’s not much you can’t cook.

Morris [00:08:18] So Camp Chef is the outdoor cooking equipment with all the unusual accessories that give you the versatility to do pretty much anything you want?

Ryan [00:08:27] Yeah all the unusual accessories but you’re able to cook all these items that you’d want to know. I mean from pancakes and eggs to a beef brisket or ribs to a steak or if you want to do cakes or cookies or baking biscuits, pizzas you can do it all on this one unit.

Morris [00:08:47] Oh that’s amazing.

James [00:08:51] I’m looking at some of the images at your web site at and I tell you it’s no fair.

Morris [00:08:57] All right Ryan here on CareyBrosPros we’d like to ask our guests to share three points for success with our pro listeners could you share yours.

Ryan [00:09:10] Oh yeah it’s a loaded question. You know I think whatever whatever type of business you’re in I think you’ve got to listen to your customer always listen to what their needs are and sometimes they might not say it. You’ve got to listen past the words and then I would also say be willing to change and adapt to what their needs are. And last but not least you know always remember where you came from and how you got to where you are.

Morris [00:09:35] Never forget your basics. Boy I love that. I love that that’s the best one of all.

James [00:09:41] That’s your moniker.

Morris [00:09:43] It is.

James [00:09:43] Hey our thanks to Ryan Neely. And you may learn more about Camp Chef and their fine line of products and accessories by visiting their website. It is

Morris [00:09:56] And remember you’ll find our guests information as well as additional podcasts videos and articles on our web site at

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