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Barry Feinman joins James Carey on CareyBrosPros to discuss how to save time, money, and appliances!


Guest: Barry Feinman, Barry’s Restore It All Products

3 Points for Success – Barry Feinman:

  • Stay true to your passion. Believe in yourself. You believe hard enough and strong enough. You will you will persevere and you will succeed.
  • Becoming a product expert is very important. You want to stand out and you want to differentiate yourself. You want people to have confidence in you and your abilities.
  • Probably the most important thing is to enjoy your work, enjoywhat you get out of it.

Podcast Transcript

James [00:00:00] It is great to have you with us on another edition of CareyBrosPros. I’m James Carey. And yes, the Carey boys are professional contractors and brothers filling in for both the boys today. Brother Morris away, but fear not. With both hands tied behind my back, I’ll have no problem because our guest is not only informative, but entertaining as well.

James [00:00:25] I don’t know where to begin with him. I’ve known him for years and years and years. He’s an inventor. He’s an entrepreneur. He’s a trainer. He’s a media personality and an all around nice guy. And I’ll just stop there. But before I introduce him, I’m going to ask you a question. So when you think about building and your construction business, do dents and scratches come to mind? Well, I will tell you, in our design build remodeling company, they are an issue from time to time. One that I wish we didn’t have to deal with. But we do not only issues that we create as part of our work, working in kitchens and bathrooms among appliances and fancy faucets and fixtures and that sort of thing. But also, when product is delivered to us, it may not be in the best shape. And you can’t get another one. You can’t wait to send it back and you have to take action yourself. And that certainly has happened to us. And that’s how I became acquainted with our guests today. So if you too suffer from unfortunate accidents that damage new products or an otherwise perfect installation, then you’re in luck because we’re joined on Kari Brose Pros. by inventor Barry Feinman with Barry’s Restore It All Products. Barry, welcome to CareyBrosPros.

Barry [00:02:03] Well, James, I know you’re going to see all those nice things about me when you sat down first.

James [00:02:08] It’s true. We met many, many years ago when I believe it was a scratched stainless steel sink, for it may have been a range. Perhaps it was a refrigerator. It was one of those. And I did some research and I found your stainless steel repair and restoration product. I think that was about twenty or twenty five years ago. As I recall, the product was scratched, begun the scratch begun system. Yes.

Barry [00:02:45] Well, yes, it is. Let’s put it in perspective on date. So I invented scratch began in 2004. OK. On a challenge to take a deep scratch out of an elevator door and then upon success, quickly brought it to the home builder markets where it was an unbelievable success because no one thought you could do scratch repair on appliances. And of all the builders were taking big hits and big losses returns, not to mention markdowns and customer service complaints. Oh, yeah, we had situations I was encountered situations where there was sinks and it would cost $10000 to break out the credit just to get access to the sink. And it was going to be six to eight weeks production time to make new granite. If you could find the same granite. And I was able to save it in a matter of 10 minutes. That’s the kind of opportunity we’ve had with the Scratch be Gone success as well.

James [00:03:41] OK. Call me a liar for five years, but I got to tell you. Yes. It has saved us countless, countless times. Now, if I’m not mistaken, Barry, at that time you were pretty much a one trick pony. You had this one skew. Yes?

Barry [00:03:58] That’s correct.

James [00:03:58] But fast forward, you know, 16 years, whatever, 15, 16 years. Boy, has the complexion changed. I am at with your smiling face and you is by no means could be considered anything remotely close to a one trick pony. Do share with our pros listening. The evolution of your products where you were and where you are today, and how it can benefit them in their businesses.

Barry [00:04:38] Well, thank you. Thank you very much. Yes. Over the years, I fancy myself as a MacGyver. True MacGyver born MacGyver. So, you know, I’m inspired by people saying it can’t be fixed. And when I hear this. I endeavor to find the answer. Create the answer.

James [00:04:59] You endevear to prove them wrong? [laughs].

Barry [00:05:02] That’s right, that’s right. Because you know what? I have a motto I live by. If it could be made, it can be fixed and everything can be repaired, corrected, modified, adjusted and brought back to new. And in fact, all of various restored all products are somewhat green products by virtue of the fact that it keeps the item in the field so it doesn’t have to be reclaimed, recycle thrown away into the trash dump.

