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Feeney Inc. has been around since 1946 as the original makers of CableRail railing assemblies and kits.

During this edition of CareyBrosPros, you’ll find out:

  • How to update tired old deck railings and dated awnings
  • Why hidden fasteners might be the answer to your problem
  • How you can make metal look practically identical to real wood

Guest: Jennifer Wilde – Feeney Inc., Director of Digital Marketing and Creative Services

3 Points for Success – from Jennifer Wilde

  • Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead
  • Use all the resources available to you
  • Call if you have any questions!

Podcast Transcript

Magic Mike [00:00:00] Welcome to CareyBrosPros, the podcast for Construction Pros by Construction Pros, because good information is always the best tool in the bag. Now here are James and Morris Carey.

James [00:00:17] Hi, I’m James Carey, and it’s great to have you with us on another edition of CareyBrosPros.

Morris [00:00:24] Yep. And I’m Morris. And yeah, we’re professional contractors and James and I are brothers. Now that we’re all spending more time indoors due to covid-19, homeowners are upgrading outdated finishes in their homes and yards, and that includes handrails and awnings. And that’s good news because today we’re going to be talking about a company that has great products for updating tired old deck railings and dated awnings.

James [00:00:54] Boy, have you got that right. Yeah. And that’s specifically why we’ve invited an old friend, although she’s not really very old. She’s Jennifer Wilder, director of digital marketing and Creative Services with Feeney, a heritage brand in Northern California. Jennifer, welcome to CareyBrosPros.

Jennifer [00:01:15] Thank you for having me back on.

James [00:01:17] So for our pros listening who may not be familiar with Feeney, and I can’t imagine that there is anyone do tell a little bit about the company history and what you folks do.

Jennifer [00:01:31] Well, we’ve been around since 1946 and we we were the original makers of cable, real railing assemblies and kits. And we also have a line of aluminum railing systems design rail. And on top of that, last year we released panel infill for our design railing and railing system, as well as awnings, stationery, awnings, and these are aluminum frames with polycarbonate panels.

James [00:01:55] Now, we knew that because we see you folks at trade shows all the time and we use your product on our projects.

Jennifer [00:02:02] That’s fantastic.

Morris [00:02:03] Jennifer, why would a contractor want to use Feeney cable?

Jennifer [00:02:08] Well, I would have to say that it’s the quality of our products. All of our cable reel is type 316 marine grade, stainless steel. Besides the the quality of our products, they’re easy to use. So all of our kids have quickset fittings, which you can assemble in the field without special tools. And then also we have unparalleled customer service to help you with your job, with either designing your railing system, picking out products or with the installation.

James [00:02:37] Now, I have to tell you that we recently had the opportunity to use your beautiful cable rail system. Brother Morris designed an addition to a single family residence for some older folks who live on a golf course. And their dream was to create a larger family room, to create a larger dining room and over the family room, pop out to create a beautiful veranda off of their master suite, which would allow them to have a great view of the golf course.

Morris [00:03:12] Yeah, and they didn’t want the wood spindle rails that you typically see on deck railing or the horizontal boards that you see, because when they’re seated, they wouldn’t be able to see the golf course very easily. So we talked about glass, we talked about Plexiglas and no, we don’t want glass because it’s going to be a major headache to keep clean and we can’t get on the other side to wash the panels that I did on. And. And finally, cables came up and everybody screamed with joy. That’s the answer. That’s the answer. We were safe and we can see.

James [00:03:59] So we pulled out an existing window in the master suite, replaced it with a pair of French doors. And now they traverse onto this beautiful veranda. They have their morning coffee there. They have an afternoon adult libation. They’re really enjoying it. And more than anything, they have an unobstructed view. But truly, the installed cable rail is an architectural element that has really enhanced the appearance of their home.

Jennifer [00:04:33] And I’m so excited about this project. It features two of my favorite products that Feeney has. One is our cable real conceal low profile cables. This is our original cable. Real cables are allowed a view to to kind of shine through your railing, but to conceal offers, even slimmer fittings to allow more of the view to come through. So we’ve got the cable real conceal fittings. But it also because it the. Design, rail railing, and they had that opportunity. The homeowners wanted to have a wood cap, but we suggested that they use our new wood grain top powder coated finish. So this is a top real finish that looks so close to wood. I’ve had our own reps pass by and think that it was wood.

James [00:05:17] And I have to tell you, that was a new one for the Carey brothers. Yeah, I guess that’s because that’s something new for you guys. But the homeowner was just delighted. A couple of reasons. One, the railing is suddenly facing. So it gets a lot of a lot of sun. And they were not excited about having to maintain whatever wood we put there. And number two, they’re in their mid to late 70s and they’re not interested in doing any maintenance that they otherwise would not have to do. So this was an excellent solution for them. And yes, the hidden fasteners, you call them, used to low profile fittings. Yes, several fittings. That was a marvelous way of disguising everything. It just looks seamless. Yeah, really.

