Topic:  Fibrenew and their amazing technology for giving new life to old fabrics!

During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:

  • Why Fibrenew is the best company for repairing broken and worn materials
  • Why Franchisees can’t get enough of the company
  • All about how Fibrenew works as a company and a product

Guest: Jesse Johnstone – Fibrenew


3 Points for Success – from Jesse Johnstone

  • Put the energy into the hustle
  • Integrity matters
  • Always be willing to help


Podcast Transcript:

James [00:00:00] I’m James, and it’s great to have you with us on another edition of Carey Bros Pros.

Morris [00:00:05] And I Morris and Yes, we are professional contractors and brothers.

James [00:00:11] When you think about building your construction business, does repair come to mind? Well, it certainly does for us. It should, because today we’re talking about a service company that can help you repair almost any kind of fabric.

Morris [00:00:27] Hey, that’s pretty cool. And that’s why we invited Jesse Johnstone to join us. Welcome to CareyBrosPros Jesse. Please tell us what Fibrenew is all about and how you got started.

Jesse [00:00:40] Well, Carey brothers, thank you very much, first of all, for having me on the show. Really excited to be part of this. And congrats on your podcast. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve listened to a few episodes and you guys definitely put an emphasis on fun, which is always refreshing. So thanks a lot for having me.

James [00:00:55] Yeah. We’re delighted to have you.

Jesse [00:00:57] Excellent. Excellent to answer your question. What is fibrenew and what does fibrenew do? So we are restoration experts specializing in leather, plastic and vinyl. So some of your listeners may have a couch at home. That cat or a dog is used as a scratching post or, you know, a biting post maybe. And our technicians will go in and actually restore that leather on that couch. So there’s no need to replace the material, is no need to replace the couch or the pet. We can actually come in and just through our products and processes and what we do actually repair the damage, match the color to the rest of the couch and make it look great again. And that same process, guys, we can replicate in a vehicle. So if you have a leather car seat that’s ripped or torn or it just has general fading or wear on it, which happens in vehicles quite often. We can also repair damaged leather in a vehicle.

Morris [00:01:59] It’s killing me. I got to tell you, I’ve got to tell you a story.

James [00:02:02] We both have stories.

Morris [00:02:04] I used to come home after dark every night because I worked 14 hour days and one day I don’t know why I came home while it was still daylight and the living room was off to the right of the entry. And I thought, I’m going to sit on my favorite couch that I had saved for years for was a leather couch,.

James [00:02:27] That one that cost you a veritable fortune. I remember. Yeah. And you were sitting on beanbags for years, saving up for that couch.

Morris [00:02:36] And it was all scratched up by the cat. The cat was doing donuts in the living room. Yeah. And using the couch as the backstop, for half his donut.

James [00:02:44] Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

Morris [00:02:47] And I was livid. I just want you to know that the couch never got repaired. But the catskin new rug, the front of the couch was absolutely stunning.

James [00:02:59] But no joke. I mean, some fine furniture. is really expensive. Right. If it gets damaged, you know, this is a great solution. I’ll give you my story. You know that I got my two thousand eight Lincoln Mark l t pickup. Yes. And I got it’s the last year leather interior. I love it. It’s just great. But I must have had a tool in my pocket. And I made two small punctures in the leather driver’s chair. Now, would that be something that would be a prune away?

Morris [00:03:35] Wait a minute. Those were silver leather sequins.

James [00:03:38] don’t. I wish. Is that. Is that, in keeping with what fibrenew can help with.

Jesse [00:03:45] We do. Accidental sequin damage to.

James [00:03:49] Absolutely. Listen, man, I’m at your Web site. You’re not a one trick pony. Your team does everything from commercial furniture repair. I’m looking at, you know, banquettes in restaurants. I’m looking at RV interior restoration. You have piqued my interest because we’re both shopping at the moment, and Some of the impulse dree that we’re looking at on these 15 to 20 year old vessels are really worse for the wear and need a little help. You can help with that to.

