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Slips and falls are dangerous, and, in many cases, are preventable. Daich Coatings has a (clear, semi-gloss, and effective) solution!

Guest: Peter Daich, President of Daich Coatings

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Magic Mike [00:00:00] Welcome to CareyBrosPros, the podcast for Construction Pros by Construction Pros, because your client satisfaction is the best paycheck. Now here are James and Morris Carey.

James [00:00:16] So good to have you with us for this. Another episode of CareyBrosPros. I’m James.

Morris [00:00:22] And I’m Morris. You know, as professionals, we’re always looking to give our listeners great information. To help them work smarter instead of harder on this edition will share a great product. You can add to your menu of services for your customers.

James [00:00:38] Now get this. I’m all about numbers, OK? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is when we were all able to work. We soon will.

James [00:00:49] Again, Fear not, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 26 percent of the nearly nine million nonfatal work injuries resulting in days away from work in 2017, just a few years ago, were related to slips, trips and falls nine million, 26 percent of nine million. Do the quick math. That’s about 2,700,000, two and a half million plus or minus.

James [00:01:24] By the way, that number doesn’t include all the other slip and fall incidents that happened outside the workplace every year with you listening around your house and the last thing you want is to slip around your house or worse yet, have someone visiting you slip. Well, fear not, because we are joined on the house on the home improvement hotline by a guy who knows a lot about how to prevent slips.

James [00:01:52] He is the president of Daich Coatings, Peter Daich. Peter, welcome to the program.

Peter [00:01:58] Good day, gentlemen.

James [00:02:00] There will be no slips anywhere if you have anything to say about it.

Peter [00:02:06] If I have anything to say about it, yes, it’s a good thing to have additional slip resistance on a surface and not have to be terrified when you go out your front door. Absolutely.

James [00:02:18] Now, I want to say that we’re going to unveil a brand new product, but it’s no secret to you listening that Peter Daich and Daich codings serve up some of the nicest, most durable, easy to maintain architectural surfaces for any wear in your home. They’re coatings that can be used on counters, on floors, on walls, indoor outside garages, carports, pull decks, paths, patios, you name it, waterproofing products like elastilock that we’re using on a veranda that we’re building in our neck of the woods. And then on top of that, we’re going to use Fred Stone or Spread Rock or whatever the homeowner decides she wants to make up her mind for. So, you know about Daich Coatings, but what you don’t know about is this brand new product.

James [00:03:14] And Peter, it’s called.

Peter [00:03:16] It is called Trac Safe Anti-Slip Sealer.

James [00:03:19] And the mantra is, get a grip, slip resistance, safety, wherever you need it, indoors and out. And I know this is going on my stamped colored concrete driveway because it slopes and when it’s wet, I’m worried about slipping. But worse, I’m worried about Brother Morris slipping and hitting his head.

Peter [00:03:45] Absolutely.

James [00:03:46] Now, speaking of slipping, that was the origin of the product share with our audience how you came about developing tracks safe?

Peter [00:03:55] Well, it took a while, but there was a day when I was at a hotel and I felt like going for a swim and I went onto the pool deck and lo and behold, the pool deck was made out of tile and it was rather slippery. So I went to get in the pool and up in the air went my feet and down went my rear end. And I hit that deck and it hurt. I felt kind of stupid. I think there was one person in the pool that saw me, but I was so glad that I didn’t hit my head. And then, you know, I felt a little annoyed with myself for falling. But then I thought to myself, there has to be a way to fix this kind of thing. So here we are probably I think it’s six or seven years later. But it was always lingering in the back of my mind that there had to be a way to fix this kind of thing in an easy way that anyone could really do just to add additional safety to a surface. That’s basically how track’s safe was born, something that you roll on to a surface and a lot of different kinds of surfaces to take some of that slipperiness away and make those surface safer surfaces safer for, you know, people of all ages from children around a little pool next to our elderly loved ones who don’t want to fall anyone really. And that really is the rationale behind it.

James [00:05:26] You listening? You want to know where you can put it? I’ll tell you. Concrete pavers, stone tile sheet, vinyl or linoleum, pre painted floors and even wood decks. And I’ll bet you have those on porches, steps, patios, pulled decks, walkways, shower floors, a good one. Basements, lots of areas, garage floors, another great one, driveways for sure, and more. So, first of all, we all know that Daich Coatings products are designed with simplicity in mind. If you’re good with a ruler and a brush, you can be a successful deitsch codings, a designer. So what I want to know is, is this the same as applying other finishes that you have and what surface preparation is involved?

Peter [00:06:19] It’s very much the same. It’s really just like rolling on suer, which is what it is. It’s not trying to change the look of the surface. You have you may be completely fine with, you know, the look of your existing floor that’s around your bathtub. When you get out of the bathroom, that’s tile. You may like the look of your existing concrete. Sometimes folks will actually have tile on their front porch and steps. Those surfaces can very often be hazardous. The whole idea here is it’s not trying to steal the show. It’s a clear coating that you’re rolling on with a roller. You still have the look of the surface there, but it will freshen it up. It will make it look cleaner, it will make it look newer, and it will add traction so that you are less likely to slip and fall when you’re walking. So all you’re doing is you’re going to make sure that the surface is clean. So if it’s concrete, give it a good pressure wash, get the dirt out of the pores and all you’re doing is you’re rolling on two coats and you’re going to do that several hours apart and you’re going to use just a regular three inch roller. And really, there’s nothing to it. You just roll on a couple of coats by the next day when you feel like you’re going to notice, it’s very, very hard. It bonds and locks into whatever it is, including ceramic tile. So it’ll grab on to the tile and it will give you a nice slip resistant surface for your feet to grip onto. And I will also say it feels great under bare feet. So if you have a pool deck and you’re a little afraid of slipping and falling in that wet environment, this is a perfect solution.

