Looking for a fast way to upgrade base and crown moulding? Simply cover it over … with CoverTrim from Ornamental Decorative Millwork. Designed to install over existing mouldings, CoverTrim is the perfect solution for refreshing outdated trim mouldings.

 Made of durable medium density fiberboard (MDF), CoverTrim comes primed and ready to paint. Available transition blocks and spacers make it easy for DIYers to gain new mouldings throughout the home.

“CoverTrim takes away the need to edge new paint or wallpaper applications,” says Keith Early, vice president of marketing and new product development at Ornamental Decorative Millwork, a NOVO Building Products Company. “CoverTrim mouldings hide it all. Whether installing in block or mitered application, this is an easy way to add a new decorative style in any room.”

Each piece of CoverTrim is 5-1/4” high. The Colonial-style crown moulding has a depth of 5/8” while the Craftsman- and Colonial-style base mouldings are 7/8” in depth. Adhesive-backed spacers act as a buffer between the face of the old moulding and CoverTrim, when existing base moulding is less than 9/16” thick. Placed every six inches, the 1/8” spacers come in packs of 50.

covertrim 2“Imagine how much time, money and effort you can save by not having to tear up old mouldings to get a new look,” says Early. “And, if you’re painting a room, don’t worry about sloppy paint jobs at the bottom and top of the walls. Once the paint is dry, just apply CoverTrim over the existing mouldings for a clean-looking finish to the project!”

 Available nationwide through The Home Depot and Wayfair, CoverTrim products are Made in America. Finishing nails should be used to install CoverTrim mouldings.

Ornamental Decorative Millwork, a NOVO Building Products Company, manufactures a wide array of decorative wood mouldings and accessories. NOVO Building Products, is the industry’s leading manufacturer and distributor of mouldings, stair parts, doors and specialty millwork.  For more information, visit ornamental.com

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