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Topic: With age comes wisdom… and aches and pains! If you’re remodeling your home or building something from scratch, consider a steam shower for over 40 benefits to your health!

Guest: Martha Orellana, Vice President, Marketing of Mr. Steam

Company Website:

Company Phone:

EAST COAST: 1-800-76-STEAM (78326) 

WEST COAST: 1-800-72-STEAM (78326) 

3 Tips for Success – Martha Orellena:

  1. Keep it Simple
  2. Functionality is key
  3. Let’s use more light!


Podcast Transcript:

James [00:00:00] So good to have you with us for another episode of CareyBrosPros. I’m James.

Morris [00:00:05] And I’m Morris. You know as professionals were always looking for ways to give our pro listeners great information that’ll help them work smarter instead of harder. On this edition we are going to talk about a very steamy saga.

James [00:00:21] That’s right. It is a product, or really products, that will appeal to your clients we find and that can really improve their health. The product is Mr. steam. And we’re joined by Martha or Alana. Martha welcome to CareyBrosPros.

Martha [00:00:38] Great to be here with you guys again.

Morris [00:00:40] Wonderful to have you Martha. You know for our pros listening who may not be familiar with Mr. steam brand share a little bit about the history of the company and your product offerings.

Martha [00:00:52] Well it’s interesting enough we’ve just celebrated 100 years about two years ago.

Morris [00:00:58] You don’t look a bit over 20. Well you know why it’s all that steaming that I do.

James [00:01:03] Well I’ll tell you what and I know we’re going to talk a little bit more about that but I can’t imagine there’s any one in the pro space that isn’t familiar with Mr. Steam but Mr. Steam is not a one trick pony. So tell us a little bit about some of the offerings.

Martha [00:01:19] Well we started out making garment irons for the shirt world in New York in 1917. Then we graduated to industrial boilers where we make boilers for the CDC would make boilers for the U.S. Navy and then of course we started out making small little boilers for the residential units that you have in your home and also for commercial units like if you go to the MGM or you go to any of the big hotels in Vegas or any of the health clubs. Chances are you will be steaming with Mr. Steam

James [00:01:51] Wow you still do a lot of commercial stuff but of course you have residential products and I’m at your Web site. It is Mr. steam dot com and I got to tell you I want one of everything but it goes beyond steam, Martha.

Martha [00:02:07] We try to hit all the senses. We are going for the chroma therapy. We’re going for aroma therapy and there’s nothing as ephemoral as having a smell and you just a scent and you pick it up and you go back 20 years to when you picked up that flower right.

Morris [00:02:23] Yes.

Martha [00:02:24] It’s absolutely amazing. And of course we also have music therapy. So along with steam therapy we really have you covered we’re working on a beer dispenser though that’s next. [laughs]

Morris [00:02:34] Oh that’s wonderful. [laughs]

James [00:02:37] Now we’ll we’ll get into that a little bit more but you also have towel warmers yes?

Martha [00:02:43] Yes we do. There’s nothing better than coming out of a cold warm shower whatever your preferences and grab a nice warm towel. I would say that this gives you the scientific “A” “H” to the fifth and you get people say “ahhhh!”

James [00:03:01] Now brother Morris and I have had the opportunity both of us to enjoy our Mr. steam steam showers in our homes and we understand the benefits but for those who may not really be familiar or really understand the health benefits why don’t you share a little bit about that because for pros who are designers or architects or design/build contractors this is something that they really want to consider specifying as part of their project one because it’ll really make their clients happy. But because our population is really growing old and with age come the aches and pains and this is a terrific way of dealing with aches and pains.

Martha [00:03:50] Well you actually nailed it. There are tons of benefits we identified over 40 benefits that associated with steam bathing. Anywhere from of course people think of it as relaxing. When you go to a spa that’s what you do. But also when you have your knees acting up and you’re introducing the therapy from the steam it really will help you with the stress level with the circulation. It’s something that everyone will pamper themselves. I always think of it as people having some sort of regret or they’re not spending money on themselves because they think that they’re not worth it. But we all go into the spa. Right. When you when you have to treat yourself why not cheat yourself in the comfort of your home when you have a cold. It is the best thing when you’re actually sneezing. You have a sore throat. Just jump in a steam shower it just turn it on. You could even have Alexa turn on minus the steam and she’ll do it for you like that.