Barry [00:05:29] So what I have acquired over time and I don’t profess to say that I’ve made all of these chemistries that I have. But a lot of them, most of them that are offered to me, I evolve products, solutions. We are a field service company. We’re in the people doing this. I could be at your house games doing the repair if you called me up versus I supply you a kit now that you can do your own. And this includes stainless steel. This includes copper and bronze and brass oil. Rub Bettina’s. This also includes hard water issues that you find. We have nano coatings also that we create in co-brand for protecting exterior surfaces of glass and concrete stone. So we’re all inclusive of very specialized surfaces that until now people have said can not be repaired. In fact, if you don’t know, scratch be gone. If you don’t know our top fifteen of repair kits, you’re still going to be told it can’t be fixed.

James [00:06:32] Yea, people listening who are in the trades who invariably come up with challenges, not some created by their team and others through manufacturing or what have you. And they need to satisfy the customer. They want to make it right. And going to your comment earlier about the cost associated with replacing the granite and the time and all of that and the inconvenience. There’s gotta be an alternative and you have the alternative. I see 20 SKUs online. Is that about right?

Barry [00:07:05] That’s about right. And actually for bringing some more, we’ll have a few more SKUs.

James [00:07:09] Hard water scale, all surface rescue, the copper petina, the easy shine, polishing cloth, the cooktop rescue, granite and stone rescue grill and great degreaser.

Barry [00:07:21] What’s the collar rescue kit to collar rescue kits for your the aluminum rims around the burner. It’s the burner diffuser of top.

James [00:07:30] Yeah.

Barry [00:07:31] And those brains get blackened and discolored and stained. That makes them look brand new in a matter of three minutes each.

James [00:07:38] You know, a lot of us have clients who wish to have an appliance reinstalled with their new kitchen as an example. And a appliance may not be that old, but it’s a little worse for the wear. And we don’t like to see something grungy among our brand new finishes. So what you’re doing with the collar rescue kit is giving us an opportunity to really make an existing appliance or finish looks super so that when it’s integrated into our finished product delivered to the homeowner, we look like heroes.

Barry [00:08:15] Well, that’s absolutely right. And we get that comment about sinks because sometimes a sink is an older sink and the cut out is designed for that sink and then it cannot be replaced and you can’t find a replacement sink new. And the counter has already been precut for the whole has been pre sized. Yeah. And so we’re able to now fix that sink and make it look brand new at least to ninety nine percent and they’re able to re utilize the same say.

James [00:08:45] All right now in spite of what we see it, you’re not just another pretty face, you’ve got a new venture and that’s the Institute of Applied Restoration Technologies. What is it and how can it benefit our pro audience?

Barry [00:09:06] So who else did you know? First of all, I’m one of the very few people, you know, that do stainless-steel restoration and we do sigma steel restoration for a large variety of client. Tell whether it be elevators or we get phone calls from G.E. and Whirlpool to go out in the field or we get calls from local high end retailers to go out and repair of stainless steel that’s been damaged from installation and delivery. So what I want to do now is I’m passionate about this and I believe that this low technology, it’s a very simple technology, can be shared, among others and be able to provide successful results to make happy people across the country and across the world. So I have created a school based on our technologies. And this is something. Again, I could either be doing this work for you. You can call me up. I come out to your location or I could sell you a kit and you do your own to the best of your ability. Or we teach you and certify you gain the skill sets necessary to provide satisfactory stainless steel restorations, scratch, repair. And now we have the first and only Denton polling machine based on a 1 10 circuit that can be plugged into a household current. You can pull vents out of appliances and sinks and barbecues and the actual metal. So this is being used at the Laurean in Houston. That’s where I learned this working with them because they use my product in their factories and they have a 2 30 system. So not every household has a two thirds vote system.

James [00:10:48] Correct.

Barry [00:10:49] This is a 1 10 system and it’s a very user friendly system or contractor. So this is something that we want to train on. We could also train people to restore copper, saying some become damaged during installation for oil up finishes on faucets, at bath tub fixtures should household fixtures that lose their petina and they get damaged during installation or marble polishing all these final finish stages where they’re doing floor polishing. You have a trade come in and do floor polishing or grout cleaning and that chemical acid gets up onto the stainless steel and damages the stainless. You can fix that in-house. You don’t have to leave. You don’t have to write off and discount. Take the for the customer. So everything is reconciled. We also have a polishes at our product site for all your granite beer polished granite. Beer, glass. Your window for hard water removal. So we want to teach people how to do this. Sorry. Three schools that we have currently going is for household appliances which include sinks in barbecue. Yes. And also, keep in mind, are our scratch begone kit. That we have a barbecue restoration jet. And this is also an opportunity for an add on service. We’ll take of the old existing outdoor kitchen barbecue and take the heat, scorch it, rust off that barbecue. The heat scorched discoloration on the top of the hood and around the backside goes away and becomes brand spanking new.

