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Topic: When you’ve gotten yourself into a sticky situation and need a helping hand, Shurtape products can come to your rescue! From clear tape to tape so strong it can pull 700lbs to underwater adhesion, this product can rescue you from all sorts of situations.

Guest: Stephen Wagner, Category Manager for T-REX® and DIY Tapes

Company Website:

Company Phone: 440-937-7000

Smarter Not Harder Tips:

1) Create a makeshift chain

Rope and chain are handy tools for unforeseen jobsite tasks — but they’re also cumbersome and take up a lot of space. Which means they’re often left behind at the shop when you need something for tasks like hoisting tool boxes and materials to a roof or platform. Enter heavy-duty duct tape. A product like T-Rex® Brute Force™, which can hold 700-plus pounds of weight with one 36-inch loop, can easily handle the job and be cut to the size you need.

2) Repair or replace that broken bucket handle

Buckets always seem to break in the most inconvenient situations. Don’t let a busted handle force you to make a 20-minute detour to the hardware store – tape it up, reinforce it, and get back to work with a high-strength tape.

3) Keep a hammer hammering

Tools aren’t indestructible, and when they break you can lose time and money in delayed work if you don’t have a backup on site. If a hammer handle snaps or the head comes off mid-job, wrap it with an extra-strength duct tape to get you through the rest of the day.

4) Keep the paint flowing

Paint sprayers are a real time saver — until you accidentally puncture the hose. Instead of reaching for a brush or roller to finish the job, try wrapping the hose with multiple layers of a high-adhesive duct tape to help keep it sealed until you can pick up a new one.

5) Patch your truck’s interior

Contractors often reach for duct tape to patch holes in truck seats. But some duct tapes may curl in extreme temperatures, with exposure to moisture and with constant wear. Reach for a stronger alternative like the original T-Rex® Tape, which won’t curl or peel even in extreme temperatures.

6) Unspring a sprung leak

A cracked, torn or ill-fitting vacuum hose is a recipe for a mess. Use a waterproof tape to patch it up, reinforce the connection of the hose to the main vacuum chamber, or, combined with caulk, even patch a crack in the chamber itself.

Instead of falling behind on your next project, reach into your toolkit for a professional grade tape. The repairs may not be permanent, but having a tape on-hand as backup on the jobsite can help keep you on schedule and on budget.

3 Tips for Success – Stephen Wagner

  1. Measure twice, cut once
  2. Clean your surfaces before sticking your tape down.
  3. Invest in your projects


Podcast Transcript:

James [00:00:00] Hey it’s so good to have you with us for another episode of CareyBrosPros. I’m James Carey.

Morris [00:00:06] And I’m Morris as professionals were always looking for ways to give our pro listeners great information that’ll help them work smarter instead of harder. On this edition of CareyBrosPros how you’re going to get stuck on some great tape tips.

James [00:00:24] Yes and I love it when we get sent free stuff. Yeah we’ve got a bunch of samples that were sent to us by our guest and they’re really great product. You’re going to learn a lot about them and he is Steve Wagner the Category Manager for T-Rex and DIY tapes. They’re a division of ShurTec Technologies L L C.

Morris [00:00:50] Welcome to CareyBrosPros Steve.

Steve [00:00:53] Thank you guys I’m glad to be here. I really appreciate it.

Morris [00:00:56] Steve tell our listeners a little bit about your tape how it’s valuable to our pro listeners and how it can help them in their businesses.

Steve [00:01:04] Well ShurTec technologies has been a longtime manufacture of pressure sensitive tapes. So tape is what everybody knows. Duct tape, painting tape, masking tape. We’re located in Hickory, North Carolina. And Avon, Ohio and we probably make the majority of our DIY tapes in Hickory, North Carolina especially our T-Rex tapes. T-Rex tapes are a premium high quality aggressive duct tape and other tapes that I’m really excited to talk to you guys about today.

Morris [00:01:34] So now when you talk about duct tape this is not the old fashioned duct tape.

James [00:01:41] This is duct tape on steroids. [laughs].

Morris [00:01:43] Is that what it is?