Jesse [00:04:19] We cover a lot of ground. Absolutely. You know, what ends up happening is we’ll look at maybe a call from a homeowner that says, come in. Let’s use that cat damage scenario as an example. Come in and take a look at my couch. Oh, while you’re here. I’ve got my RV sitting in the driveway that the vinyl floor has a tear in it. You take a look at that. Yeah, we can do that while you’re here. You know, my my son accidently threw a baseball against the house and it cracked my TVC window on my kitchen. Can you take a look at that as well? Absolutely we can. So we end up doing a lot of different types of work for a lot of different industries. And I mean, most people have leather plastic or Vinyl in some way, shape or form in their life, whether it’s in their car or their home or business or wherever. So we cover a lot of ground in many, many ways?

Morris [00:05:09] Could you help me with my leather teddy?

James [00:05:13] he doesn’t Have one of them. No but hecan help with your vinyl siding. God. That’s great. Vinyl siding. I mean, you know, that’s an expensive proposition to remove and replace a piece of damaged vinyl siding.

Morris [00:05:26] I’ve always been of the opinion that vinyl siding, once broken, can’t be repaired.

James [00:05:31] What’s the secret, Jesse? Is it proprietary here?

Jesse [00:05:34] Yeah, that that’s part of what we keep under safe keeping. But the service and the know how is available to our franchisees to go out and help customers. Just on vinyl siding, the one thing with it that ends up happening is the moment it goes up on the house, it starts to fade in color because it’s right close to the sun right away. So, yes, you can easily replace a piece of vinyl siding that’s broken. But if you look at the side of a house and you’ve got one piece right in the middle of that house that gets replaced, it stands out like a sore thumb done because it’s a different color.

James [00:06:08] Yeah.

Jesse [00:06:08] So part of what we do is vote will match the color to exactly what the fading has done to the rest of the material. And it blends in to the point that nobody even knows that it was repaired.

Morris [00:06:20] Now, I’m confused. You’re in Canada. We’re in the lower 48. Yeah. And I’m just I’m just wondering, I mean, do you have dealers, like, all over the country or you have one guy that goes all over the country or how does that work?

Jesse [00:06:38] We have multiple locations all over the place. So we are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. That’s where the franchise started from, grew from here. And we’re now at a point where we have a hundred and eighty fibrenew technicians across the U.S. and 60 in Canada. We’ve got one in Mexico, about a dozen in New Zealand, and one recently joined our team from Chile, South America. So our international footprint growing, but across Canada, in the US is where you’ll primarily find us.

James [00:07:09] Well, I’ll just have one. I have you know, Jesse, I already found the guy that’s going to make my ripped seat cushion in my 2008 Lincoln pickup. Go away. And who potentially can help me with my boat upholstery. And that’s fibernew Bay Area in Concord. He is Scott Donovan.

Morris [00:07:29] Oh, there’s a guy in Concord?

James [00:07:30] . Dude, he’s going to become our new best friend. Oh, I like that. Yeah. Wait till I tell him. Hey, you know, we had the boss on the radio program and podcast. Is it hot or cold in Chile.

Jesse [00:07:42] Right now? They are entering their fall.

James [00:07:46] He’s pulling your leg. Jesse, dont pay him any attention And I wouldn’t give him a shit. Yeah, this is really great.

James [00:07:56] Now, I wanted. for you listening I want you to go to fiber new dot com f.i. b r e f i b r e n e w fiber new doc.

James [00:08:07] They can’t spell in Canada NFIB. And there there you will see Jessy’s Web site, by the way, he is the president fiber new F I.B. r e that’s French for fiber. That’s right. fibrenew and and it’s a beautiful Web site.

James [00:08:23] And the nice thing is that you can find a fiber new franchisee in your neck of the woods using their search engine.

Jesse [00:08:34] That’s a handy dandy zip code.

James [00:08:35] Oh, it’s wonderful. Listen, I put this. I would hope not.

Morris [00:08:38] It’s not fiber new. It’s fiber renew.

Jesse [00:08:41] It’s a bit of a play when you look at you.

Morris [00:08:45] Or it’s fiber, you know? Oh, I like I think it’s cool.

James [00:08:48] I think there may be a royalty in there for you. Oh, my gosh. All right. Let’s get back to business here.

James [00:08:53] I have to say that this is something that is quite appealing to those of us who work with homeowners who have an interest in renovating their homes inside, outside. Maybe it’s a room addition. Maybe it’s new shutters siding, maybe a wainscot roofing. Do you know what time to the damage happens? And you provide a solution where we don’t have to throw the baby out with the bath water? It’s not a profit robber.