James [00:12:20] May just have to get you over to the Carey household to film some video. [laughs]

James [00:12:26] So what I’m hearing and as much as the benefit to our pro audience is that although this is something that someone can do full time as a stand alone business, this is something that can be added to an existing business, whether they’re doing stone cleaning or whether they’re doing appliance repair or whether they’re a handy man or woman. So there are a lot of opportunities here as part of the Institute of Applied Restoration Technologies and the training that you’re offering the certification. I love it. I think it’s great. I think it’s awesome. Is any of the training done online, Barry?

Barry [00:13:07] No, not at this time. I find that people just need that confidence to scratch on ten thousand dollar refrigerator. Right. They need to be side by side with someone who has that skill set top adage to know that what you’re doing is not going to damage that medal. So we’ve staged it. Itamar Warehouses in Carlsbad, California. We have a kitchen mockup setup with various appliances that we scratch and we fix and then we scratch off again and we fix up again.

James [00:13:36] What you’re saying forgive me for interrupting is that what I need to do is come to your training facility to really get a hands on work up and then go out and play some golf, because I know that Carl’s bad. Is the golf club manufacturing capital of the world?

Barry [00:13:57] That’s true at all in our backyard.

James [00:14:00] Okay, Barry, we’re going to wrap it up. You know that as part of CareyBrosPros, we ask our guests for three points for success. And it can be business tips. It can be tips that relate to your expertise. Three points for success that you would like to share based on your experience with our pro audience. Now it’s your turn.

Barry [00:14:26] Okay. Can I say one? Thanks for a comment on that. Please do. This is a perfect opportunity for women as well. You don’t have to be a contractor provider to do scratch, repair. James, your mother to do this work.

James [00:14:41] Yes. So that. Yes. So long as it doesn’t damage her manicure.

Barry [00:14:47] Okay. Oh, right. Case in point. That’s right. But this is an ideal opportunity for women. And it’s also my goal is to put together a wounded warrior program around this opportunity and reach out to the Camp Pendleton Marine recruits that are transitioning and or wounded warriors around the country.

James [00:15:07] Wonderful.

Barry [00:15:08] To have them out in the field doing this chance. Your question then on the three advice or suggestions I would have. I can’t tell you how many times when I was doing this. I was told even when I was doing this at the beginning, when I invented scratch began, I was told it can’t be done. You can’t be doing what you’re saying. So I think the first advice I would say is you just stay true to your passion. You know, believe in yourself. You believe hard enough and strong enough. You will you will persevere and you will succeed. Becoming a product expert is very important. You want to stand out as you want to differentiate yourself. You want people to have confidence in you, abilities that trust by ten thousand dollar refrigerator. If I can’t talk to speak and I can’t walk the walk. Right. So I maybe could communicate about stainless-steel and General stainless-steel and specific General Electric and Whirlpool and Electrolux. They listen to me when I talk about stainless steel because they don’t how to make a machine. They don’t understand necessarily the materials that they’re clouding my machine. So you become a product expert. It takes the level of anxiety down that they they adopt you or they accept you in. I mean, whatever you’re saying, from that point forward, they hear everything you say and they believe you. So going back, like I said, when others say it can’t be done, that’s what you become doubly determined and committed to making it work. So that’s what I was able to do and have been able to do. And probably the most important thing is enjoy your work, enjoy it, get out of it.


James [00:16:43] Ha! that’s the best one. Yes. I think that in as much as enjoyment is concerned, the opportunity for enjoyment associated with what you do is very high. And that’s because there’s instant gratification where you can see the results very quickly.


Barry [00:17:02] That’s right.


James [00:17:03] He is Barry Feinman of Barry’s Restore it. All products. Also the Institute of Applied Restoration Technologies. You can learn more about his organizations and services by visiting berries.


James [00:17:19] Restore it all dot com or I a r t training. That’s the Institute, the acronym for the Institute of Applied Restoration Technologies High A r.t training dot com. Thank you, Barry.


Barry [00:17:40] Thank you, James. It’s always a pleasure. We’ll come to your house and work on those appliances for you.


James [00:17:45] You’re the best. And remember, if you’re looking for information about any of our guests as well as other podcasts, videos and articles, just check out our Web site. It is


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