Steve [00:01:44] Yeah I think I think some of the old timers the guys have been in the field for a long time will say this is the way it used to be because it’s got guts like you said it’s on steroids. We took a very aggressive rubber based adhesive put it out a very strong cloth which is important when you have a duct tape you need that cloth in the middle and then we sandwiched the adhesive in the cloth with a polyethylene plastic backing that makes it waterproof. And our T-Rex tape is a 17 mil super aggressive high performance duct tape that we say all weather works longer and hold stronger because it will work very well outdoors stick to a ton of rough and dirty surfaces and it’ll last longer than a regular duct tape something that you just see in a regular old hardware.

Morris [00:02:26] OK. Listen listen. I liked the idea of the tape. I feel it’s really thick but how the hell do you cut it. I can’t tear it. I’m used to tearing Duct tape you can’t tear it.

James [00:02:39] It’s wonderful.

Steve [00:02:40] That brings me to a good point. So you might be playing with what we call our T-Rex Brute Force.

Morris [00:02:46] That’s right. That’s right.

Steve [00:02:48] There you go. So I don’t know I’m going to walk you through our tape.

Morris [00:02:51] OK. I’m telling you I’ll tell you Steve Wait a minute by the way I couldn’t I couldn’t tear the tape.

James [00:02:58] I can’t.

Morris [00:02:59] I gave it to James who is you know a real exercise buff.

James [00:03:04] Yeah.

Morris [00:03:04] And pretty strong guy. And he could he could tear it either. You were surprised weren’t you?

James [00:03:12] I was surprised. Yeah. Steve I’m glad you’re going to take us through tape. And I just want to caution you that as you do you sir are on tape. [laughs].

Steve [00:03:22] I hear you.

Morris [00:03:24] Did you get it.

Steve [00:03:28] Very funny.

James [00:03:29] Well let me just say this about the Brute Force product you’ve got to have a utility knife to be able to use his or scissors. But if you like listening if you’re pros and you want some tape that you can’t tear here that’s got a ton waterproof backing and some really.

Morris [00:03:47] You’re not getting this back.

James [00:03:48] Yeah. That’s some really tough adhesive. Boy this is the product. OK. Go ahead Steve. Go ahead.

Steve [00:03:52] So what I described before was our regular T Rex tape which is basically a regular duct tape on steroids. You can tear that tape by hand. But like you guys just mentioned we’ve developed the strongest duct tape on the market. We call that T-Rex Brute Force. And what that means is we took the cloth of our regular T-Rex tape. And like you mentioned before we put that on some serious steroids and we use a technology that we call boards link technology. Basically what we’ve done is we’ve infused this high tensile material into our duct tape and now a single loop of this tape about 36 inches about a yard of tape. We can use that to hold 700 pounds just overlapping on the tape itself.

Morris [00:04:36] You got to just tell me for a second Steve I don’t mean to interrupt you but no I’m trying to figure out what in heaven’s name you’re going to use this tape for I know you can take an hook to hooks a hook to each bumper of two cars and then take a chain and tape it together in the middle and the cars will move. But I got to know some of the practical reasons in construction. Where this tape which is so strong has a specific use or two.

Steve [00:05:05] Absolutely. Like you mentioned you can use it like a chain and that’s a really good point because a lot of people are using chains which are invaluable asset when you’re working on a construction site. But sometimes homeowners don’t have chains around and if they do have chains they don’t always have the tools of the you need to be able to adjust them to the right length that you can use a tape like it’s a chain. But on the construction site now you can hold joist in place you can hold railings in place as you look into that fast and everything together and you can use it from bundling a lot of times we see people using it to bundle large loads of excess wood pallets of bricks if you don’t have a strapping machine or you don’t have an actual ratchet strap or something like that or maybe it’s busted because those things don’t last forever. You have a piece of tape that you can use just like a regular duct tape. Yeah. You have to cut it with a utility knife or scissors like you mentioned before but you’ve got the adhesive it’s got the all weather backing and it’s got the tensile strength of a ratchet strap or a chain which is a pretty cool utility.

James [00:06:04] Unbelievable. Yeah. Well I’ll tell you where this makes sense to me and that is when you’re doing a project you get into fall you get those surprise rains and you’ve got part of a home open and you want to put six mill plastic sheeting up to prevent water from damaging the home whether it’s on the roof for opened walls that sort of thing that you really want a durable tape with the great adhesive that you can use to hang plastic.