James [00:08:04] If you’re just joining us, we’re chatting with Peter Daich. You know him as the president of Daich Coatings. You may learn more about Daich Coatings products at Daich Coatings dot com or order their products online at the Home Depot dot com, talking about a brand new product, get a grip track safe anti slip sealer to prevent falls at foot traction and slip resistance, safety, wherever you need it. And when he says wherever you need it, we’re talking concrete paving stones, stone, natural stone tile. That’s a big culprit. Vinyl and linoleum, pre painted floors. Remember that front porch down on Second Street, the red front porch on Grandpa’s house? Oh, boy. It was beautiful, but slippery. Well, we can do that with it. And even wood decks, that’s going to be really popular up in the Pacific Northwest where there are a lot of slippery decks. So Peter, sold in a gallon?

Peter [00:09:15] Yeah, it sold in a gallon and it will cover roughly four hundred square feet. Four hundred and sixty square feet per gallon per coat. You should put two coats on to get the the optimal anti slip texture that you need. And it also ensures that you have a very durable surface that will last through the seasons outdoors, indoors. It will last under these car tires. It will last under foot traffic. So you definitely need two coats for that.

James [00:09:45] And the manufacturer’s suggested retail is.

Peter [00:09:50] Fifty eight dollars.

James [00:09:52] You’re giving it away. Peter, what’s the matter with you?

Peter [00:09:56] Well, you know what? Why make a good solution, you know, harder to.

James [00:10:02] Unreachable for the people.

James [00:10:03] Yes, I know you, I know you. You have a particularly soft spot in your heart for older folks, and they’re the folks that can benefit from this the most, not that they’re more likely to slip than anyone else, but that the resulting injury is harder to recuperate from than for a young buck like you. So I think what you’ve done is really try to price this in such a way that it’s accessible for everyone.

Peter [00:10:36] I think so. I think accessible from a price standpoint and accessible from a usage standpoint. It’s it’s easy to apply. It’s a very, very fast, simple solution. It’s a good quick fix if you’re looking to make a surface a little safer, a little bit more secure when you’re walking on it. This will definitely do do some helping.

James [00:10:57] OK, soap and water clean up because it’s water based.

Peter [00:11:01] Yep. Soap and water, clean up odorless. So use it indoors. No terrible smell that. You know, you need to evacuate the home. Very easy to apply. It dries very quickly, you know, depending on how much airflow there is. Give it a few extra hours to dry between coats. But other than that, it dries very quick. It’s a very transparent finish that’s on your tile, for instance. So it doesn’t greatly change the look.

James [00:11:26] Is it a sand finish? Is it a gritty finish?

Peter [00:11:32] There’s a little bit of a grit feel to it. It’s sort of in the way that it dries. And it feels very nice under your feet, I must say.

James [00:11:42] Wonderful.

Peter [00:11:42] And it’s not something where it’s going to massively change the look of the area. But you’ll definitely feel it when you step on it. It’s there and it’s there to, you know, to give you a little bit of extra security when you’re on those surfaces for sure.

James [00:11:59] Luster Peter, is it a gloss? Is it a satin finish? What kind of a finish?

Peter [00:12:05] It is a semigloss, and it also is an excellent sealer in its own right. So this isn’t just about, you know, trying to make something slip resistant. It’s also very much about protecting the surface that’s there. You’re really going to be helping your concrete or whatever surface that is coated. It will be protected from the elements, from UV rays, from salt, you know, for traffic vehicle tires. It’s a very good sealer in its own right. You just get the added bonus of a little more safety when you’re walking on those surfaces.

James [00:12:42] And probably some appearance enhancement as well, wouldn’t you say?

Peter [00:12:45] Absolutely. It will automatically fresh in the area. It will give it a bit of a sheen and it will just look fresher and newer and it will be protected from the elements and from you and your car.

James [00:12:57] I love it. He is Peter Daich, the president of Daich Coatings, the new product, brand new track, safe anti slip sealer. You can get it now at Daich Coatings dot com and online at the Home Depot dot com. And remember, you’ll find our guest information as well as additional podcasts, videos and articles at our Web site. It is CareyBrosPros dot com. Peter, as always, thanks for joining us on the house.

Peter [00:13:30] Yes, sir. It was a pleasure. And take care, guys. Nice talking to you.

Magic Mike [00:13:35] OK, everybody, hold on to your hard hats. It’s time for a quick bro tip from the Carey Brothers.

James [00:13:43] Our dad was a terrific do it yourselfer and a really handy guy. He especially loved to paint and make old finishes look new again. One of his favorite sayings was a little putty and paint can cover a multitude of sins. He also ingrained in us the fact that a good three quarters of a painting project lies with preparation. The same holds true when it comes to applying any surface coating. So we don’t even think about painting or applying a coating to a surface that hasn’t first been properly prepared, thoroughly clean a surface to remove surface oils, grit and grime, and to provide tooth to which the new finish will adhere. Cleanliness is next to godliness. In addition, some raw surfaces may first require a coat of primer to further improve adhesion and durability. Keep in mind that sometimes less is more when it comes to applying a paint or coating rather than grabbing on one coat of finish. Consider applying a couple of thinner coats for a longer lasting, more uniform finish. Dad also taught us not to keep out on the quality of paint or coatings. He said that if we liked painting, we’d have the opportunity to do it off. And if we bought cheap paint, so spending more up front for good quality product may save you time and money in the long run by not having to apply a new finish nearly as often.

Magic Mike [00:15:13] Well, that’s our broadcast for today. Thanks for listening to this edition of CareyBrosPros, the podcast for Construction Professionals by construction professionals. One more check out CareyBrosPros Dot com. You’ll find articles and videos to help make your business a success.

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