Morris [00:09:23] Do you know why it’s appealing to you? Why? Because you’re seats appealing.

James [00:09:26] That’s right. My seat is appealing.

James [00:09:29] Yeah, that’s all right. All right. Enough of that. So why would someone listening want to become a franchisee for fibreNew Jessie,.

Jesse [00:09:40] What are the biggest answers I get when I ask new franchise partners when they come to us? I quite often just say to them, what was it that kind of caught your eye about the business? And what’s really funny, guys, is that the vast majority will end up admitting to me that they’ll look at us as a business opportunity. And it doesn’t sound very exciting to them. And they pass this over. And then through some way, shape or form, they come back and take a second look at us and say to themselves, hey, wait a minute, this is really cool because we’re so diversified. We work across so many different markets that no matter what happens in the economy. So, you know, we’re entering into some possible precarious times right now. And we have a lot of unemployed people. But let’s just be honest. And a lot of people are going to want to save money. Coming up right now is what we’re probably looking at. And so we’ve become that that alternative to replacement where we can save consumers money by doing the restoration. But then on the flip side, as we just saw over the past number of years, when the economy’s really good, people want to keep your stuff looking pristine and looking tip top shape. So we’re needed even when times are really good. And then because we work in automotive and residential and medical and hospitality, marine and aviation, seasonal fluctuations is really thrown out of the equation as well, because no matter what the weather is doing, no matter what a particular industry is doing, no matter what consumer demands are, there’s always a need for a somewhere in the market that makes sense. That’s right. Yeah. It’s a really smart business model for someone who wants that stability in knowing that there’s always a need for the service. And aside from that, once people get to know us as a company, they realize that we’re just a good place to be.

James [00:11:35] I’m enjoying talking with you so much, I’m feeling like I’m going to go into the house after this podcast is over and get a kitchen knife and damage to the couch. I just. I’m sorry. Are you. Finish your thought, Jesse. Finish your thought.

Jesse [00:11:53] That’s part of the fun of this business as well as we like to joke around like that. We really do. We have it’s completely work hard, play hard as a culture in fibernew Yes. We’re very supportive as as a company. We have a lot of like minded people within the walls of fibrenew who they were. We get together for our annual conventions and workshops. We have such a good time because we all come from the same place. The stories we exchange, the ability to laugh at each other. And yeah, it’s funny to each other, but be supportive at the same time. It’s just that’s another answer I hear. And I ask, you know, what was it that brought you into the business? And a lot of times they say, I get so sick of the corporate stuffiness of what I was doing before and more and more and more for less and less pay. And I just needed a change. And you guys seem like the polar opposite of what I was currently doing in my career. We really are. And that’s something that that’s just that’s our culture does. That’s just who we are.

Morris [00:12:57] Jesse, what kind of fabric specifically or coverings. Fibrenew specializing in?

Jesse [00:13:04] Well, our tag line reads leather, plastic and vinyl. So anything that that’s that has a genuine or authentic leather on it. Anything that has a vinyl. So restaurant booth seats medical. We see a lot of vinyl and green and anything plastic. So we’re talking about door panels, steering wheels, dashboard, etc, in in vehicles. Wow. Anything of that nature. We can go at it. We’re asked for other type materials that will end up servicing as well. You know, I mean, if it’s just a full on fabric, like a traditional upholstery type material, we’ll end up going down that road and helping customers however we can. But at our business, you know, kind of core center is leather, plastic and vinyl.

James [00:13:52] It’s just amazing. And I have to tell you, we see a lot of Web sites and this is a very user friendly Web site packed with all sorts of great information, images and so on. And that that’s important to both pros and consumer. So, Jesse, you know that we ask all of our CareyBrosPros guests for what we call three points for success. And now it’s your turn. Sage advice, Jesse. Sage advice.

Jesse [00:14:21] Well, the spotlight, the pressure. I would go back to what we end up talking about with our franchisees quite often. And one of them has to do with just putting the effort into the business. So doing these things that that matter most will go out to wherever the work needs to be done, whether in a home or a business or a car dealership or a boat dealership, wherever the work is, we’ll go and do it. And so getting up and doing the hustle, meaning that you’ve got to move in this business and being in your van every single day going. Job to job meeting people wherever they are. Just having that energy, putting that positive enthusiasm into everything we do is really, really important. You can’t fake enthusiasm, can you guys? I mean, really can’t. I can’t. I feel it from you guys. And if you do of doing this, this is not an act. I could just feel it from you. You love doing it. That’s what we’re talking about with the hustle and just being authentic in everything you do. I think the other thing is just always following through on doing what you say you’re going to do. So if you’re going to hold a customer appointment, do that. If you’re going to honor a price, even though if you think to yourself, well, I, I didn’t really quote enough on this, you guys understand that in your careers or what you do, you sometimes get in over your head. But you got to follow through, don’t you?