Morris [00:06:35] And will this work for that Steve. I mean Will Will this brute force T-Rex tape stick to you know plastic visqueen and hold it down or or do you have to cut a hole in the visqueen and pull it through or what’s the deal.

Steve [00:06:52] That’s the beauty of brute force and regular T-Rex tape is that they’re adhesive as a natural based rubber adhesive with antioxidants in it so it won’t break down in the sunlight and it’s going to adhere very well to plastic and to a rough surface like brick painted cinder blocks painted in something in wood. And that’s what is it really an ideal tape for using it exactly as you guys just described holding up visqueen and polish sheeting so you can protect the surface while you’re working or painting or doing some type of restorative maintenance on up on a property.

Morris [00:07:23] This is terrific.

James [00:07:24] Is another offering that you Santas and thank you very much. And I think it’s going to really resonate with our pro listeners especially those that have the crew members who climb ladders and that’s the T-Rex ferociously strong tape extreme tread tape. Tell us about it.

Steve [00:07:43] Yes our tread tape is really not an excellent addition to the T-Rex line of products and that regular tread tapes really are essentially like a sandpaper. You’ve got a sticky bottom that you stick to the ground and then you have it. What they do and they make them is we please put an adhesive down and you sprinkle basically sand sand aluminum oxide on that if you up and that can fall off over time just like when you use sandpaper if you’re standing down a piece of furniture something that you’re making if you’re going to notice that that great goes away over time but the T-Rex ferociously strong extreme red tape as you guys mentioned is made with an entirely different process. First of all the grit is much larger and more aggressive it’s actually crushed glass. So you’re going to want to wear shoes when you use this tread tape. And then secondly instead of just sticking that grit to the top of the tape we actually embed it. And what is like an epoxy material that grit isn’t going to fall apart. Not going to wipe away after you step on it for 100 days or two years. And it really becomes an all weather long term adhesive tread tape solution which is really amazing and it really is changing what you can do with those tread strips. So like you mentioned before to get an old wooden ladder or a deck or a boat trailer or something where you really have a nasty spot where you’re constantly worried about slipping you can put a piece of this tread tape there and be very confident in your foothold.


Morris [00:09:10] Is this tread tape made in various sizes. I’m holding a package that says 3 2 inch by 8 inch adhesive tread strips. Are there other sizes or is this the size.

Steve [00:09:23] So this is still pretty new. So yes right now in the market we only have the pack of three eight inch tread strips but we are looking to launch longer strips that will actually fit an entire stair. So if you have a small staircase going up to your deck or something like that we’ll be able to fill that entire stair tread up with one tread material. So yeah that’s a great question and we are looking to expand this line of products because it is being received very well and it is a very dynamically different than what you can find on the market today.

Morris [00:09:54] Well you know I’m looking at this we used the fiberglass ladders in our company with I guess. They have aluminum steps don’t they and the aluminum treads are quite slippery in the wintertime. And you know our ladders get used inside out. Not so much inside but for outside in the rain. Boy oh my gosh this seems like such a handy addition huh.

James [00:10:17] All right let’s shift gears and look at the waterproof tape and why that might be important to our pros listening Steve.

Steve [00:10:24] Well I’m really really proud of what we’ve done with our waterproof tape. There are a few other products on the market and and some of the pros that are listening might be aware of them. But the reality is that our waterproof tape has stuck better underwater than anything else that we’ve tested. And that means you can apply this tape underwater to various surfaces and it will adhere to it. You’ve got to add a lot of pressure. You got to make sure the surface is as clean as possible even though it’s underwater but even better. For example if you’ve got an outdoor pool or a temporary pool and you get all.

Morris [00:10:58] like an above like an aboveground pool with a liner.

Steve [00:11:01] Exactly.

Morris [00:11:01] Yeah yeah yeah yeah. OK.

Steve [00:11:03] The best fix in the world for that is this tape because the inside of the pool underwater put a patch of that tape there and then after the water stops flowing because that tape will stick pretty good. Add a piece of tape on the outside that pool and that pool will be as good as new. It’ll have a patch on it but it’ll be as good as new.

James [00:11:19] Wow.

Steve [00:11:20] And I mentioned you guys earlier I’m on vacation just the other day. We have a big party graph that we have out in the lake where we’re not got a hole in it and I was able to use this tape the patch that raft up so we’ve been able to have our fun all day long just because of that tape.