Morris [00:04:53] Oh my gosh. I have to tell you Martha I moved from my house that I had with the steam shower and I haven’t put one in my new home. But I have to tell you that for 20 years I took a steam shower every morning. And in that 20 years I had not one cold. And in that time I had raised a granddaughter from age 3 to age 10.

James [00:05:24] Who was sick all the time! [laughs]

Morris [00:05:24] Who was sick all the time! [laughs]

James [00:05:27] I told him to stick her in the steam shower from time to time. Instead he put her in the washing machine! [laughs}

Morris [00:05:32] I’m telling you that the health benefits Yeah of a steam shower is beyond explanation.

James [00:05:41] And I can second that and I think with the chroma therapy with the aroma therapy by the way which comes in several scents and flavors with the waterproof speakers it’s an amazing experience and the nice thing is you never have to leave home.

Martha [00:05:56] We’re talking about skin care as well right. Open the pores.

Morris [00:06:02] Opening up the pores.

James [00:06:03] I never had to take another BOTOX shot.

Martha [00:06:07] Do you think I made it over the years.

James [00:06:10] Listen I want to I want to. We’ve talked about the health benefits and they’re far reaching. What segment of the population do you find your products most appeal to have you narrowed that down to age.

Martha [00:06:24] Yes our demographics are really into the 40s to 60s but you know that people are retiring in droves right now. Right. The this generation is the Americans retiring over 10000 per day. And it’s just going to get more and more. So what do we need to do as as we get older is really to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves and that we put wellness in our homes and we put wellness in our showers and of course steam is is a great way to do that.

James [00:06:59] I want to know if your products appeal more to the remodel segment or to the new construction segment .

Martha [00:07:06] I appeal to both. When the only opportunity and this is really critical when you can have steam because it is a plumbing and electrical requirement or that you need is when you’re remodeling or when you’re building from scratch and you know you can replace a beautiful faucet later you can replace a toilet. You can not make and replace the steam units as easily as you can a toilet. So if money is a concern I would definitely think about all the benefits that you would enjoy day in and day out for you and your family when you have steam and really make it essential part of your requirements when you’re remodeling or building a new home.

Morris [00:07:49] You know where does a designer or a contractor or even a homeowner begin when specifying a system you know size power options that sort of thing.

Martha [00:07:58] I would say this start with and we have a size selection tool that is the the virtual spa. And it will literally walk you right through whether the it will ask you for the size of the shower it will ask you for the materials and then it will tell you this is the model you require. This is how many amps you have. This is a kilowatt that you need how many and you realize that steam units typically uses less than two gallons for a half hour session.

James [00:08:25] And they’re self flushing and yes you have walls seats you have the recess lighting I mean and that sizing is the smart sizing utility is amazing.

Morris [00:08:38] You know Martha here on CareyBrosPros we like to ask our guests to share three points for success with our pro listeners. Could you share yours?

Martha [00:08:49] For success in general success in in designing or remodeling. I think you want to make it easy. The best thing that you can do is not overcomplicate things and keep it simple. Keep it simple for the homeowner. I think that’s why part of the tools that we create like the virtual spa is make it simple to size to figure out what you’re going to require for that. I think that’s pretty cool. I think also that you need to think about functionality when you’re installing or you’re designing. How are they going to be successful? How is the client going to be using this space. And I think that’s really critical. One of my favorites and I guess also make sure you use lots of light you know when we get older. If you’re 60 years older you need two and a half times more light than a 25 year old. So I would definitely go and say let’s use lots of lights so whatever you do.

Morris [00:09:48] I love it. I just absolutely love it.

James [00:09:51] She is Martha or Alana. The company is Mr. steam and you can learn more about them by visiting their Web site it is

Morris [00:10:02] And remember you’ll find our guest information as well as additional podcasts videos and articles on our Web site at

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