James [00:15:50] And you do integrity. You do worth more money is worth all the money in the world. Integrity.

Jesse [00:15:56] That’s really it, in a word, is integrity.

[00:15:59] And in this situation, it may seem gut wrenching, but it’s always going to come back to serve you in the long haul. And the third thing is helping. And and this is, again, something that it’s just really, really prevalent in. Our company is always going the extra mile to help. And we see that in many different forums in fiber. New one is helping neighboring franchisees all the time. So where you guys are, Scott Donovan has a couple of neighbors not too far away from them. And I know that Scott helps out all the time. I mean, if it’s a big, a big job, he’ll step in and help them out if it’s a question that somebody has. How do I do this at repair? How would you prices always just be there to offer your help? And again, those are the kind of things that come back to, you know, full circle help you in the end as well. So repackaging it, number one, half the hustle put the energy in. Number two, integrity matters. And number three, always be willing to help. And if you have those three things at play all the time, you’re going to realize suggests give what you get, man.

Morris [00:17:12] Our thanks to Jesse Johnstone with Fiber News for spending some time with us on this episode of CareyBrosPros. You can learn more about their organization and services at their Web site, which is W w w fiber, F.I., B, R, E N E w. It’s fibrin new dot com.

James [00:17:34] But remember, if you’re looking for information about any of our guests, including Jesse, as well as other podcasts, videos and articles, just check out our Web site. It is Carey Bros pros.

Narrator [00:17:48] OK, everybody, loosen up those two belts and relax. It’s time for a quick bro tip from the Carey Brothers.

James [00:17:57] Hi, it’s James Carey A builder provides value to his or her clients in many ways. Some obvious and others not so obvious. For example, floor joist installed on closer centers with thicker subfloor for a less bouncy floor is not as obvious as, say, a shiny set of high end kitchen appliances. Another, less obvious feature that many builders are integrating into their projects are ways to improve comfort and indoor air quality with improved mechanical ventilation. Today, with super energy efficient draft free construction, off gassing of building products which were formerly deluded by natural drafts, are now the source of poor indoor air quality that can lead to health problems. Many of these problems can be avoided by using products and building materials that range from lumber to finish flooring that contain a low level of volatile organic compounds. Or VOCs being sensitive to VOCs and other potential health Irritating compounds such as formaldehyde is the first step in creating an environment that will keep your customer happy and healthy. However, even with the healthiest in building products, there is no substitute for a quality mechanical ventilation system. In the old days, a ventilation system consisted of a noisy bath fan and maybe a vent fan in the kitchen ceiling that was designed to remove smoke and cooking odors. Boy, have times changed. Thanks to upgrades to the building code and significant improvements in ventilation products, indoor air quality can now be better than ever. In spite of the energy conscious tide homes that were turning out when designing and building your next project, consider doing more than just meeting minimum code. As regards ventilation, in contrast to the examples presented earlier, ventilation is a feature that is both obvious and not so obvious. Having a quiet exhaust fan in a bathroom or laundry is obvious to anyone who has ever suffered from a thrashing exhaust fan that wreaks havoc. Less obvious are the health benefits associated with the improved indoor air quality produced by a more efficient, yet quieter fan. Other ventilation solutions, such as fans that introduce fresh outdoor air and fans equipped with motion and or humidity sensors are excellent ways to ensure that the steam filled bathroom created by your customer’s teenager will be steam free forever more without the need for the teenager to flip a switch, which, by the way, they often don’t. improve your customers indoor air quality. They will literally breathe easier and you will be a hero.

Narrator [00:21:07] Well, that’s our broadcast for today. Thanks for listening to this edition of Carey Bros Pros, the podcast for construction professionals by construction professionals. One more check out CareyBrosPros You’ll find articles and videos to help make your business a success.


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