About The Carey Brothers

OUR MISSION: To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, best practices, tried-and-true tips, advances in building products and technology and other useful trade and management information designed to improve business stability, growth, and profitability. In so doing, we hope to elevate professionalism in the building and remodeling industries and increase satisfaction among the American consuming public.

As third generation licensed contractors, we share over 75 years of combined experience in the building and remodeling business. In addition to our design/build remodeling company, we have had the pleasure of doling out home improvement advice for over 30 years on radio, on television, in print, online and, more recently, digitally.

Not a day goes by where one (or both) of us doesn’t learn something new — a new tool, tip or technique that will improve safety, efficiency and the installed product; a new, exciting and innovative product that will improve the integrity of the installed product, reduce callbacks and bolster the bottom line; cutting edge technology and attractive, durable finishes that make for beautiful completed projects; and business skills that strengthen our team and elevate the customer experience and level of satisfaction.

We welcome your trade and business tips and techniques, and material and product information, which we know will make what we do better and more fun for everyone.

James & Morris Carey