James [00:06:10] Jennifer, you guys are not a one trick pony. And it’s not just about stainless or powder coated finish. You have other railing products and a full range of products that are available from Feni. Let’s talk about some of those and something that may be new.

Jennifer [00:06:30] Well, something that’s relatively new for Feeney. We’ve been known for railing products for a while, but we launched our line of stationery awnings in two different styles. One is the icon, which has a very minimalist modern look, and then the era awning, which has kind of decorative scrolls and looks beautiful on a traditional home exterior. These are originally that we take the components which are from Italy and then we import them into our manufacturing facility into came in at brassica, where we powder coat the frame and then we assemble with the panels. So when the morning comes to you for installation, it’s all fully installed. You literally just have to put it up against a wall mark where the fasteners go and set it up.

James [00:07:14] You have a nice representation of both of the era and icon awnings at your website, I should mention is Really, for those of us in the trade specifiers, designers, architects, builders, remodelers, this is a terrific resource for learning more about your products and specifying they’re gorgeous.

James [00:07:47] They really relate to it, really. And you’re not just about the exterior. You do a lot of interior stuff as well.

Jennifer [00:07:54] Oh, absolutely are. Railings are perfectly suitable for interior. In fact, in twenty nineteen we launched panel infill for our design aluminum railing system and one of those options is resin panels. Now these resin panels have are an eight inch thick and they include embedded organic materials like bamboo rings or grass or leaves, and they’re just beautiful. They’re specifically engineered for interior design, for interior usage only.

James [00:08:23] Boy, we’re just scrolling through your beautiful website and the photo gallery. Just amazing, wonderful.

Morris [00:08:32] Jennifer, as you know, we ask all of our CareyBrosPros guests for three points for success. What would you like our fellow pros to take home from your visit with us?

Jennifer [00:08:43] I would say, especially when you’re when you’re dealing with any railing project, the very first item for success is going to be planning your railing frame now, specifically when you’re dealing with a cable railings, infill, you have to take into account the load on the tension cables. So you have to build a strong frame that would withstand the tension load of the cables. And there are other aspects of the railing. You have to consider, for example, like how long a run is, are there any bends in the deck and the deck railing? But doing some due diligence in terms of the planning up front will go a long way. And I think the second will be make sure that you make full use of all the resources that we have. So we have installation videos on our website. We have technical drawings, we have specifications, we have installation instructions. So all of that is there. And then lastly, I would just say, if you ever have any questions about design or installation, just give us a call. Our estimating staff at our customer service are very, very technical and they can get you to someone who can answer very, very detailed questions.

James [00:09:50] Amazing. She is Jennifer Wilde the director of Digital Boy, that’s a place to be right now, digital marketing and. Creative surfaces, she’s a very, very creative lady. We’re delighted that she has taken time to be with us and to share some terrific information with you for your pro business. Thank you so much for joining us, Jennifer. And continued,.

Jennifer [00:10:16] Thank you

Morris [00:10:20] And you can learn more about their organization and services at their Web site at Pheeney Inc Dotcom. But remember, if you’re looking for information on any of our guests, as well as other products, videos and articles, just check out our Web site at CareyBrosPros dot com.

Magic Mike [00:10:38] OK, everybody, hold on to your hard hats. It’s time for a quick tip from the Kerry brothers.

James [00:10:46] Hi, it’s James Carey. When we began our careers in construction about four decades ago, green building meant a new project with the fresh coat of paint. Boy, how times have changed today. Green building has a completely different meaning. It refers to construction means, methods and materials that are sustainable, environmentally sensitive and reduce demand on our natural resources. A building project can be green in many ways beyond materials. For example, the orientation of a building on its building pad can affect the location of windows and sliding patio doors, which can have a profound effect on energy usage, wall thickness, our value of insulation, window size and you value and the efficiency of mechanical systems and appliances all have a great deal to do individually and collectively with making a project green. There are other, less obvious considerations when it comes to green building. For example, composite building materials such as roofing, siding and decking reduce demand on natural resources. The same holds true across almost all building material categories from plumbing fixtures for improved water efficiency to paint with fewer volatile organic compounds for better air quality. There are other factors that contribute to green building, manufacturing and transportation. The carbon footprint and the amount of energy used in the manufacturing and transportation of a building product can be of equal or greater importance in classifying a product as green. Green building is a win win win for the builder, for the consumer and for our environment. As builders, for example, we win by using energy efficient systems which allow us to create a building with more windows for our customers to enjoy a beautiful view and to enhance natural light. Our clients win by having a finished product that offers maximum comfort, minimal utility costs and durable materials that require less ongoing maintenance. And our environment wins as we endeavor to take less and give back more. Being green is a good thing. It’s something we should all consider in all aspects of our lives, not only building.

Magic Mike [00:13:29] Well, that’s our broadcast for today. Thanks for listening to this edition of CareyBrosPros, the podcast for Construction Professionals by Construction Professionals. One more check out CareyBrosPros Dotcom. You’ll find articles and videos to help make your business a success.


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