Morris [00:11:34] Now I just want to know did you go to the store and buy some. Or did you have your briefcase.

James [00:11:39] You have it in your MacGyver kit.

Steve [00:11:42] Yeah I take my boat and my trailer and I always keep one of everything that we sell turned to the T Rex brand because I know I’m going to need it. And I also want to know how it works. It’s kind of a personal quality check.

James [00:11:54] All right let’s round things out with and we started with the Brute Force and we worked our way across different tapes. But let’s let’s round things out with your T-Rex Clear Repair Tape.

Steve [00:12:07] Oh absolutely. Our clear repair tape is really a fantastic product. Not only is it crystal clear but it hasn’t adhesion that is just the same as our regular T Rex tape. It’s been specially designed to have 100 ounces per square inch adhesion so that will stick to rougher dirtier surfaces. And this tape not quite as well as our regular waterproof tape will stick to some what surfaces which makes it very helpful on the job site. We’ve wanted to awesome things about this tape though that if you have a cell phone or a tablet and we know a lot of pros and contractors are using tablets to monitor their workload every once in a while something is going to fall you’re going gonna drop that tablet or you’re gonna put it in a bad spot it’s gonna get a crack on it. That’s unfortunate. But in order to be able to keep using that tablet you can use this tape because not only is it crystal clear and it sticks perfectly well the cracked screen you can still use the tablet through this tape which is really a nice element when you think about it because it keeps you work and don’t have to miss any time worrying about whether or not to be other schedule projects or anything else like that.

James [00:13:12] I’m never going to buy another cell phone per screen protector. I’m going to use a clear repair tape I see it right now. It’s very durable. That’s wonderful. Okay. You have a few tips. I think they’re very cool and we’re going to do that before we ask you for your three points for success. A couple of neat tips and we’ll we’ll not do them all because we want our pros to have a reason to go to CareyBrosPros to check out your podcast and some of your great tips so give us a couple or three of the great tips that you’re going to share.

Steve [00:13:48] Well I know that paint sprayers can be a problem area for anybody who’s painting a large project and in either the hose is going to get kinked and get a hole in it or it’s going to have error you’re going to have trouble keeping it in in a five gallon bucket of paint T Rex tape is an awesome way of being able to keep that paint sprayer rolling constantly. Another one we mentioned before the tread tape. Everybody’s got a nasty spot that they need to worry about especially when it starts getting cold and you get ice and water flowing constantly do your jobs but you don’t want to use that tread tape to protect a lot of areas make sure that you’ve got good traction because the only thing that you want is safety for your crew. You don’t want anybody getting hurt on the job site and that’s what we’re really looking for with that T Rex Extreme Tread tape.

James [00:14:36] I’ll take a lateral. Yeah I’ll give you one. Pack your truck’s interior contractors off reach for duct taped patch holes and truck seats but some duct tapes may curling extreme temperatures will expose moisture in constant wear use t rex tape which won’t curl appeal even in extreme temperatures. There you go. Good tips and there are more tips that we want. Yeah. Carrybrospros.

Morris [00:14:59] Yeah Steve here on CareyBrosPros we like to ask our guests to share three points for success with our pro listeners. Could you share yours.

Steve [00:15:09] Well I guess my three points of success would be kind of all old time standards always always measure twice and cut once. Even when it comes to duct tape you don’t need to use too much duct tape. That’s why we like T-Rex tate. It’s stronger than regular taste. You don’t need a ton of it. Also make sure you clean those surfaces. Everyone has trouble with any duct tape. If you don’t clean the surface just right. And then most importantly use the strongest and the highest quality products that you can find. There is no point especially if you’re a pro going out and saving a buck because you’re going to need 10 roll the tape. That’s a three dollar or a tape when you could just get a couple of rolls a T-Rex tape or a high quality tape. So invest in your projects is probably my last point for success.

Morris [00:15:59] You know very good tips. And I agree with all three.

James [00:16:02] Our thanks to Steve Wagner. He’s the category manager for T-Rex and DIY tapes. They’re a division of ShurTec Technologies LLC and you can get more information on their fine line of products by visiting their website. It is

Morris [00:16:20] Oh and remember you’ll find our gas information as well as additional podcasts videos and articles on our Web site at

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